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  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    Long ago, a powerful witch created a dungeon with a terrifying curse, then retreated into its depths. Any who fall within its dark, stony halls are cursed with undeath. Before long, they become nothing but a mindless, shambling creature.

    However, the dungeon also brims with treasure, a siren call to adventurers from all over the land. The only way to survive the curse is to rely on Rescuers, a band of "human recovery agents" charged with plunging into the depths to pull out fallen adventurers.

    You are one such rescuer, fresh on the job. But soon after your arrival, a curious request comes in. Recover the corpse of a Holy Maiden. The implication is clear. It must be a corpse, and nothing else. When your fellow Rescuer absconds with the advance payment, you're left to keep things running. Will you solve the mystery of the ancient witch? Find the Maiden, then decide her fate? Or will you abandon all sense of duty to indulge in your selfish desires? Only you can decide.

  • Language: English
    Knight's mission is to wield his sword for justice and protect his people from demons and evildoers. As fate would have it, these evildoers resent the knights.
    Alicia is a female knight who has won many battles with her armor and sword.
    One day, however, a sorcerer she once let escape casts an evil curse on her.
    "The curse of armor disablement"
    This curse may prove fatal for a knight, as it prevents her from equipping her armor.
    However, Alicia does not lose her fighting spirit just because of this.
    She manages to equip whatever she can find and heads to the sorcerer's castle by herself.
    To slay him for sure this time and lift the curse put on her.
    .....But the fact that the best gear that she could find was a maid's uniform is rather unfortunate.

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    The town of warriors, Kazanstall...
    Kazanstall aimed to bring up fine warriors who could vanquish monsters in the future.

    Of course, all the young men in town had dream jobs they sought after.
    Some wanted to be swordsmen, others wanted to be spell casters, martial artists, or monks...
    One morning, Mirai (the protagonist of this story) woke up and went out in town to greet his childhood friends and fellow monster slayer trainees.

    Mirai thought that another ordinary day would pass by...

    However, an incident strikes him out of the blue.
    A flock of succubi attacked the town.
    All the men were kidnapped. No one knew what happened to the women.

    When Mirai woke up, he was inside a prison.
    He was completely stripped of his weapons and equipment.
    He looked around the cell and saw his fellow trainees inside...

    Apparently, the succubi had successfully created their next by camouflaging themselves as humans.
    The succubi launched a direct assault to prey on the humans, now that they had enough manpower.
    Mirai, Tsubasa, Kai, and Kaoru... Could these four men successfully escape this nest,
    and bring peace back to Kazanstall?

    There are various traps within this nest set up to not allow any escape.

    Some traps are human-shaped. Other traps are in the form of items... They come in all sizes and shapes.
    Of course, there is a chance that the men may encounter the succubi.
    Mirai must go through the nest while fighting and trying to avoid the traps.
    He must escape, no matter what happens...

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    A group of unidentified monsters have appeared in the city!
    It’s up to the FAIRY STRIKERS to stop them!
    The battle begins!

  • Language: English
    You end up taking in and living with a persecuted angel.
    Strengthen your bond with her through conversation, sharing meals, dates, and more.

    Of course, through the course of living together, lucky "accidents" will occur.
    Peep on her taking a leak, or hopping in the bath,
    Your choices may result in her hating you...

    However, if you play your cards right, your bond with strengthen, and soon progress to a more adult relationship...

  • Language: English
    The story of Pure Pure revolves around a young groomer named Jun and his friends that are also involved in his work. The game begins with him training to pass the final examination for his vocational school and follows his day to day life with Hinata, Sachi and Midou. His only concern was passing that test until a tragedy shakes the foundation on which he built his life upon.

  • Language: English
    One day, something happened to a small village south of the Kingdom of Forvinnia. The entrance to an dungeon suspected of being a monster's den was discovered, and several villagers were taken. There are rumors that monsters attack people one after another, and it has finally reached King. To calm the turmoil, local lord is trying to attract adventurers with high rewards…

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    Rubbing Lori Big Breasts Boobs from the Front Viewpoint! Licking! Sucking! Milking! Titty Fuck! Blow! SEX! The
    girl is represented by a small pixel art and a large pixel art, and touches with the large pixel art.
    You can enjoy the anime reaction by touching the girl.
    There are 3 types of endings that can be achieved by erotic status, and all can be cleared in about 10 minutes of play time.
    The game element is not the main, but the content is a bonus of the game element to the animation.
    There are no multiple viewpoints or various types of SEX play, and it is a game where you can do various naughty things with the same viewpoint and posture.

  • Language: English
    Sister Elysia, the agent of the church who made a holy vow to the goddess, came to the forest where the orcs live to investigate an incident. Unknown dangers are waiting for her there, and it seems that the demon, the natural enemy of the priests, is behind this.

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