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About This Club

For all the worthy followers that bow to the goddess that is Sumika. Sumika is the entity that keeps us going. Sumika is a legendary goddess that commands your love. Let's say the chant of our goddess.. "Drill Milky Punch!!"
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Not updated since 2012? Fucking Blasphemy, Sumika I help restore order so your beauty and gracefulness can effect us all.
  3. Let all who barewitness to Sumika bow in her Godly presence!~ DRILL MILKY PUNCH!
  5. The moment I heard her voice in Muv Luv for the first time, I knew, this was gonna be a good day... week... month... year... lifetime and beyond. I said to her; Please, Goddess, Save me from these terrible childhood friend characters, Give me one that is good. To which she replied; Your wish has been granted. Doriru Miruki Panchu. And I flew, with my heart filled with newfound hope and joy.
  6. her INTER-GALACTIC attack... The DRILL MILKY PUNCH knock some sense onto me for thinking her being annoying~~
  7. Before I met Sumika, I was lost and had no sense of direction. Then a DRILL MILKY PUNCH happened. Thank you for saving me and showing me the light. Praise the goddess.
  8. Sumika is the beggining of all things! Sumika is the making of all things! Sumika is the end of all things! Salvation through Sumika! Clench your fists! DRILL MILKY PUNCH!
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