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  • Language: English
    James Allen is an architect working at North Indiana construction company. He has a girlfriend named Lynda. He loves her so much and had a relationship for 3 years. They were living happily in Veronica city as a young couple.

    Someday Allen gets the task to assist resort construction at Amenity Bay. In the mind of a broken heart, he decides to leave Victoria city then move to Amenity Bay. He plans to start a new life there.

    Then COVID comes. 1 week after James leaves Victoria City.

    Only One Week the town has changed. Lockdown everywhere and every tourist is checked. Only 1 week James in office, James must work from home, and one day he decided to get to know the town. He goes around the town and meets everybody there.

    Then the story begins, love in the pandemic.

  • Language: English
    Catina, whose father was a patissier and who grew up watching her father make confectionery from a young age,
    one day decided that she wanted to be a patissier herself.

    Day after day, with no time to sleep, Catina worked hard to learn how to make confectionery and become a patissier...
    However, one day, when she was on her way to vocational school, she was run over by a car and was killed.

    In the world after her death, Catina was told of this fact by the goddess, and started to sob
    The goddess had mercy on her, and as a special favor, allowed her to be reincarnated in another world.

    Catina received ha proposal, and resolved to become a patissier in another world...
    Catina was reincarnated and learned her trade and worked in a confectionery shop.

    However, the surrounding staff were all frisky severe men, and she was frequently sexually harassed,
    and made to eat cookies with pubic hairs inside them.

    The customers were all nasty people as well and made claims against her, telling her to repay them with her body.
    Her life in the other world was just really tough.

    Still Catina overcame all of these difficulties to become a patissier...

  • Language: English
    Dagger-wielding Louise loses her family dagger to a thief, and hears that it ended up
    in a town called Luedidalia, a place known for it's horrible treatment of women.
    What more, she has received a request to deal with some tough bounties in town.
    Along with her information dealer Kelly, can she deal with the bounties, and get back the dagger?
    In this town of overflowing lust, madness awaits.

  • Language: English
    One day, me Tetra was walking in a dungeon.
    I helped Mart, ex-Demon king by chance.
    She took my body, so I was lost, but...
    "I will make you Hero. Let's defeat the present Demon king with me!!"
    I was so weak that I dreamed of becoming a hero.
    I decided to take the proposition of ex-Demon king to defeat the Demon king.
    Me, who can't fight but can save magic power, and ex-Demon king, who can fight but can't save magic power.
    Will we be able to defeat the Demon king in the end?

  • Language: English
    There are no countries.
    Human, the beasts, elves. Three tribes fight against each other
    to attain on ring.
    And those who attain the ring can decide a class system in the society.

    I'm Osmond.
    I used to be a famous knight,
    but nowadays I am just an old man.
    While I met a person in the travel. That was Sphere, the elf knight.
    I heard that she is finding the clue that her friend missed...
    Luckily, we go traveling with each other.

  • Language: English
    In 2100, the world is collapsed.
    Nations are collapsed and many people are died for unknown reason.
    It seems that it is not long before all human will die out.

    In such would, survived human, Merissa went traveling.
    She has an aim to find other survivors.
    And she also has an important aim.
    That is, to find out the riddle of why the world was collapsed.

    To complete the aim, she started to find clues for finding out the riddle.
    She was eager to find even trivial.
    In the travel, she met a boyish girl, Ali.
    Talking with Ali, Merissa found Ali also went traveling.

    Two of them hit it off with each other and started to go traveling.
    They got lost, were worried about spending time, and continued to go traveling in the devastated world.
    And they find out the riddle and found the shocking past....

  • Language: English
    Summer break is finally here!

    At least, it was until my plans got ripped out from under me... You see, now I have to lend a hand at my grandpa's apartment building. I'm supposed to help with the pool, meaning I'm some kinda pool boy, I guess? Anyway, hardly anyone swims there so I'm gonna be bored out of my mind. I can't believe I'm sacrificing summer break for this!
    Well, that's what I thought going into it... Little did I know, I was on my way to paradise!
    It turns out, the only two people who use the pool are Ranko and Rika. You guessed it—they're both smoking hot housewives with bodies to die for!
    And as if that wasn't enough...
    "You know you're exactly my type, don't you? It looks like I'm going to have to have a little fun with you..."
    "My husband's not really around... He's away on a long-term work assignment... I've been alone for so long and it's getting to me... I feel like I'm losing my mind..."
    So begins a young man's poolside seduction by two very married ladies! Will he finally get the summer break he's been hoping for?!

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    This is a simple 2D action game featuring Rabiane,
    a Sister sent by the Church to exorcise monsters in a cursed land.

    The game is centered on themes of masochistic tendencies, yearning for death, as well as despair at being attacked by terrifying beings.

    Modern, elaborate pixel art inspired by nostalgic pixel-art games
    depict every scene, including some post-ending scenes.

    This game features sexual and violent scenes, as well as depictions of grotesqueness.

  • Language: English
    The year is 20XX, Spring.
    In Japan on this day, a female student (big-titted Loli) disappeared...
    Then the next time that girl appeared again was in a magical kingdom...

    This is an orthodox belt scroll action game.
    If you get taken down by the enemy, your clothes are ripped and finally you will be naked.

    Finally, if you are defeated, you will lose your virginity.
    In addition to some horrific rape scenes, there are also scenes where you are tricked into sex...
    A magical girl seeing a male organ for the first time ever.

  • Language: English
    Welcome to a terrifying world of poetry and romance! Write poems for your crush and erase any mistakes along the way to ensure your perfect ending. Now’s your chance to discover why DDLC is one of the most beloved psychological horror games of the decade!
    You play as the main character, who reluctantly joins the Literature Club in search of a romantic interest. With every poem you write and every choice you make, you’ll charm your crush and begin to unfold the horrors of school romance. Do you have what it takes to crack the code of dating sims and get the perfect ending?
    Now, the original mind-shattering DDLC experience is packed with tons of new features and content exclusive to Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!

  • Language: English
    25 battle H animation scenes
    70+ base CG
    Approx. 200 illustrations total including variations
    For those who like:
    - Oneshota
    - Breasts
    - Ass
    - Fellatio
    - Titjobs
    No NTR elements.
    New elements include battle ero, clothing pose art display, pregnancy / birthing event,
    ero status, defeat scenes, respawn
    * Roughly the same length as "Bewitching Sword"
    * Battles are simple, so it can be enjoyed by those who aren't good at RPGs either

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