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    Have some Shinoas

  2. Jast will Jast. I lose interest in anything they pick up because I know they will hold onto it until they are in danger of losing the license. Mangagamer is being damn slow on the few I wanted to read as well.
  3. Jast really does love to hold them hostage. They make more money off of pre-orders than they do on actual sales.
  4. The full patch isn't officially released yet. We have a leaked one that isn't totally edited.
  5. Corpse Party and Root Double. I'll take 'em.
  6. I just couldn't keep myself interested in this one. Doesn't help that the resolution was stuck in Eye x Strain.
  7. It is the eye strain that bothers me. I'm already a bit near-sighted from reading it for about an hour.
  8. I'm more annoyed by the tiny resolution than the bland soundtrack. At least the music can be change.
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