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Moe Cure Net

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Welcome to Izu Island High, just a typical local high school in a seaside town. Get ready to spend each and every day here as either a student.
Now, in year two, you find yourself surrounded by the colorful and zany characters of Class 2C: Chizuru, the class president who's a little too playful with the other girls, Kobato, the rich girl who always seems to be above the fray, Miyu, the little sweetheart who's as timid as a mouse, Rina, the rude loudmouth with a definite soft spot, Honoka, the homeroom teacher who rules the class with an iron smile, and, of course, Ren... the class superstar. This is voicing visual nobel that tries to date with charming heroines and aim to become a lover.
Do you have what it takes to share in their secrets and earn their trust?
Get ready to enjoy a full and fast-paced adventure here in the beautiful autumn of Izu Island.


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Do we need to be connected to the internet for the voices to play? Because I had this on my iphone and the voices only played when I had my wifi on.



the voice aint downloadable..

so you can only access to the voice via net

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so how do i make it work do i just download it and put in my phone str8? and u can download this off the phone but cost $ but in here u dnt have to pay rght?



what the hell do you mean by that??


this were an android app...

so you just install and run it via your android

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what the hell do you mean by that??


this were an android app...

so you just install and run it via your android


str8 is shortcut for straight and ye do u mean after i download this do i just need to copy the files i get and put it in my android and after i put it in my android i just install it through the computer and its all set to play it?

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stop being a lazy bum and use shortforms >.>



tell me...was this the first time you dl something for your mobile phone?

you have to manually install the game with the phone itself


yes its my first time DL on my phone so im total noob at it might help me a bit if u guys know any links on how to install or tell me meanwhile ill try to work it out myself thx in advance

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FYI: You don't really need an android phone/device - you can use an emulator aswell (google for it).


For those who have trouble unlocking all CG (btw there is no H-CG in this game)i have made an fast walkthrough:




Moe Cure Net Walktrough (100% CG)



* Time-limited Event (~5s)




01) Ren

02) Ren (t*)

03) Make a new game

04) Eat in the Courtyard

05) Watch the girls lesson

06) Watch Ren's Court

07) Wipe the window glass

08) Go to the Shopping-mall

09) - time-out - (t*)

10) Kibasen

11) Play soccer

12) Ask Ren

13) Ren (t*)

14) Don't lose interest





01) Rina

02) Rina (t*)

03) Go to the Shopping-mall

04) Eat on the roof

05) Watch the girls lesson

06) Watch Rina's Court

07) Clean the Board Eraser

08) Go home with the girls

09) Run for it! (t*)

10) Three-legged-race

11) Lunch in the Classroom

12) Ask Rina

13) Rina (t*)

14) Something





01) Miyu

02) Honoka-sensei (t*)

03) Laze at home

04) Eat in the classroom

05) Play port-ball

06) Replace the chalk

07) Explore the school

08) Cast a magic-spell (t*)

09) Group gymnastics

10) Nap at the Library

11) Ask Yuna

12) Honoka-sensei (t*)

13) Belive her





01) Miyu

02) - time-out - (t*)

03) Laze at home

04) Eat in the courtyard

05) Play Port-Ball

06) Clean the board-eraser

07) Go home with the girls

08) - time-out - (t*)

09) Group gymnastics

10) Lunch in the classroom

11) Ask Yuna

12) - time-out - (t*)

13) Left side



Harem-Route: (recommended playing at last)


01) Rina

02) Ren (t*)

03) Go to the Shopping-mall

04) Eat in the classroom

05) Play Port-Ball

06) Clean the board-eraser

07) Go to the Shopping-mall

08) Run for it! (t*)

09) Kibasen

10) Lunch in the classroom

11) Ask Yuna

12) Honoka-sensei (t*)


no copyrights...spread it as much as you like...




MY review:

Not the best game, but i have played worse. (Story and Art alike)

+ You can play it on the phone

+ You have Voices (don't require additional memory)

- You need an Internet-Connection at all time to have Voices

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