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  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    A pussy-pounding simulator in which a beautiful royal lady gets brutally tentacle machine-fucked with silky-smooth Live2D animation!

    See her delicate reactions to your every manipulation in real-time.
    See that subtle protrusion from her belly as her pussy is penetrated DEEP.
    Hear every heated breath and moan synced to her animated reactions.
    This work has no phoned-in looped animations.
    The physics and character's feeling parameters have been specially tuned for maximum eroticism!

  • Language: English
    Keisuke started working this year and is satisfied with his life, since he found a job in his desired field, even though it’s for a small company. However, despite the motivation and satisfaction of living alone for the first time, he did feel a bit tired from it and wondered if he should find a girlfriend.

    Then one day, his imouto Riho came to his place. Their parents had come down with the norovirus, so they suggested that she stay over at his place temporarily while studying for her exams. She had always liked him as more than just her older brother and now that they were living under the same roof, that feeling started to become even stronger. At the same time, he also was charmed by her and viewed her as a girl.

  • Language: English
    Just as Mimori Ichirou, a non-commissioned officer serving as a Zero fighter pilot during the Pacific War, was about to launch a kamikaze attack against an enemy warship, he instead found himself crash-landing in the middle of an unfamiliar desert. However, before he could perish from aimlessly wandering the sand-covered wastes, he was saved by a princess capable of transforming into a dragon.

    As a stranger in an even stranger land with no directions to guide him, Ichirou – driven by a promise once made – nonetheless resolved himself to find his way back home to Japan, even if all that awaited him was certain death.

  • Language: English, Chinese
    Tsubasa Kobayashi has just started living by himself in preparation for university, and things are off to a good start; his new neighbor is a beautiful woman named Hibiki, and they just hit it off.
    Her husband lives away for work, so it seems she lives by herself too, and she’s eager to help out Tsubasa however she can, whether it be taking care of nasty bugs, or making great food for him.
    As their relationship deepens, Tsubasa starts to feel guilty about how things are progressing, but the gears of fate are already in motion...
    One day, he’s having dinner together with her, and the topic of Hibiki’s husband still not coming her comes up. In the face of her loneliness, Tsubasa is unable to hold his feelings in any longer, and he confesses his love for her.

    She is happy to hear his words, and her response leads Tsubasa to pounce on top of her in the throes of passion...

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    Banging and corrupting bursting busty married women into 'neighboring fapholes'!
    These sultry wives get pleased even while having irresponsible adultery sex play!
    You, living in an apartment, were titillated by a neighboring wife Maria
    so that your sexual desire burst out! It all resulted in pushing her down into sex.
    First you thought it would cause serious something, but this mature wife Maria
    got totally into your robust dick! Soon after you got laid by another wife Sumire,
    who always treats you kindly, making her entirely captivated by your dick too!
    Opposed to what come out of their mouths, now these mature wives are
    pretty much addicted to your robustness, becoming your own fapholes!
    Your apartment life with free banging with two wives, or fapholes, begins here!
    Two mature wives of your dream become your fapholes!
    An amorous wife Maria is cheerful and seductive. A housewife Sumire has calm
    and soothing personality. These two obey, pledge loyalty to and service your dick!
    It's free banging spree with your own fapholes!
    These two, totally infatuated with your fierce mating sex and various sadistic plays,
    writhe in pleasure with their sultry and salacious faces! Karaoke H in sailor school
    uniform, banging exhibition in erotically modified school swimsuit, cowgirl sex and
    breast slapping while talking to husband over the phone, fierce thrusting from behind
    with spanking, filming bareback sex and pervert dance with panties on head...
    Enjoy too erotic and sadistic plays in a totally lubricious mood!
    Obeying & pledging loyalty to dick!
    Take charge over these mature females with very robust dick to make them
    your sex slaves! Their loyalties to your dick satisfy your desire to dominate!

  • Language: English, Chinese
    The sun may be hot. The babes are hotter! You've worked half the summer and it's time to cash out—splash out all that hard-earned pocket change chasing tail. But time waits for no man and summer never lasts, so you'd better be quick about it.

