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  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    The main character has given up his dream of becoming an entertainer in a half way.
    At the small entertainment agency where he was hired because of his friendly personality, he was assigned a job of training and promoting a new idol.
    However, the way a new idol takes is not an easy one, and things don't go well.
    The hands of the demon, who is the head of a large advertising agency, approach to the heroine.

    The idol who don't have much clutches even at straws.
    If she has bad results, she tries to remain as an idol 'whatever it takes'.
    Of course that, can be hided from you.

    If you go with your pure love, or you will have your love taken by the demon... it's up to you.

  • Language: English, Chinese
    Yokoyama Naoya works as a waiter a small seaside café owned by the flirtatious Miss Miyamori. Alongside his co-workers, the serious Mayuki and the spacey Kuu, Naoya is happy to while away his days with honest labor...

    At least, until he learns that The Seaside Café is in the red, and runs the risk of closing.

    Wanting to save the café from being shuttered, Naoya turns to his childhood friend, Ichigo, for advice.

    After giving the predicament some thought, Ichigo decides that what The Seaside Café is lacking is its own idol group. Bright, shining, sparkling idols should be more than enough to rescue the café from obscurity, and bring about a huge influx in potential customers!

    Ichigo enlists Kuu and Mayuki's help, and together they form an idol unit to represent The Seaside Café: Sweet Shoreline.

    Things seem to be going well, but there are a few snags with Ichigo's wonderful plan. Firstly, Mayuki and Kuu have no experience singing and dancing - and secondly, there's a rival idol group in town, Honey Devil, who seem determined to undermine all of Sweet Shoreline's efforts.

    Will Sweet Shoreline be able to succeed, or will they self-destruct before accomplishing their noble goals? That's for Naoya's actions to determine!

  • Happy Guy


    Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    Happy Guy is a casual game with a short story about Haro. He was a doctor.
    Ren Nanase is a sexy and beautiful nurse. She was the reason why Haro was fired.
    Rei is a maid. She is so cute and obedient. She works at Haro's own house, when he was rich.
    Akari is a waitress. She is so energetic. She has a dream of opening her own bakery. Akari is the girl who stays with Haro during the worst days of his life.
    Narumi is a rich and arrogant girl. She owns a men's fashion store. Haro used to look down on Haro until ...
    - Casual and attractive match 3 style.
    - Nice backgrounds and character CGs.
    - Full Japanese voice over.

  • Language: English (MTL)
    I'm a monster hunter that just captured vampire Nameru!
    …but now I'm lost in the forest!
    And the technique I used to capture Nameru is getting weaker!
    I have to escape before that technique completely runs out of power!

    [H Events]
    - Get wrapped up in tons of H trouble, and find lots of lewd treasure boxes!
    - Enjoy fantasy ero with tentacles, slimes, and more!
    - Teach a cheeky loli vampire a lesson with hardcore rape!
    - Enjoy the changes in Nameru as she slowly becomes pleasure-corrupted!

  • Language: English
    This game is an RPG about a magical girl who protects her city from an evil organization.

    This game is an RPG with a classic storyline that features Noble Rose,
    a girl who transforms into a magical girl to fight an evil organization.

    Use special attacks to wipe out the enemies and help the women in the city from the Bio Soldiers!

    Make accessories using the magical crystals the enemies will drop to fortify your abilities!

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    Reika visits the village of Seille as a bodyguard for a female merchant Fomia.

    Although Reika is inferior to Fomia, she is a reliable female knight.

    She looks like a normal beautiful female knight at first glance, but what will she experience in the village of Seille ...

    An easy-to-play, battle-free RPG!

  • HaremKingdom


    Language: English
    The man who'll soon be king is getting a lecture.
    All he wants is to live easy and have a good time. At this rate he'll turn into a dickless amoeba, and his childhood friend Hikari won't have it. They hash things out, they talk things over, in the heat of the moment his chest glows with magic—

    The two of them wake up in a strange seaside city, with no idea how they got there. When a woman who claims to be the country's chancellor greets them, she clears things up: They've been caught in a desperate royal recruitment that happened to involve an inter-world kidnapping.

    Hurled across dimensions, enthroned without warning, and suddenly the center of national attention...
    Things are moving fast, and the king's first duty is to get married pronto.

    “Build a harem around yourself, and spare no pains in the kingdom's development and the propagation of the royal line.”

    The new king is afraid of love, but he'll have to get over it for his country's future!
    New brides appear in quick succession. The princess of a neighboring country, a beautiful noble with a personal interest...
    As our hero disappears under a pile of boobies, even his childhood friend dives into the fray...?!

    “I just want a normal romance!”

    You're getting five at once. Say hello to the harem!

  • Romance


    Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    Shimada lives in the same apartment and works in the same company with his friends Fujimoto Hiroshi and Ogura Nana, leading a monotonous life of nine to five every day.
    One day, Chika, an intern rejected by other departments of the company was assigned to Shimada.
    As the monotonous life gradually changed, Chika's internship ended.
    One year later, the trio appeared before him at the same time, disrupting Shimada's peaceful life.

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    Cyberpunk x sexual harassment
    A game that doesn't feel altogether new, but not nostalgic either.
    An adult game in the traditional style with new flourishes.
    The game contains lots of hardcore H to go with excellent music and CG.
    Mercury: the year 5029
    The story takes place on Mercury, in a city full of halfwits and neon lights.
    In this place, the natural light of stars cannot reach
    Search the beautiful 2D world, show "music" to the denizens of Mercury to gather information,
    and prepare for an onslaught from outer space.

    Like cyberpunk and rabbit-eared maids?
    A traditional story of world destruction, love, and courage,
    in a very far future world full of gloom, and also hope.
    Welcome to Mercury! Enjoy your journey.

  • Trap Genesis


    Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    After settling out the ban on love imposed by Tamaki and Subaru, peace returns to the life of our favorite group. Finally, it's time for the festival... unless a certain kluts of a goddess called Hinowa has a say in it! As luck, would have it, Hinowa turns out to be an ancient goddess of chaos!
    As the world as we know it is about to be engulfed in chaos and darkness, our lovely hinky goddesses make a final stand!
    Will they be able to save the world?! Will their love finally be acknowledged?!

    Find out this and more, in Trap Shrine trilogy's riveting finale!

  • Language: English
    "Quit your yammering and get back to work!"

    That sharp-eyed woman is Kanade Otoya, the store owner's wife.

    The manager here isn't just tough; she never changes her mind
    and won't tolerate a single word from others about how the shop is run.
    However, she's convinced things aren't going well because of everyone but her
    and flips out at me and the part-time staff, so I haven't been able to find a solution.

    I force a smile in an attempt to avoid her wrath,
    and she heads to her office, where she remains for the next few hours.
    When I glance at my watch, I notice it has gotten quite late.

    It should be okay for me to go home now.
    I approach the door to the manager's office to let her know I'm leaving.

    "Khh… mmm… mm… Ngh… mm… ah…"

    What the hell are those sounds?
    I'm about to knock on the door when I notice strange noises coming from within.
    There's a kind of vulgarity in the air, which makes me instinctively try to hide my presence.
    Why is she moaning like that…? What's going on inside?

    Full of trepidation, I softly crack open the door…

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