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Kimi no Nagori wa Shizuka ni Yurete

  • Language: English




One day, he suddenly receives a license to enter a famous school. Though he doesn't know why, he joins the school tempted by "free school restaurant". There, he meets a girl...

She looks at something vacantly...

She doesn't look sad, or lonely...

It can't be expressed with such a simple word...


Download "Kiminago" game:

Kiminago.rar - 1.2 GB


Kiminago.part01.rar - 200.0 MB

Kiminago.part02.rar - 200.0 MB

Kiminago.part03.rar - 200.0 MB

Kiminago.part04.rar - 200.0 MB

Kiminago.part05.rar - 200.0 MB

Kiminago.part06.rar - 200.0 MB

Kiminago.part07.rar - 67.2 MB


Download "Kiminago" 1.1 update:

KIMINAGO_Update_1_1.exe - 5.0 MB


Download "Kiminago" English patch:

Note: This patch uses machine translation. Two verions of patch are available - "US English" and "UK English" - install only one of them.

US English Patch

UK English Patch

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actually no...

it is still as bad as the Flyable heart patch...

just the first few scenes were "properly edited"

and the rest is still bad


Yep. You're actually right. When I commented a while ago, I just started playing the game. As I progress though, yeah, its becoming worse.

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Can't really give a definite fix on that because it just looks like the game crashed.


What were you doing when it crashed? Loading, saving, just playing like normal?


Were you able to load it up and play again? And if so, were you able to keep playing for a while before it crashed again? If you can still play it, and it still crashes, is there a time period of you playing it before it usually crashes (like 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc.)?


If you can't load it after that crash, can you post a screenshot of the error you get with it? Also, try uninstalling and re-installing the VN to see if that might fix anything.

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So this is the second patch thats garbage. I wish someone would just release the source code to do the actual patch. Ive played the game enough that i could do a decent translation patch, if someone would just release the source for the actual patch. The guy who did the first patch made it clear he would never release the source for his patch. Maybe this author would do so.

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