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  • Yusetsu


    Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    The protagonist you play is emotionally frustrated. During the day, you work in the company to make money. By chance, you meet the hostess of the "Yusetsu" bar, Fengxiang, and she brings you here. .Here you can drink and chat with girls, and as their friendliness improves, they will slowly open up to you...

  • Language: English
    I, transfer student Hanamaru Mari, love you, Komachi Hiro-kun! Please go out with me!
    Our protag, Komachi Hirotaka.
    Every day, he goes through the motions-- dodging his cunning underclassman's advances, accidentally hitting on the student council president, and chasing idols.

    But one day, he gets a sudden confession!
    With that one declaration, she sparks a blaze of conflict around the protagonist, thawing his long-frozen heart.
    How could you cast me aside and get all lovey-dovey, flirty-dirty with some random woman~!?
    Do I mean nothing to you now!?

    Senpai... Renna will listen to anything you say, okay?
    There can only be one reason why Nii-san won't love me: those harpies swarming around him. Right?
    Unbeknownst to the protagonist, sparks fly as the girls engage in a battle royale over his engagement.

    All is fair in love and war, doubly so in a love war!
    But who will the goddess of victory smile upon in the end?
    There can only be one!

  • Language: English
    To save the kidnapped senpai and also the beloved one, Fulla decides to challenge the dungeon on the island inhabited by demons. This is a traditional 2D roguelike RPG. Every time you enter the dungeon, the layout will change! Use various skills and equipment to save your senpai!!

  • Lost2


    Language: English
    This is a click&decrypt game. You need dive into the dark dreams of fairy tales, observe the scenes and help the fairy tale princess to escape their difficulties. but sometimes you need to make a little trouble to satisfy your evil desires and start a sweet and dark interaction with the princess.

  • Chaos;Child

    Visual novel.

    Language: English
    It's been six years since a massive earthquake leveled the city of Shibuya. Now, in October 2015, while researching a number of recent murders, Takuru Miyashiro realizes a horrible truth. These murders are the return of a series of killings that plunged Shibuya into terror six years ago. And at the same time, people called gigalomaniacs, with the powers to make their delusions real, are beginning to awaken.

    Chaos;Child is the fourth entry in the Science Adventure series and the thematic sequel to the first entry, Chaos;Head.

  • Language: English
    By accident, you broke the seal of the mysterious book, which contains an enormous magical power that allows users to control any Yokai by defeating them and recording their names. This godly power is too much which alerts all the Yokai. You must find your own way to defeat them and survive.

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese

    Hoshino Hikari is a new transfer student to the prestigious St. Leanne Girl’s Academy. But she’s no ordinary student, as she’s been sent there as an agent by the “Agency”, who are interested in the secrets hidden within the school. While her transferring in is quite extraordinary, everyone is more interested in the ritual that takes place before the opening ceremonies.

    During this ritual, some students manifest signs of the zodiac, and then are given an angelic title and a blessing. These students are known as the Angels of the Zodiac, and are given the role of bringing fortune to the student body.
    Hikari, who is trying to not stand out in order to root out the school’s secrets, is bestowed with the grace of Virgo during the ceremony and becomes known as “Exousia”.

    This is of no consequence to Hikari who simply wishes to make friends with the student body as soon as possible to not stand out like a sore thumb. Things don’t go according to plan as she feels a burning sensation on her cheek and is suddenly bestowed with the grace of Virgo and becomes known as Exousia.

    “But… but… why me…?”

    What is her connection to the other Zodiac? And what are the secrets hidden within the school?

  • Chat with Yu

    3D Game.

    Language: English
    Chat with Yu, a junior developer at Faphood.
    She is creating a pachinko game and needs someone to test her game.
    Are you ready to test the game in exchange for some little gifts?

  • Language: English
    In the classroom on his first day of school, protagonist, Kiryu Yuuya, meets Mikanagi Akiha, a girl with a mysterious aura about her.

    Akiha was the spitting image of a miko who repeatedly appears in Yuuya's dreams and kills him.

    However, Yuuya felt a strong sense of fate in their meeting each other.
    "It's feels like we finally meet... Yuuya-san."
    Akiha said those words, filled with a strong fascination in Yuuya.
    They were soon drawn to each other...

    However, Akiha's older sister, the miko, Koharu, let Yuuya in on a startling revelation.
    "Akiha-chan... is not someone from this era."

    A young woman's love that pierces through the vastness of a thousand years.
    The tragic fate imposed upon these fighting shrine maidens.
    And the followers of darkness who seek to rampage through the world of night...

    With those strong feelings alone, will Yuuya and Akiha be together?!

  • Hot And Lovely 5


    Language: English
    A very interesting puzzle game. You need to remember different pictures by flipping the cards and find the same picture to eliminate.

    Players can view numbers by clicking on cards in the game. When two cards of the same number are opened at the same time, the cards are eliminated. When the player eliminates all cards, the level will be successfully cleared.

  • Great Deceiver


    Language: English, Chinese
    Marie Mamiya reigns supreme.

    From the moment she appeared at the Royal Family Fitness Club, an ultra-luxurious gym jointly run by the Mamiya Zaibatsu and Sugimoto Pharmaceuticals, she was instantly in charge. The first thing she did was appoint her own personal trainer, passing over a building full of muscle-bound men in favor of our unimpressive protagonist.

    But she’ll train him into shape—in the pursuit of beauty.

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