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  • From Frontier


    Language: English
    By an accident,the protagonist set out on a journey to the “Lemuria Continent” with the second princess of the demon country who was running away from home.Awaiting in the pioneer land is encounters with dangerous monsters, unexplored land, and fascinating beauties.

  • Imouto to Hokentaiiku


    Language: English
    "Will you tutor meeee?"
    Little sister doesn't understand her homework and asked for help.
    It's a physical exam assignment from health and life sciences.
    She was learning about human sexual development.. we looked at
    the naked pictures in the book together...

    "I don't understand... that... will you look at mine? Can you show me?"

    Me and my imouto began her physical exam study.

  • Purrrfect Love


    Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    One day, you come across a woman hanging around your house. Though you've never seen her before, as soon as she sees you a smile shines upon her face.
    "Finally, you're back! I've been waiting for so long!"

    Who is she...? And why does she seem so familiar?
    After a series of events, the two of you start living together, and as you get to know each other, things start heating up.

    Like an adorable feline, she stays by your side, bringing you warmth and joy.
    And yet, what lies hidden behind these unexpected delights is a shocking truth...

  • Language: English
    Tayne, a rookie adventurer,
    hears about a business venture from his friend Damme.
    Days later, he gives him a sample:
    A POV erotic video with a girl he knows.
    Shocked but interested, Tayne begins to work
    in the adventurer's guild with the female characters.

  • Language: English
    "If you were God, and your delusions could become reality, what delusions would you wish for? A sensual world? A despotic society? Destructive sanctions? Or..."

    Nishijou Takumi, a shut-in gamer and anime otaku, spends his days locked away in a shipping container while occasionally attending classes. In his place of residence, Shibuya, a bizarre string of serial killings is set in motion as he is dragged into the ordeal.

    Chaos;Head NoAH is the Director's Cut release of Chaos;Head, adding 6 new routes, changes to the story, new CGs, and a revamped True Ending. It serves as the first entry of the Science Adventure series.

  • Language: English, Chinese
    You are summoned to a fantasy world by two gorgeous goddesses, Cilia and Shellis, who granted you magical powers, wonderous weapons, and whatever else a freshly isekai'd protagonist might need to save a fantasy world!

    After becoming the strongest hero and defeating the Demon Lord, instead of getting a sweet reward or maybe a couple of ladies, the King wants to have you imprisoned?! Talk about getting royally screwed... Good thing the two goddesses who helped you along the way are here for you in your time of need.

    Shellis comes to you before you are imprisoned and offers to hear you out and try to clear your name. The next thing you know, your cock is out and she is on her back wanting to get pumped full of your heroic vigor~

    With one goddess wrapped around your "finger", Cilia should be just as easy to convince right? Well, yes, she is. With both of these loyal slutty celestials by your side, you'll finally get the sweet salvation you were hoping for …after taking care of the backstabbing royalty, of course!

  • Language: English
    The heroine of this title, Sonia is a holy knight of the King's Church. Receiving emergency
    contact from a town, the church sends Sonia on a mission to solve a hypnosis incident taking place in the town.

    With their chastity controlled, townspeople have sexual intercourse on the street!
    Men got hypnosis items and do all the things all around the town!
    Her subordinates fall into a trap soon after they arrive in the town!
    Even worse, her operation fund is stolen!
    Sonia struggles to save the town in the face of hardship!

  • Needy Dragons


    Language: English
    Three different dragon-girls!
    Do you prefer shy bartender or easygoing sports freak?
    Or maybe serious and mysterious is your type?
    Have fun watching daily shenanigans of living with the girls!

  • Hungry Noemi


    Language: English
    This is the adventure of Noemi who got infected by tentacles in her boobs.

  • Hentai Survivors


    Language: English
    Roguelite bullet-hell combat meets sexy hentai action in Hentai Survivors. Plan your builds, upgrade heroines, and survive against the clock. Keep the heroines alive and they’ll be sure to reward you!

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