    Be at the right place at just the right moment and who knows what kind of cutie will happen by. It's up to you to flirt your way through town, learning about each girl's hopes, dreams, and secrets, and maybe—just maybe—take a chance on true love.

  • Language: English, Japanese
    A crystallization of rivalry, developed by mankind.
    Mindless doll created for the sole purpose of fighting.

    Because of them, conflicts intensified.
    Because of them, the world followed a path to destruction.

    They had no free will. No thoughts. They were simply killing,
    stealing and killing again on command. This chain of events
    sparked conflicts and conflicts brought ruin.

    Humanity engaged in battles, waged wars and then, before
    long, it brought itself to ruins. When that happened, you
    could say humans made the best possible choice...
    That is - to seal Guignols, that were the roots of wars,
    until not a single one remained.

    Eventually, countless Guignols, that swarmed the entire
    world, started disappearing one by one. However...
    although humanity successfully severed the roots of
    conflicts, it suffered considerable losses in the process.

    After Guignols disappeared from the world, as far as the
    wide-open eyes of humanity could see... stretched the vast
    wasteland of iron and rust.

    In this era, humans are living scattered around scarce
    resources. They formed several night-watchmen states to adapt
    to this harsh environment and live in constant fear of the
    strange, evolved creatures known as Nonasomy species.

    Iron Desert town, Elgerita.

    This is one of such communities. Even though it is
    surrounded by nothing but sand and rust, people are working
    with each other to survive every day.
    A certain boy... is living in this town.

  • Language: English (MTL)
    Sayoko Amafune and Aritomo have started living together in preparation for marriage.
    Then, Sayoko’s parents decided to renovate their home, and her parents moved to a rented house near their place of work.
    However, Sayoko’s younger sister Emiru has to live with Aritomo for a limited time at Aritomo’s house near her school because her school is far away.
    Emiru is not good at socializing and is a little off.
    At first, she doesn’t greet Aritomo and doesn’t even speak to her.
    Over time, they became more open and less grumpy.
    Then one day.
    One day, while working side by side with Emiru, Emiru accidentally started to cling to Aritomo and entwine their legs together.
    She stares at Aritomo awkwardly but seductively.

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    Based on the doujinshi series of the same name, this visual novel puts you in the shoes of the protagonist, an unassuming college student who lives by himself. Life goes from ordinary to the extraordinary very quickly when you stumble upon a girl collapsed in front of your apartment building. What makes this even more unusual are the cat ears, tail and wings on her body. Not wanting to abandon her, you offer to take her home and offer her food. While she tries to put on a brave front, her grumbling stomach says otherwise.

    It turns out she is no ordinary girl but is a Cherubim, a half animal, half angel girl from Heaven. While she normally travels down to Earth to do her job, she ends up being exiled from Heaven and while searching for a certain important object, she becomes exhausted and collapses by the side of the road. One thing leads to another and you find yourself with a new roommate. Her energy and smile brightens up your day and pretty soon a close friendship blossoms into something else as you begin to develop feelings for her. It’s never a dull moment with the cheerful, naively honest, and rambunctious Mint by your side, which is only amplified when Lily, a half-demon and close friend of Mint’s, suddenly shows up on your doorstep in all her over-the-top flirtatious glory. How will your life change in your lovey-dovey life alongside the Cherubim, Mint?

  • Mokoko X


    Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    This game was inspired from the arcade games like Volfied, Qix and Gals Panic. A popular gaming style in the late 1980’s, looks to resurrect the soul of the arcade genre while adding a modern touch. There are 32 levels in Mokoko X; each level has its own unique boss and minions. The main goal is assisting the girls that need help from the weird bosses. This is sometimes passing a mobile game level, sometimes helping out with the insects in the kitchen.

  • Language: English, Japanese
    The main character, Yuki, is the daughter of the Duke’s family. One day the lord suddenly passed away.
    Yuki will succeed her Duke’s rank.
    And Yuki and her servants struggle to save her country.

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