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  • Language: English
    You play as a young, healthy student trapped in after-school classes with the very attractive homeroom teacher, Ms. Sato.  Every student dreams of the possibility of having one night with her and you happen to wind up with the golden opportunity.
    Play through this short sandbox game meeting new characters and finding out little secrets throughout the student building. 

  • SEX Prison


    Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    SEX Prison [18+] is a casual game with original puzzle mechanics based on runners.

    Alongside it, this game features a fascinating storyline in the unique setting of Prison.
    To experience the whole journey with our Prisoner girls girls you have to win a variety of levels by finding the escape of levels.

    Instead of controlling the character outright, you have to interact with the environment to move through the levels.
    Unlock the doors, avoid traps, and destroy your enemies before they do you damage.

    Game Features:
    - Unique game puzzle mechanic based on runner mechanic
    - Indirect control. Try to navigate character by environmental elements.
    - 30 Levels to complete.
    - All our characters move with Live2D animations! You will be able to interact with them all.
    - Dive deep into our Prisoner girls' personalities & go through the story together with them.

  • Language: English, Japanese
    As the student council president, Adam is the face of the academy. And what a kind face he is... on the surface. Inside, he's a sexually twisted individual. And now he's set his sights on student council member Auriel. Who happens to already have a boyfriend.

    Adam will do whatever it takes to make her his personal fuckhole... whatever it takes.

  • nemeses

    3D Game.

    Language: English
    With the development of science and technology, humanity was at the peak of peace and prosperity. However, the sudden appearance of two giant female-shaped creatures called "BABEL" brings humanity to the brink of extinction.

    While the AI-powered humanoid weapon "Art-Core" bides its time, an AI created by AI, known as "Hyper Art-Core" is completed. Will she be able to kill the two giantesses with overwhelming power and bring victory to humanity? Or will it be...?

  • Mirror Fruit


    Language: English
    The main playing method of "mirror fruit" is fruit Xiaole. Exchange different fruits so that any fruit can be eliminated by connecting more than 3. Players need to eliminate the specified fruit within the specified steps to pass. In order to enrich the game, various props are specially set up.Every time you pass a specific level, you can unlock all kinds of CG, including all kinds of beautiful girls. Come and unlock them!

  • BizzareHolyLand


    Language: English
    BizzareHolyLand is a fantasy themed visual novel revolving around the story of angels and demons. You, as a mysterious holy boy, will journey across the wonderful world and have intimate relationship with all kinds of angels and demons!

  • Six Serpents


    Language: English
    At the founding of the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, in the year 990 AD, the founder of one of the houses, Salazar , realized at some point he might have to wrest control of the school from the other founding Wizards and Witches given their liberal thinking and their agreeance to letting non-pure wizard and witches into their academic institution.
    To do so, he secretly created the Curse of the Six Serpents. The curse, when activated, creates a massive field over the school, bringing under the dominion of the caster all who walk the halls of the school, even it’s most powerful wizards. To activate the curse from it’s dark altar deep under the school, the caster must offer six sacrifices, women, who have each been corrupted and broken to the will of the caster. Once “sacrificed”, the women will become the absolute obedient sexual slaves of the caster, as their souls have been swallowed up and used to power the curse.
    Will you be able to corrupt these 6 women and bend their will to your command?



    Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    Re:DESTINY has the story revolving around the Onmyoji world in the Heian period. You, as a wanderer Onmyoji, were killed by accident and then possessed by the Vermillion Bird. With the power of the mythical creature, you were reincarnated and found many burned dead bodies around. At the same time, you met Himiko, a tengu, and Lady Toko, who was the vessel to seal Orochi - The great malevolent Serpent Demon. Together with them, you went on the journey to find Yasuna, the master of Himiko, to solve the issue of each member.

  • Secret Pie


    Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    Secret story between the mansion manager and three women

    ◇ Ian
    "The three girls who have the different characters and love in the different worlds."
    "They were so impressed and made me expect the next encounter."

    ◇ Airi
    "Let's exchange numbers."
    "Huhu, fine. I have a gift for you."
    ‘Mr.Ian will know soon I'm getting fond of him…….’

    ◇ Mika
    ".........Don't you really know the name 'Mika'? It's mine."
    "Now, I have a request to Mr. Owner~ hehe!"
    "Therefore! The theme of today~! Ta-dadadadadada..........."

    ◇ Mei
    "..... What do you think of me, mister?"
    "......Sleep here, bro."

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    “…What the hell was my mistake? Don’t tell me that such thing could happen to me, just because I’m poor?”“Getting locked up, drugged, and molested. The reason for my existence isn’t to please men, is it?”
    “Stop thinking like that, Natsuki. Things that happened to you are absolutely not your mistake.”
    “These men built the country, and they need a woman like you. Such thing happened to you because they need you.”
    “It’s not fair for you, right? However, don’t you need money?”
    “Making money with your body here earns more than working out there. Don’t you have a little brother, waiting for the money that can save him?”

    Natsuki was speechless in face of Mayumi’s indifferent and sharp question.
    She had gone through such resistance.
    Countless calls for help.
    Countless escapes.
    She ended up in a dark room, continuously pleasing men.
    The only way out was the promise that the boss had said.
    When Natsuki had earned as much as the hundreds of million dollars that her boss demanded, he will set her free.
    But deep down in her heart, Natsuki was furious.
    She decided to gather evidences, find someone powerful and righteous, wipe that evil organization out, and reunite with her brother.
    However, can she really free herself out of the cycle of constant prostitution and drugs?

  • Arcadia Fallen

    Visual novel.

    Language: English
    When a young alchemist apprentice is unwillingly bound to an illegal spirit, they suddenly find themselves tied up in a war between humanity and magic, and must join a group of unlikely heroes to escape their own doom, hopefully saving the world along the way.

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