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  • Language: English
    In a world where human farms are operated out in the open. The main character, who wants to become a ""milker"", visits a farm for practical training.
    While the trainees tour the facilities, trouble occurs!
    The training session ends abruptly, and, as our hero wanders around the facility, he meets a slutty older sister-type cow named Ayana.
    Ayana ends up liking him and offers a more hands-on practical training!
    Will he be able to milk her well?"

  • Language: English (MTL), Japanese
    The protagonist begins living together with his girlfriend Kanako Tsukishima, whom he started dating as a college student.
    Compared to sweet romance, living together requires facing many practical problems.
    Players plan a daily routine that balances academics, life, and romance.
    As a boyfriend, it is also important to satisfy Kanako’s body and mind.
    Too much sex will make her hate you, while no sex is allowed, of course.
    The 26 weeks that the protagonist and Kanako spend together will determine the ending of their relationship.
    The game has an auto-save system.
    For the sake of realism, the player’s previous actions are recorded,
    conversation with Kanako and her reactions will differ.
    If you do not listen to her voice properly, you may be rejected.

  • Language: English
    Myrcella Greystone has a big problem. The King of Falkenhorn has called up the debt of the Count Westhaven who in turn has called on Myrcella’s family’s debt. Forced to sell off her estate and magic shop to the Count to pay off her debt, Myrcella decides to become a travelling mage, travelling around the kingdom solving people’s problems. On her epic voyage she meets plenty of beautiful women and may even have the opportunity to find the woman of her dreams.

    “Myrcella the Meandering Mage” is comedic fantasy point-and-click adventure game and yuri dating sim. Follow Myrcella as she travels around the beautiful Kingdom of Falkenhorn, solves the townsfolks’ problems using her magic and flirts with the local ladies too! Adventure and lesbian romance await you!

  • Language: English
    As Fushiko experiences the sensation of touching and playing with her dog in augmented reality, she quickly becomes addicted to the warmth it provides as her solitary lifestyle forced by illness and apartment regulations does not allow such interactions normally. Every moment it comes time to log out, she is inflicted with a heavy sense of loss prompting her to excessively play every single day to avoid her lonely reality.

    Much to her dismay, it does not take long until Fushiko effectively completes the game due to maxing out her dog's affection parameters and exhausting all the supplemental packages available. In a frantic search for additional content, she accidentally unlocks an in-game prompt detailing a hidden adult (18+) mode when rapidly tapping away at her dog's affection window.

    Assuming what this content likely entails, Fushiko provides her consent to deploy the mode after coming to terms with the realization that she'll never experience a normal sexual encounter due to her condition. After a brief series of events, an additional in-game prompt appears advertising a program which delivers an increased sensory experience through the use of experimental software kits to players who perform specific actions within "Dog Livelihood VR."

    Despite being initially hesitant due to the shady data collection and application practices described, Fushiko agrees to participate and actively explores her sexual identity through copious acts of bestiality via her virtual representation, Yoriko.

  • Language: English
    1,000 years ago, Demon God Loptr terrorized the world, tormenting and killing millions of humans with his demonic army. Saint Orianne had to call upon all of her power to defeat him, since no one else stood a chance.

    Now Loptr has returned, and his first move has already wiped out one of the world's strongest armies. However, it will be some time before he regains his full strength, so his victory is not yet certain.

    Sword Princess Sistina is a fairly sheltered young woman, but her combat skills are first class. She sets out on a journey to discover Loptr's weakness and prevent his resurrection, together with her childhood friend Luis and his best friend, Rayne. Luis has the knowledge of a scholar, while Rayne's street smarts are unrivaled.

    The three of them will encounter fantastical monsters, religious zealots with their own ideas of how Loptr should be confronted, and other demons who scheme against humanity on their way to fight the Demon God. Through their combined wits and abilities, they must save the Human World or be annihilated by the demons!

