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  • Language: English, Chinese
    Production Bloom, a mid-sized voice acting agency, is chronically short on staff. To help out, Keito Nagakura, a family friend of the manager, is asked to work part-time, collecting scripts from the various studios and bringing them back to Bloom's office.
    But when his mother is hospitalized over her slipped disc (yet again) and has to take time off to undergo surgery, it's up to Keito and his younger sister Konatsu to fill in for her. Her occupation? Caretaker of Maikaze Dorm, a prestigious all-girls dormitory for the up-and-coming voice actresses and models who attend Seikadai Academy.

    One guy in a dorm filled with drop-dead gorgeous women? What could possibly go wrong?

    As Keito gets to know the lovely floormates, he finds himself mentor to a voice actress who's struggling to develop her career, the idol of his dreams, and... his little sister?

    How are actors cast for roles? What goes on inside the recording booth? And what are the secrets to succeeding as a voice actress?

    Step into the recording booth and find out what the fascinating industry of voice acting is all about!

  • Language: English
    The City of The Pyramids is heading for ruin,
    and the power of the seven servants are needed in order to prevent it.
    A magician makes a pact with the queen of the Shadow Kingdom, and challenges fate.
    The Holy Grail War to destroy the holy grail has begun

  • Language: English, Chinese
    Sick of working for some crappy company, one brave employee takes a stand! Now out of a job after kiboshing their plans to destroy a nearby forest, karma won’t let this good deed go unrewarded. While hiking through the recently saved woods, our hero is exhausted and passes out, not before hearing... a bunch of female voices? Turns out he's pretty famous among the local spirits and monster girls, and all of them are eager to show their savior some serious "appreciation" during his stay at an illusive hot spring that was hidden deep in the forest.

    There is the sexy foxgirl Hatsune, Ruri the shy bunnygirl, the cute and quiet catgirl named Shione, and the charming big momma herself, Yuuna the wolf girl; all four of them are all yours to enjoy, from their bouncy tits to their fluffy tails, during your stay at the Tails & Titties Hot Spring!

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    “Jill"‘s family is a two hundred thousand years-lasted Demon consanguinity.
    But Jill was in deep trouble as his father passed away.
    The number of demons and humans were decreasing.
    If, by any chance, the hero came to conquer us…the consanguinity will officially come to an end.
    It’s now an urgent task to carry out “The Inheritance of Demon Blood”—

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    Sylphy is a small-time thief who lives in the slums with her sickly sister Therese. She struggles every night to bring in enough money to cover the medical bills.

    One night while on a job, she overhears a rumor about a treasure called the Gem of Misfortune.

    They say it's protected by Diezel, a powerful island nation of spirit worshippers.

    What's more, the nation will be holding a week-long "Spirit Festival," and the castle's guard will be spread thin.

    Seeing a chance for a big score, Sylphy heads to the island of Diezel to steal the gem.

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    This is a 2D pixel-art ero exploration action game!
    Receiving H attacks causing stripping, which damages nearby enemies and gives you temporary invincibility.Beware of enemies that have hearts floating over them… if they catch you they’ll make sure you won’t be able to walk straight for a while.
    Sometimes succubi lie in wait inside treasure chests.
    If they hit you with their horny beam, you become unable to fight, have your movement restricted.
    To overcome it, you must either take some recovery medicine, or masturbate to climax.
    Take quests from the guild in town in order to progress the story.
    Level up at the Inn by defeating enemies, and acquire points, which can be used increase your capabilities.
    Customize your build to your liking, whether that be attacking-focus, magic-focus, tanking, or any other combination!

  • Language: English (MTL)
    Hello. I’m Doseong City’s little Zoo, the Doseong Zoo’s Zookeeper, NIZI!! NIce to meet you~
    the Doseong Zoo where i work for has lacked the number of Guest, as a result it’s on financial crisis……
    If Zoo is sell out, animals are sell out some where…Manager and My colleague Zookeeper MINU Fall into trouble too……
    I really want to save the Zoo……by the way, Manager tell me the way to save the Zoo.
    I shoot a Bestiality Video with animals and Get Money, and breed More animals,
    and never be financial Crisis again!!(……Manager’s taste is……;;)
    Shoot a Bestiality Video, Expand the Zoo, Breed new animals…… and keep the Zoo from selling!

  • Language: English (MTL)
    An adult film star dies during a porn shoot, and is reincarnated as a shota
    in a world of sword and magic.
    However, only NPCs are around, and he's free to violate them as he pleases.

    - Search the village for heart irons to get H scenes, and check exclamation points,
    which indicate important NPCs, items, etc.
    - Animations included for H scenes
    - You can have sex with any female characters on the map
    - Sometimes, you can choose what hole to violate

  • Language: English
    Deep in the woods of the Tatras Mountains, supplies dwindle and flood waters are rising. It’s up to you to keep spirits high and make the most of your survival skills. Will you butter up the right person? Or will you wind up on the chopping block?

    Featuring Eastern European folklore in an unexpected package, Cooking Companions is a “dating sim” psychological horror title you won't soon forget.

  • Fairy Glade


    Language: English
    Taking a walk in the woods has never been a problem before, but this time will lead Daphne into an alternate realm of existence. The fairy glade, but can she find her way back out again and if she does what adventures will she have along the way, your choices will determine her path and what may come.

  • Language: English
    Things aren’t great at work, but at least you have your stepmom to console you. She’s always been there for you and always manages to cheer you up. One particular Friday, after along day at work, she suggests that you accompany her to get something to wear to an upcoming event at her work.
    After browsing around her favorite boutique, she manages to find something she likes, and decides to try it on before seeking your approval.
    So, how does she look?
    Read through some pretty raunchy(erotic) dialogue, accompanied by spicy nude depictions.
    Immerse yourself in the story by typing in your own name, then proceeding to read through a raunchy story from the first-person perspective.
    Get to know your stepmom on a very intimate level as you read through an encounters
    ranging from platonic, to flirtatious, to downright sexual and experimental, in a naughty kind of way…

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