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  • Revenga

    3D Game.

    Language: English
    A young man returns home from college, to take care of his terminally ill father, and to extract revenge on his step mother and step sisters who ruined his childhood.
    Will the MC succumb to his step mother’s evil ways, or will he be able to get revenge and unlock the truth about his fathers past.
    That is up to you.

  • Language: English
    Survival Horror, with an erotic twist. A zombie outbreak ravages the world-
    Will you be able to survive and fend off the shuffling hordes?

    The deforestation of the Amazon had changed more than anyone anticipated. Out from the ecological devastation came grotesque, plant-like monsters, spreading an affliction across the globe.

    You play as a former mechanical engineer- who until now, has been able to find shelter in what remains of human civilization. After a job gone wrong, you find yourself on the wrong side of the barricades and must fight your way back to safety.

    Little do you know, getting home will soon be the least of your worries.

    The world of Overgrown: Genesis is violent, deadly, and frightening. Here's some of what to expect to do:
    Give In To Your Desires- Temptation abounds, indulge in sexual situations. Survive At All Costs- Resource management mechanics keep the pressure up. Search Every Corner- Areas allow for exploration and are filled with useful resources. Stay Goal Oriented- Numerous side quests which offer various rewards. Struggle Against Fate- Multiple endings reflect your decisions, stay alive, but at what cost?

  • Claire's Quest


    Language: English
    A dark fantasy RPG with high replayability, and an emphasis on creativity instead of combat. Explore a vast open world where danger lurks around every corner, and a single misstep can make everything go wrong... But inversely, one well-placed stroke could make you a fortune...
    Claire is a refugee fleeing the horrors of war, having lost everything and everyone she's ever known and loved.
    Far from being the stereotypical "hero who wants to save the world", Claire is just another desperate civilian; she's no mighty warrior, nor powerful mage. She has no special gifts, save for a comely appearance, and in a world infested with criminals, monsters, and other sinister threats, that often bodes more ill than good. Cast out into an unforgiving new world, Claire is forced to rely purely on her wits and wiles in order to survive.
    Will Claire be able to forge a new life for herself, relatively unscathed from the horrors that stalk her? Or will she find herself meekly succumbing to the will of the rich and mighty, becoming little more than a toy for those with evil intent? You decide in this sprawling 18+ sandbox RPG!

  • Waifus Smash


    Language: English, Chinese
    You wake up one day and receive a letter from the head of the village "Obihiro '' inviting you to save their village from threat. Deciding to set out on a journey to explore the world, defeat monsters, rescue Waifus and save the village.
    Exciting rhythm-based combat with enemy and bosses Exciting combination of rock metal, techno and retro music Funny and smart sokoban-style puzzle Animated enemies and cute chibi character Beautiful background and environment Large open region and many dungeon to explore

  • Language: English (MTL)
    "Proof of Maidenhood"
    ... A mysterious item in the home of queen-in-waiting Colette.
    When she loses her virginity, it will disappear.
    That item is proof of her intact hymen, and her right to the throne.

    To become queen, Colette needs that proof!
    To keep that proof, she needs to keep her virginity!

    * Multiple endings as a pure maiden or a slovenly whore!
    Including GOOD ending for both circumstances!

    * Lewdness changes the character - even if she doesn't open her legs!
    It's possible for her to devolve into a sex mess with her maidenhood intact.
    When Colette gets too lewd she'll be unable to sleep...

    * Battles result in sweat-soaked panties!
    Colettes underthings will stain over time. You can auction them.
    More importantly, dirty panties will lead to certain events,
    so be sure to battle lots and get those panties all sloppy wet!
    As you progress you'll be able to auction your virginity, too!

    * Ecchi battle cutscenes with full size graphics!

    * Losing her virginity isn't the end-all of Colette's concerns...
    she might also get pregnant! Event scenes have the option to
    blow a load inside her or outside. You control the action.

    * A dynamic cosplay system = different outfits, different skills

    * Instead of a gallery you can access events any time via "ecchi memory"

    * Fast travel around the map with the "teleport skill"

    * Play it all again with New Game Plus!
    Keep your end-game level and items, blaze through the game
    stress-free with the additional option to skip events!

