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  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    "Harris" is an excellent bounty hunter.
    He received a commission from the Adventurer’s Guild to find the missing girl and embarked on the adventure
    When I came to Hagar town, I met the shy and cute girl next door "Anna", and the two fell in love.
    Later, when recruiting teammates, I met the sturdy slut warrior "Adoni" who was looking for teammates at the same time.
    There is also "Kagura", a female ninja who likes to excitement by ghosts and animals. You join them in the adventure and gradually enter their hearts~
    Since then, I am full of love on the road of adventure~

  • Language: English, Chinese
    Gamer Girls is a classic puzzle game with addicting mechanics and beautiful sexy girls. Move the pieces around, complete various levels and unlock all of 10 unique sex scenes!
    Fulfill all your deepest desires and let your imagination run loose with the hottest Gamer Girls around! Maneuver all of our 31 levels and enjoy your steamy rewards.
    10 wild and uncensored animated sex scene with our girls each girl has her own story, background and unique personality 31 levels of various difficulties of fun and classic puzzle gameplay epic storyline with hot encounters and challenging mechanics

  • Language: English
    Long after the fall of mankind, in a rich, prosperous land, there lived an emperor. His reign was cruel and cold, but ironically, there was peace. He was just in his judgment, but merciless in his actions. Nobody dared to start a fight in his lands as he cared not of whom he has to punish—those who were against his words would be killed instantly without mercy.

    Despite the overall peace, the minority races struggled to survive. The traditionally fierce carnivores dominated the trading and industrial sector, taking control of the mines and ports while the agriculture sector is fully controlled by the tame yet wise herbivores in the less bustling southern lands. In between these two extremes, there were the minorities, consisting of small predators and species that do not belong to either extreme. The foxes, especially—due to being infamous with their heritage as sly and untrustworthy—had it the worst. Not many of the carnivores wanted to trade with them, and the herbivores kept their distances from the foxes, fearing for their safety.

    Desiring the comfort of life like other races, the great leaders of the foxes decided to send their vixens to the Great City of Crance, as a gift to the emperor with hope that one of the girls would luck out to be chosen as the emperor’s concubines (or even, mate) and could provide better life for their race. The emperor, after all, has been famed with certain soft spots for his concubines.

    Hence, this is the story of seduction between the fox girls and the cold emperor.

  • Language: English
    My new computer game finally arrived!
    Upon activation, the protagonist finds himself... in-game!?
    He somehow stumbled into the game as a playable character.
    Furthermore, he's the hero!
    Hmmm... The NPC girls are quite hot...
    In search of clues for returning back to reality, the hero begins his journey.

  • Language: English, Japanese
    Compilation release of all "Majikoi A" fandisks for various heroines:
    Majikoi A-1: A fandisc featuring new routes for Benkei, Azumi, and Sayaka.
    Majikoi A-2: A fandisc featuring routes for Seiso and Cookie 4 IS, as well as an after story for Monshiro.
    Majikoi A-3: A fandisc featuring routes for Lee and Stacy, as well as an after story for Tsubame.
    Majikoi A-4: A fandisc featuring routes for Homura and Lin.
    Majikoi A-5: A fandisc featuring routes for Yoshitsune and Takae, as well as an after story for Margit.
    Majikoi A Plus Disk: Three mini-scenarios about Mogami Aki, Bushou and the Hound Squad (mainly Thelma). Contains one new h-scene for Benkei and the Student Council President. When all three routes are cleared a new route appears.
    A-5 and Plus Disk are untranslated.

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    The storm deprived me of all hope of life.
    As I was about to collapse, I met a fox demon who was in the same situation as me…

    In the end, I used her demonic powers to bring her back to my place smoothly...

    It seemed like we were going to be together for the rest of our lives.
    However, having demons around would certainly lead to things that mere humans couldn’t imagine...

  • Language: English
    Trying to get away from trouble, June moves to a small town... to find even more trouble! Oh my, why do these embarrassing situations just keep on happening?!

