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    A fire took away my parents and my happy childhood. The only thing it left me was a piece of charred leather, discovered in the fire, with the words "Chen-Yu News" written on it.
    I managed to survive in order to find out the truth behind the fire. Years later, I finally got the opportunity to join Chen-Yu News, provided that I would investigate the truth behind the ‘suicide’ of Su Nian, one of the most popular young actresses in the film industry.

    “If you want to become your idol Su Nian, you have to experience what she has gone through.”

    The closer I got to the people around Su Nian, the more I was amazed at how dirty the entertainment industry was.
    The sanctimonious scouts, the malicious agents, and the powerful senpais of the industry...everyone looked at me with greedy eyes and demanded that I “pay” with my body in exchange for opportunities.
    The mysterious app “Room S”, the strange purple liquid “soul lose”, etc., all seemed to be piecing together the truth of Su Nian's death.
    What had Su Nian gone through? And what did this have to do with Chen-Yu News and the fire in my childhood?

    To gather clues in this swamp of desire, should I rot with it, or was there other choices...?

  • Language: English, Chinese
    In this Visual Novel Yokoyama Naoya was an average guy who, after putting his checkered past behind him, began to work at a small café by the beach. With his two cute co-workers, the serious Mayuki and the enigmatic Kuu, Naoya led a relaxing life - until he learns that the café's revenue is dwindling, and it's on the brink of closure.

    Not knowing what else to do, Naoya consults his childhood friend, Ichigo, who suggests that she form an idol group with Mayuki and Kuu to help promote The Seaside Café.

    While initially skeptical, Mayuki and Kuu consent to this plan, and so form their own amateur idol group: Sweet Shoreline.

    Despite being a newbie group, Sweet Shoreline's first music video is a massive viral success, which nets them a lot of online attention. In the wake of their newfound fame, Sweet Shoreline are invited to a large competition in Tokyo, which will pit them against various upcoming idol groups, to see who will come out on top.

    Ichigo is, of course, thrilled by this idea, though the shy, self-conscious Mayuki is less sure. Tensions run rife among the girls of Sweet Shoreline: tensions that are further exacerbated once it's discovered their rival idol group, Honey Devil, have also been offered an invitation to take part on this competition.

    Will the girls be able to snatch an unexpected victory, despite being underdogs, or will Honey Devil destroy them? The fate of Sweet Shoreline, and of The Seaside Café, rests, once again, upon Naoya's shoulders.

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    A mysterious series of disappearances has been occurring in Echinomiya City.
    The protagonist Amane is assaulted by a monster on her way home,
    but through the power of a magical tome, turns into the transforming heroine Celesphonia,
    and is able to fight back.
    Her enemies are both monster and evil humanoid alike, and defeat means shame and pain.
    But it's all up to her...

    There are also the Renegades. humans who have taken the side of the bad guys,
    and even some regular citizens are starting to act strangely recently...

    Can Amane battle to the end, and avoid pleasure corruption!?

  • Language: English
    Prepare for a demon-slaying tale heretofore untold!
    She is Taimanin, clad in shadow... The so-called "Crimson Princess Annihilator"...
    A half-vampire burdened by a destiny of blood and darkness,
    she fights daily to extinguish evil---
    Her name is Kurenai.

  • Language: English, Chinese
    While Aria,the maid of the mansion was cleaning the dusty basement,she discovered a mysterious hidden room.

    As she hoping to find some treasure and explores the hidden room, she found a mysterious intruder!
    However,the intruder disappeared right away and when she tried to find out the cause, she was sent to
    a mysterious place!

    Will Aria able to escape from this ominous city and return to her mansion?

  • Language: English
    If the opposite of love is indifference, then the opposite of hate is...

    Haru and Anri are a couple who have been married for three years and are famous in their neighborhood.
    Haru is a serious and sensible person, and Anri is a cheerful and uninhibited person, and although they are complete opposites in personality, they have never had a single quarrel since their marriage.

    However, Haru and Anri were not close from the beginning either.
    When they first met, the quiet Haru and the gal-like Anri were not very good with each other.
    But they ended up getting married and became a couple so popular that there were even rumors about them, so you never know what can happen in this world.

    There was one more rumor about Mr. and Mrs. Sakuraba.
    It was that Anri did not care much about being seen.
    Anri had always been fond of flashy and revealing clothes, but her habit was not to think much about how people saw her.
    The presence of such a defenseless married woman would attract a lot of attention.
    When Haru, her husband, became aware of this rumor...

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    On a corner of the Capital city, the daughter of the Kingdom's Regent, one of the Eight Greatest Merits Founders Echnar Family, Sigrid, secretly became a gladiator behind the back of her family. On the other side, LoWen, a spy from the enemy country, Cyounichi, disguises himself as a slave trader and sneaks into Jerez's Arena with an Oni assassin, Mikado Koharu. The story of these three, is going to begin in the Jerez's Arena.

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    A pussy-pounding simulator in which a beautiful royal lady gets brutally tentacle machine-fucked with silky-smooth Live2D animation!

    See her delicate reactions to your every manipulation in real-time.
    See that subtle protrusion from her belly as her pussy is penetrated DEEP.
    Hear every heated breath and moan synced to her animated reactions.
    This work has no phoned-in looped animations.
    The physics and character's feeling parameters have been specially tuned for maximum eroticism!

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