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    Humans and succubus once coexisted on the same continent, but after a war, humans banished succubus to the underworld.As the guardian of humanity, the player will use various methods to prevent the succubus Elise from entering human society.
    Over time, succubi have gradually faded out of human history and become a species that exists only in myths and legends. The only people who still believe that succubus is real are biologists and a couple of trail reporters who can't find any big news. There are always young succups who, despite the elders' interference, slip into human society.....

    Elise, a succubus working in a bar, accidentally meets a gentle singer. But the nature of succublets lets her can hardly control herself, Not only to avoid tracking reporters, but also to conceal the identity from lover, whether can this romantic love blossom finally go to the happy ending?

    Cute Honey: Bunny Girl is a strategic tower defense game that, as the story progresses, player can use items from each scene to lower the strength of the succubier Elise to achieve the ultimate goal of preventing the succubier from entering human society.
    Props that can be placed freely 10 levels with different styles Heroines with different states Brand new game mechanics New interactive mode Brand new story Full audio  

    In the game, you will experience the loveliness of Elise in human form, and conquer the sexy Elise in succubius form, and there are more stirring CG waiting for you to discover.

  • Language: English (MTL)
    The protagonist Yoshiki accepted a classmate's love confession not because she was his type,
    but because he simply wanted a girlfriend.

    Even when they have sex, he finds himself unable to get excited, and he's forced to
    imagine his favorite porn situations in order to force himself to cum.

    But everything changes one day, when he meets her mom...
    His mind is fried by her hotness, and he gets madly horny...

    That night, he arrived home, and furiously jerked off imagining the things he'd do to her.
    But it wasn't enough.
    She is all he can think about.
    The more he sees her, the less he is able to hold back.
    And soon enough, he lets loose...

  • Missing Time

    Visual novel.

    Language: English
    “We all have a little darkness inside of us.”

    It’s always so easy to bury secrets in small towns. Especially when the authority turns a blind eye. Just as you moved back to your childhood town, an unfortunate chain of events leads you to a series of mysterious cases buried away by the locals. Your friends seem just as clueless as you are … Or are they?

    Guided by only the vaguest clues and instinct, your task is to find the missing pieces of bizarre cases that seem to involve more and more people you know as you go along. As time progresses, you must choose: Either to stay ignorant, enjoy your last year of High School blissfully and hope for the best, or dive head-first into detective mode and claw your way out.

  • Language: English, Japanese
    Sayla Limehult, First Princess to the Kingdom of Ratania, shall set off for the far-away land of Japan to learn about the wider world and her role within it.
    As both a princess, and a world-class detective!

    Such lessons are not easily learned, of course, and it isn't long before Sayla finds herself embroiled in a string of misadventures.
    A baffling suicide, a locked room mystery, a letter from a master thief...

    With your trusty assistant at your side, take initiative to unravel the mysteries and unveil the truth!

  • Language: English
    Five years after a world war, Ryunosuke travels to the country of Stivale for a change of pace.

    While there, he bumps into a fox girl named Serena, and before he knows it, he’s brawling with the police.

    Thrust into the middle of her conflict, Ryunosuke decides to have some fun and accompany Serena on her mission to take down the mafia and reform the country.

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    The sun rises on a humble village tucked away in the trees, and only one thing is on Lelie’s mind: sleep! Well that, and the fact that her master has returned! The day has finally come for her to take the next step in her dowsing career, and she’s nothing but optimistic for the future. Together with her dear friend Ciel, a self-proclaimed sorceress extraordinaire with a biting wit, the two stand ready to use their well-honed skills for the good of others. That is, if Lelie can keep her head on straight long enough to do so!
    A whole host of shenanigans and clients, both savory and less so, will test not only the girls’ abilities and teamwork, but their personal views, beliefs, and relationships. Especially when a mysterious young woman and her unique plight push them to their very limits. Will Lelie lose herself? Or will she find something more than her dowsing ever could?

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