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  1. PandaeMang


    How long have I waited for this to be released, i feel so fucking happy inside.
  2. This is annoying me, every time i get to the opening song of the game my client crashes. EDIT: Never mind, fixed it. I had to install CCPP.
  3. I didn't even get near finishing the first one yet. RIP
  4. Been waiting a while for this one. Good stuff Ivan. Also noted on this site as of 5/12/15
  5. http://i.imgur.com/0PWNhQI.jpg More xillia cuz so much hestia, i need to break the mold.
  6. PandaeMang

    Bunny Black

    Remove curse got patched in the recent update. (1.2)
  7. PandaeMang

    Princess Evangile

    You can find a torrent on Sukubei.nyaa
  8. PandaeMang

    Bunny Black

    Most definitely noted as of 4/1/2015 :T
  9. PandaeMang

    Harajuku Dating Paradise

    First noted as of 4/1/2015
  10. http://i.imgur.com/pzo7Nvq.jpg I can't compete with the masses. :c
  11. In honor of Omega: First Noted on 3/12/15
  12. Can't wait to read this.
  13. ^9/10 Look at dat. Dats the face of Ecstasy.
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