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  1. Good to be back, we've missed you! Now that SaDistic BlooD is out might as well try it, the full package (doesn't seem to be out in eroge yet so maybe i'll wait)
  2. Accidentally voted yes but considering how shitty this year has been so far it's probably a no.
  3. Yeah I've been waiting forever on this, and that wait is almost over
  4. What i suggest is to always look the VN up on VNDB if you have any doubts. Maybe you'll get spoiled a bit by looking at the tags, but it's one way of getting informed. I also finished it. Yeah, it's definitely somewhere at the bottom line of VN's with some damn brutal CG's, but the music is great and story is ok. Could have some more character development besides the two MC's though. And if you plan on reading it yourself, try not to eat too much before doing so....
  5. Fluffy

    Maggot Baits

    The time has come and so have i
  6. Let's hope we can make it to ten years before some zombie apocalypse happens....
  7. Visual novels aren't games, but products that has a significant gameplay element to it that also reads like a visual novel stays as a game, but like i said: vn's are vn's, not games
  8. I definitely think this and maggot baits will be on here, and if not i'll make sure
  9. I already planned to make sure this would be on the site, no worries
  10. The Tower of Five Hearts will be on eroge shortly, stay tuned
  11. Time to cry reading fata morgana once again....
  12. I sincerely hope pasa will get his internet back, without him this forum would be vulnerable. And also that maggot bae gets finished next year....
  13. I want that monmusu shit on steam, please
  14. You mean monster girl quest Paradox? About damn time
  15. About time he's back, thought he died back in Hong Kong
  16. Chuusotsu looks really cool, even if it's all ages
  17. Happy birthday and good luck with your future projects ~~ <3

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