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  1. Lesson from the stalled project: If project from Yuzusoft or August show some progress, it's mean that the one who wrote it either retard, mentally ill, or already want to end their life. End of story. (Sorry, just a little heated up)
  2. @ale137 Well if you want to know the answer probably because many desperate people asking when it will be finished and it cause the page to inflate to 37 page forum and also many newbie in Fuwa had the first post there(2-3 if I remember). Also many desperate people too say Merry Christmas in that forum which annoy the starter of course (probably in regard of disappear hacker who rumored will be appear in Christmas. I bet people who said merry Christmas is probably preparing rope to hang themselves if the patch is not appear). And also many people who said good luck which their intention is pro
  3. Soukoku no Arterial, if only the vote also agree for machine translation Since the vote don't agree with it, so Kichikuou Rance for VN 2014
  4. Clannad retranslation eh? Nah since I'm not native english speaker maybe i should use current translation since if this available here that mean I should be at least could be understand all the text incorrect translation aside. Well, since I could read Soukoku no Arterial quite well(using wiki, voice and incoherent translation) maybe Clannad is better in english text. Of course that depend on the people and no I don't advice to rely on machine translation but well it depend on people once again. By the way that was quite nice Yoake portrait killerinside
  5. Wot that a scary CG. Kinda hope she was dead when the crazy people stab her eyes though. By the way since you have PC version could you upload or just share the link to download the game please. Sorry and thanks. And is Cartagra playable without crack?
  6. Good News. Today Cartagra is now released. Will admin upload Cartagra quickly along with d2b vs Deardrops? Sorry and thanks in advance
  7. Excuse me, but looks like admin kinda slow to upload Kichikuou Rance. Would it be okay if I upload it here. If not it's okay. Thanks in advance
  8. Well I'm aware at that option of course. Yeah it's kinda pointless I know. But people at 4chan is far more hot headed when they saw Insem twitter post I think and flaming him continuously. That's the internet culture I'm suppose. Sorry once again. Speaking about update today Koinatsu hit 49%. Hope it will end well unlike Majikoi or Dracu Riot, though if I can give advice to the translator, that would be just do the translation all by yourself if you can work that fast. Although guess each group has different policy I'm suppose
  9. Dracu Riot eh? Too bad the only choice right now is either using ATLAS or just let the rage burn inside you. I bet even Insem was too busy masturbate with Miu and his girlfriend so he was probably make up the progression and only translate Elina route while he spending time he make his girlfriend into prostitution and he must be turn on by watching his girlfriend raped by old man 300 times. That would be explained why he asking money. Sorry kinda out of control there. Guess we better stop talking about useless translator like him. I just wish I could erase the memory if Dracu Riot is transl
  10. Looks good anyone tried the patch? Can I request the patch to be uploaded here in add on file? Sorry and thanks. To be honest the reason is MEGA is quite a pain to use from my laptop. Sometimes not working and sometimes working very well but stopped near the end. By the way the patch only working with digital version so I give torrent link here NT > Fate/stay night [Realta Nua] for Windows Thanks in advance once again and sorry if it's wrong game
  11. Well the prologue is not that bad, especially before imoutos screen before suddenly back to Japan text until the opening. After that is MT which the quality is, well crap. But you can still pick up some dialogue if the girl is talking though (like Kamidori only girl are voiced) and the text at least will help to figure it out (obviously not if one fluent at reading Japan and not using dialogue patch) Anyway I will say that I looking forward to the manual translation patch that will be 100% translated all the dialogue. For the patch I did checking using 100% save file there are some untransl
  12. My my apparently everybody just love in debating for kanji matter I'm suppose last time I saw VNDB and it turn into pendel and overmage debating about kanji analogy or something like that. The thread about Monobeno if curious In any case I guess good for JAST, though I rather see if Seinarukana get golden master though IMO but maybe it is not the time yet (regardeng osadai fandisc)
  13. Actually it is already at 100% for quite a week but no one edited it I'm suppose. Also you can download the MSD files for Sono Hana 9 and 10 and place MSD Files in the game folder thanks to people in VNDB for point it out. By the way all text according to him all english but expect typo for 10 though since this is only 1 people finished the editing. And the menu choice are still in English but it should be easy to read though if you play Sono Hana since it is basically the same. For the walkthrough I will post the helpful link since walkthrough for Sono Hana is quite hard to found and here is
  14. Hello again. For Sono Hanabira 10 looks like there were not many people noticed, but can you add next week that for the update Sono Hanabira 10 already all translated and 1 of 3 editors already editing all the scripts and TLC it. Sorry if I bothered you but here's the proof from the website wiki:lily_platinum [Yuri Project]
  15. I know I'm maybe a newbie, but, let's stop this discussion about Fairy Tail is shit or Fairy Tail is good debate since from that I was gather it is pretty much broken in regard of good or not ok. Beside unlike many member here I'm quite uncomfortable to see many OOT thread in this forum or VNDB. My user name is littleshogun and nice to meet you all
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