  • Language: English
    Our story starts when peace has finally taken hold of the world after the war. The former mercenary and dark elf Fornelia, battle-worn and looking for a place to die, saves a young man named Ruse from a monster attack.

  • Language: English (MTL)
    A tale of the faraway skies of a foreign land…
    Far above the ground… lies the beautiful floating continent “Magical Kingdom of Jupiterino,” ruled by Princess Lucia, who is praised as a “direct descendant magician,” in place of the king.
    The power of a direct descendant magician is distinct from that of ordinary magicians.
    If ordinary magicians are ants, then direct descendant magicians can be compared to queen ants— their innate magical power is as different from that of general magicians as the heavens are from the earth.
    Princess Lucia, said to be one in several billion and endowed with divine magical power, undergoes a drastic change in personality and begins to rule with an iron fist, massacring rebels one after another.
    Amidst this, “Genius Magician Luna,” one of the greatest magicians of the Jupiterino continent, is finally persuaded by her comrades to take up arms against “Direct Descendant Magician Lucia.”
    To defeat Princess Lucia and her allied nations, Luna and her friends become the resistance and decide to fight against the royal capital.

  • Language: English (MTL)
    Our protagonist get’s summoned to another world with the girl that bullied her a lot in her original world
    here he came to know that it was a hero summoning ritual and he thought he was gonna be the hero who will save this world
    but in reality the girl who used to bully her became the destined hero and the goddess told him that he just got caught in the ritual,
    unable to go back to his original world protagonist decided to follow the girl who used to bully her but his worth here is still no more than
    a slave, than he got a power that can give justice to him ,
    what will he do will he use the power to take revenge from the girl how bullied him along with the goddess or will he save the world.


    3D Game.

    Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    One day during the cold winter months, the three of them decide to go to Tetsuo's apartment after their club activities have ended.
    The main character gets sent on an errand to the convenience store for snacks. While he's away, Itoha and Tetsuo begin making out.
    When the main character gets back from the store, he opens the door to find the two of them having sex and quickly runs back out.
    After waiting for them to finish, he enters again to find Tetsuo asleep at the kotatsu table, exhausted.
    Itoha and the main character play a game. But it soon leads to them having sex right beside the sleeping Tetsuo.

  • Language: English, Chinese
    Aki’s life is nothing to write home about. She lives in Tokyo, works at an office, and she whiles away her time playing MMOs. Aki isn’t exactly happy with her lot in life, but it’s all she knows, and she’s too tired from work to change it.

    Aki is the last person you’d expect to go on a magical adventure…

    Until she gets hit by a truck.

    After being mown down on her way home from work, Aki is summoned to the land of Anthem by a cat-eared witch called Mina.

    Mina is a talented mage whose skills far outstrip most others. She promises she’ll return Aki home in due course, after she’s had a chance to replenish her magical energy, but she wants Aki to do her a favor first.

    The priestess Luna, whom Mina was entrusted with taking care of, has been kidnapped by malevolent forces, and Mina has no idea where she is.

    Mina enlists the help of Aki, our heroine, and Scarlet, a cheerful foxgirl, to track down Luna and punish the brigands who kidnapped her. Our trio’s journey will be far from easy, however. Attacked by thieves, assaulted by slimes, and encumbered by Aki’s own incompetence, Aki’s new life in Anthem gets off to a poor start.

    Can an awkward, unassuming office lady like Aki really become a hero?

  • Language: English (MTL)
    You might be seduced or reverse-raped during ARPG battles, or even when you’ve won, you can be reversed by the temptation of a plea for life…
    In addition, there are H-scenes where others are drained, and so on.
    Kissing, face licking, handjobs, footjobs, blowjobs, paizuri (titjobs), cowgirl, from behind, missionary, presenting the rear, energy drain, forced to masturbate, breastfeeding, face stepping, onaholes, cunnilingus, being done by a futanari, minimum body paizuri and vore, womb regression, and so on…
    From classic to niche situations, everything is animated! Voice is included during attacks!

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