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  • Language: English
    The protagonist's parents are out of the house due to their business trip
    so a housemaid Tomoe-san comes to take care of the protagonist.
    But her beautiful appearance attracts his attention too much...

    "I can't concentrate on my study...!"

    Despite the fact that he will take entrance examinations in the coming year,
    his sex drive bar increases instead of his study bar.
    He must manage both his sexual desire and study!

  • Language: English (MTL)
    Elencia, a princess and lovely flower of the kingdom, with whom the protagonist met by a finger of fate, traveled with, and swore to protect for the rest of his life.
    Iris, Commander of the Imperial Guard, with whom the protagonist traveled and risked their lives to protect the princess.
    Nadia, mother of Elencia and a beautiful empress, who saved the protagonist's life.

    In his adventurous days after saving the princess, the protagonist of the story guards the kingdom in order to keep the heroines safe. The one he truly desired and loved was the princess—and yet, the fact that he managed to get her was nothing more than a dream.

    He received a position and an honor, but he was still just one person. He lost his precious woman. Nefarious hands are drawing closer to the one he deeply loved, got out with, and became a lover with. Women get exposed before the eyes of men with different capacities and fetishes and fall into depravity.

    The protagonist can only watch the heroines as they are defiled by lust. Are there zero happy endings?! This is the beginning of a full netorare adventure game!

  • Language: English
    Join Akemi, freshly returned from her overseas studies, as she discovers her legacy and unravels the mysteries of her grandmother's house. Set in a meticulously crafted pixel art world, every scene comes to life with stunning animations, each frame hand-drawn with love and dedication.

    Akemi's inheritance comes with a twist - a hefty heritage tax. With interest accumulating, she's left with no choice but to roll up her sleeves and dive into the quirky world of the town. Work alongside eccentric townsfolk, complete quests, and explore a diverse landscape, all in the pursuit of saving her cherished family home.

  • Language: English, Japanese
    The tragedy of Hinamizawa is over. Those held captive within its grip are free from the fate that bound them to June 1983. Yet the tale of Hinamizawa is not truly complete. There are many worlds not yet explored.

    Higurashi When They Cry Hou+ is the final installment of the Higurashi When They Cry Hou franchise featuring 4 new chapters.
    Higurashi When They Cry Outbreak
    Keiichi and the others face a brand new tragedy. The mysterious virus and the panic it creates are such laughable sights.
    Higurashi When They Cry Kamikashimashi Chapter
    The tragedy spreads to Okonomiya, with no end in sight. Who is behind all of this, and for what purpose? Can it be stopped? The tale of Higurashi Outbreak concludes here.
    Hinamizawa Bus Stop: Higurashi When They Cry Origin
    Welcome to Hinamizawa. This is a slightly unusual fragment. The original fragment which would eventually grow into Higurashi When They Cry.
    Higurashi When They Cry Mehagashi Chapter (Hou+ Additional Scenario)
    Tragedy that could destroy not only all of humanity, but the galaxy itself draws near...
    Keiichi Maebara!
    Go beyond the girls' swimsuits to defend the universe!
    However, can Keiichi possibly win against the club members all by himself...?

  • Language: English
    A peaceful village is being threatened by the Sujimon, bewitching monsters that can reduce men to lifeless husks. A woman named Gaaru sets out on a journey to find the Legendary Sujimon, a being that can supposedly combat this threat. As it turns out, the Legendary Sujimon is a yakuza named Tatsumi, who has been brought here from another world. Together, the pair will unravel the mysteries behind the Sujimon and bring an end to their reign of terror!

  • Language: English
    Twenty years have passed since the existence of Inma was discovered. After gaining power and prospering, Inma began to conquer the world. In order to stop the conquest, the hero, the hero, enters the Demon King’s castle to defeat the Demon King, the king of lewd demons. Wearing legendary equipment, the hero confidently arrived at the Demon King, but the Demon King grinned.
    She started seducing him by emphasizing his big breasts. The hero who is defeated by the demon lord’s powerful lustful power has the “mark of lust” engraved on his body. That stamp was a terrifying stamp that said “I get horny anytime and anywhere, and I can’t control it with reason”.
    Will the hero be able to reach the Demon King again and save the world?

  • Language: English
    Rika Suzuki is just your average high schooler.

    Her days are peaceful and uneventful, until she reads an article about exhibitionism in an S&M magazine at the convenience store and decides to try it out for herself.

    First, she starts off small, taking off her mini skirt, walking around in just a pair of shorts and a long hoodie.
    But she begins to yearn to try something more extreme.
    She tries taking off her shorts, and then her underwear, leaving herself totally exposed.
    The delicious shame makes her want even more.

    The street where she lives, the alleyways, the apartment building, the vending machine, the park...
    Rika thinks about going home, but the lure is too strong.

  • Language: English
    This game was designed with the concept of “quick play”. It’s a game where you do naughty things just by using the mouse.

  • Language: English
    A mini RPG about a girl who has naughty encounters at a health clinic.
    The standing pixel art changes and animates depending on the scene.
    There is no combat or training elements.

  • Language: English (MTL)
    You have been appointed to the Breeding Committee!
    The Breeding Law was enacted as a drastic measure against the declining birthrate.
    Are appointed as a member of the Breeding Committee, who are designated to inseminate women within a specified district.

    ~Negotiate to breed with women in town
    Forced sexual intercourse is prohibited even if you are a Breeding Committee member!
    Women also have the right to choose their partners.
    Use your charm, stamina, energy, and talking skills (the main character doesn't speak) to open their hearts and get them to agree to insemination!

    ~A focus on harem fun~
    The Breeding Committee is just a job.
    It is only natural that popular Breeding Committee members seed multiple people in the course of their duties.
    Friends, classmates, mothers and daughters... All heroines participate in harem play at least once.

    ~Detailed pixel animations with beautiful girls~
    There are 15 heroines in total.
    No pixel art was reused between characters.
    Erotic pixel art with outlines to emphasize clarity and cuteness.
    Both clothed and naked sex depictions.

    ~Easy to control and to play~
    Made in RPG Maker MV
    Simple mouse-only controls.
    Low difficulty where all heroines can be inseminated without much hassle.
    There is no end to the game - just play and breed as much as you want!

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