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  • Language: English
    Max is back! After Max's partner Brad is transformed in a car bomb explosion and Max is turned into an even bustier babe, Max must team up with a bunch of new and returning weirdos in order to save Axon City from a terrifyingly sexy threat.

    It's not going to be easy though, Max is going to have to cope with issues like her succubus sister Heather moving back in and refusing to leave despite clearly breaking the terms of Max's lease by holding orgies in the living room.

    Or the coven of mysterious witches that live in a compound on the outskirts of the city that claim they are definitely not a cult, and Max is turned into a dog at one point. We probably should have mentioned earlier that things are going to get weird.

  • Language: English
    Waifu's Mission is a visual novel where you will be trapped in an isekai world and you will find the waifus of your favorite anime, having the opportunity to interact and to fuck them, to be able to survive or simply to enjoy and depending on the decisions you make this will affect your interaction with certain characters, all this around 4 goddesses who will help or torment you on your great journey.

  • Language: English (MTL)
    A high-quality H experience with beautiful hand-drawn animations.
    Add a little color to your life by acquiring the "Doll House", complete with a charming, elegant girl.
    The obedient Elenore will surely fill any holes in your heart.

    This game is all about giving protagonist Elenore your sexual love.
    The delicate animations are supported by Unity's shading technology
    and a wonderful full voice performance provided by CV Yuka Hinata.

  • Isekai Quest


    Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    You were summoned to Harem World, full of Anime Girls.
    You can seduce any girls you want to, but it comes at a price.
    Can you complete the quest and save the world?

    Welcome to the Isekai, the world of anime girls!
    Isekai Quest! is a Moe Puzzle RPG Game,
    Enhances tactics and fun by combining a 3-match puzzle with rogue-lite.

    Isekai Quest! provides a lifelike and immersive experience by
    achieving realistic interactions with cute anime characters.

  • Language: English
    I, Takayoshi Ohki has been teaching for about one month
    as a substitute for a teacher who had taken a maternity leave.

    It was just a short while until the class began that my heart was throbbing with fancy expectation.

    Girls who are talking in class as the lecture is boring, or putting make-up, or taking a nap...
    A disgusting girl who never stops pointing out that she does not like my pronunciations.
    These girls are young, plump, full of pheromone, and typical "Gals."
    They all are nothing but troublesome conceited school girls,
    whose superficial cuteness and beauty would not hide their bitchy nature.

  • Language: English
    You play as a young, healthy student trapped in after-school classes with the very attractive homeroom teacher, Ms. Sato.  Every student dreams of the possibility of having one night with her and you happen to wind up with the golden opportunity.
    Play through this short sandbox game meeting new characters and finding out little secrets throughout the student building. 

  • SEX Prison


    Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    SEX Prison [18+] is a casual game with original puzzle mechanics based on runners.

    Alongside it, this game features a fascinating storyline in the unique setting of Prison.
    To experience the whole journey with our Prisoner girls girls you have to win a variety of levels by finding the escape of levels.

    Instead of controlling the character outright, you have to interact with the environment to move through the levels.
    Unlock the doors, avoid traps, and destroy your enemies before they do you damage.

    Game Features:
    - Unique game puzzle mechanic based on runner mechanic
    - Indirect control. Try to navigate character by environmental elements.
    - 30 Levels to complete.
    - All our characters move with Live2D animations! You will be able to interact with them all.
    - Dive deep into our Prisoner girls' personalities & go through the story together with them.

  • Language: English, Japanese
    As the student council president, Adam is the face of the academy. And what a kind face he is... on the surface. Inside, he's a sexually twisted individual. And now he's set his sights on student council member Auriel. Who happens to already have a boyfriend.

    Adam will do whatever it takes to make her his personal fuckhole... whatever it takes.

  • nemeses

    3D Game.

    Language: English
    With the development of science and technology, humanity was at the peak of peace and prosperity. However, the sudden appearance of two giant female-shaped creatures called "BABEL" brings humanity to the brink of extinction.

    While the AI-powered humanoid weapon "Art-Core" bides its time, an AI created by AI, known as "Hyper Art-Core" is completed. Will she be able to kill the two giantesses with overwhelming power and bring victory to humanity? Or will it be...?

  • Mirror Fruit


    Language: English
    The main playing method of "mirror fruit" is fruit Xiaole. Exchange different fruits so that any fruit can be eliminated by connecting more than 3. Players need to eliminate the specified fruit within the specified steps to pass. In order to enrich the game, various props are specially set up.Every time you pass a specific level, you can unlock all kinds of CG, including all kinds of beautiful girls. Come and unlock them!

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