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  • Language: English, Chinese
    Nonoko’s daughter Yaya is back in Japan again after two years of studying abroad. With a young black man named Drake Richards.

    “Is that why she’s finally back to visit? To introduce him to us? I’d best make him feel right at home.”

    If only it were that simple.

    “Actually... I’m pregnant with his child and the wedding thing just kinda came afterwards. Just thought you should know.”

    An unplanned baby AND a shotgun wedding! This isn’t the first time Yaya has made a mess of things and expected her to clean up...

    “When you truly love someone, you plan ahead—marriage is supposed to come before all that other stuff! Now I guess it’s up to me to test if he’s really husband material...”

    Grandma-to-be Nonoko soon discovers Drake has been out about town picking up girls with fellow foreigner Cory. And not just once, but daily!

    (I'll just have to show my daughter who this Drake guy really is...)

    Using Drake’s dirty secret against him, Nonoko attempts to blow his cover once and for all, but... what happens next surprises even herself?!

  • Language: English (MTL)
    In a certain empire, the tyrant Eliade reigned, known as the “Evil Empress” for her brutal and inhumane reign of terror.
    Her reign, which seemed to last forever, ends with a coup attempt by the Empress.
    The only two options given to the tyrant empress are ‘execution’ or ‘carnal act’.

  • Elf Sex Farm


    Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    Elves’ Sex Farm is a farming game that combines eroticism and business management in a fantasy world where you live a sex-filled life. Earn a fortune, collect more women, develop your home.

  • Language: English, Chinese
    “If you don’t mind me asking, you’re... Anna Kise’s husband, right?”

    “Oh, uh... y-yeah.”

    As nuts as Jun is about his wife, he can’t help but drool over local milf obsession Towaka Minefuji.

    So when Jun is asked to attend his wife's school committee meetings in her place, his brain goes into overdrive at the thought of him and Towaka being in the same room together...

    One day, after getting soaked to the bone on the way to another committee meeting, he arrives at the school only to find...

    “Today’s meeting as been canceled at the teachers’ request.”

    “Dammit, how am I gonna get home in this rainstorm? Why didn’t they just let us know sooner...”

    Just then.

    “Oh no! What a disaster...”

    Out of the rain emerges none other than Towaka. And as if by some miracle, the two now find themselves cold, wet, and alone in an empty meeting room...

  • Sakura Melody


    Language: English, Chinese
    Play as Ren, a rookie producer in the idol industry, and help him shape three beautiful young women into multi-talented superstars. Plan your idols’ routines, help them accrue fans, and beat your competition, while finding time to take your girls out on steamy dates.

  • Gachi-Natsu


    Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    It was a sweltering hot day when I met that man.
    Ryota Hibiki failed the university entrance exam and is trying again.
    His tutor, Atsushi Kenzaki, appears before him.

    Atsushi says he will live at Ryota’s house during the summer vacation and teach him how to study.
    Although surprised at this sudden turn of events, living together with a good-looking, stocky guy….
    Ryota is excited that there may be a little joy in his life.

    But! Atsushi was a cock-loving, energetic, maximalist, and dirty tutor!
    Erotic things happen all the time!

    What the hell is going to happen this summer!?

  • Language: English (MTL), Japanese, Chinese
    A childhood friend reunited with you after several years has turned into a “Gyaru”!? Just how will the girl who loves the protagonist even after her makeover, and our troubled protagonist’s relation turn out? Will they be able to find their shape of happiness?

  • Language: English
    Madison Delaroux, the [Exposer of Conspiracies] has finally come back to New Coimbra. Dragging her accomplices, Ayano and Sachiko along, she seeks to expose (((Those))) who seek to rule the New Continent in secret!

    Fed up with Madison's meddling, glowie agents and secret cultists have teamed up to rid themselves of the [Exposer] once and for all...! Will (((they))) succeed in party vanning her, or will Madison eternally BTFO those-who-glow-in-the-dark with no rematch?

  • Language: English (MTL)
    By day, she’s a meak barmaid; by night, she’s a naïve thief.
    With the power granted her by her partner, “”Rabisuke””, she freely prowls the streets after dark.
    Her target is “”Million””, an evil force plaguing the townsfolk.
    Awaiting her as she sneaks into Million’s operation is battle, traps, transformation, dirty money pilfering, and sexy consequences.
    Once again tonight she helps people, and punishes evil with the power of magic…
    to help the townsfolk, and to help the mystery person who once saved her…!

  • Witches Brew


    Language: English
    As Selene can you make a home for yourself in Wilder Village, make friends and even have some fun as you try and fulfil various villagers potion needs. Get it right and be rewards, but get it wrong and who knows what effect the potion could have on the villagers, perhaps even some sexy results!

  • From Frontier


    Language: English
    By an accident,the protagonist set out on a journey to the “Lemuria Continent” with the second princess of the demon country who was running away from home.Awaiting in the pioneer land is encounters with dangerous monsters, unexplored land, and fascinating beauties.

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