    It appears June's new house is haunted! And if that wasn't bad enough, seems like she's being pursued by a female stalker! The strange girl is sure looking good, but what about her intentions? And what's up with those strange dreams June started seeing since she moved in? And, most importantly, are there fox-girls involved?!
    Uncover the town's secrets and make girls' hearts connect in this comedy/horror yuri visual novel ❤︎

  • Language: English
    While returning home from his first day of high school, our Protagonist encounters a strange woman who encourages him to make a wish at the shrine. Although skeptical, he unwittingly summons Erilynn, a beautiful yet bold princess from another world. With no idea how she came here or how to send her back, the two must put aside their differences and work together to unravel the mystery.

    Now, high school isn't the only thing on our protagonist's mind. He must keep Erilynn's identity a secret while searching for the elusive and mystifying old woman who started it all.

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    Two hundred years passed, the Demon King came back to life again.At the same time, the demons began to take advantage of the opportunity to riot. Thanks to the existence of adventurers, peace continued. But the Demon King is a threat after all.
    The protagonist, blue-haired with a large sword, is a new adventurer, but he has the ability to destroy Warcraft alone. One day, because of the invitation of a mysterious voice, he embarked on the journey of crusading against the Demon King.
    On the way to adventure, the protagonist meets demonic girls of different races one after another. Among them, there are many different characters, such as cat, Fox, and elf, and so on.
    With the help of the heroines and other companions, can the protagonist defeat the Demon King?

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    Shintaro Chado was organizing her luggage in the school's warehouse.
    There, she meets a beautiful girl in kimono, Kyo.

    It seems like she has a beaker between her hands...
    She is pouring some black liquid...

    After a few seconds, she quietly put it in her mouth


    She put the wrong dosage in it.

    "Ew... it's... too bitter..."

    After Kyo has failed at making tea, Shintaro decided to teach her how to make a good tea.

    "I want to be the best in the world, no, the best in the universe at the tea ceremony competition !!"

    How does a girl who can't even make the difference between tea and coffee can think that she has any chance at the tea ceremony competition...

    wait a minute, what do you mean by universe ?!?!

    The extraordinarily "ABSURD" world of Shintaro and Kyo ・Tea ceremony Adventure! Let the ceremony begin!  

  • Language: English
    Hentai Femdom Sim: Femdom University is a unique Open-World Game where your sexual nightmares come true.
    Throughout the game, you play as a new student and are surrounded by dominant girls, teachers and monstergirls. In order to survive, you have to try not to get seduced, manage your resources and win in erotic battles! You also have to pay rent by the end of each week, or there will be consequences!

    Find a cute girl and treat her nice- and she might get interested in you.

    Struggling in the university? Friends are what you need! Get closer to the npcs and they might help you!

    Life as a slave is not so bad. At least you don't need to pay rent, and you get food and a warm place to stay at night.
    Each mistress has her own way to dealing with her property. A nerdy girl will use you for her experiments and shrink you while a sadistic girl will inflict lots of pain on you.

    Good Factions:
    All of your actions will have consequences in reducing or increasing your "reputation" of those factions.
    How popular are you gonna be to the university-girls in the campus? And will the teachers like you?

    Evil Factions:
    If you chose to endure the bullying of the gang "Skullgirls", you will lose their respect and they may start doing even worse things to you. You could fight and earn their respect. But fighting and losing has a heavy price.

    Work Factions:
    You can either try to earn money your own way, or you can simply work in a shop.
    How you treat the customers is up to you. But the lady in charge may abuse you if you are not careful...!

    Lots of friendly and hostile Monster Girls, waiting for you to explore.
    Trade stones to items in the Goblin Village, Get Blessings to increase your power, Help the Succubus in her farm, Entertain Bowsette, Save Earth~Chan.
    However a big world also means a lot of danger.

    Take care of yourself, or you might find yourself inside the belly of a slimegirl.

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