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  • Language: English
    In the hot sunny summer ......, I came to the countryside.
    Grandpa take me to his house where I would spend my summer vacation.

    There was a girl in a white dress .......

    Bug catching, play tag, skirt flipping, summer festivals, girl drying her wet clothes at the waterside......
    The bittersweet memories of the summer make me an adult.
    Memories of a summer spent in the countryside.

    Summer festival, girl in white dress, bittersweet summer. ......

    There are lots of naughty events! Night crawling, wet clothes, erotic books, bathing together, public sex...etc.

    If you feel like you want to go back to that time because you became a adult......This's the summer memory for you.

  • Yokoshima Salon


    Language: English
    This is mini RPG in which a girl has perverted things done to her.
    The pixel art and animations change in accordance with the scene.
    There are a multitude of creampie and oral scenes.
    You can also turn the X-ray view on and off.
    There is no battling or leveling up.

  • Language: English
    In a certain town, a number of young boys and girls are kidnapped one after another and raped one after another.
    Creta Takamizawa, the only male student among the six, quickly becomes the subject of rumors within the school, and even after he goes to school he is the target of sexual bullying by his classmates.

    In the midst of this predicament, he meets a suspicious-looking girl named May Mandaii, who has never been to school.
    When Creta hears about her, she is also a victim of rape!
    When Creta finds out about this, she starts to feel close to her and tries to deepen her relationship with her, but all of a sudden, Mei says .......

    "If you give me 100,000 yen, I'll make you into a perfect beautiful girl.

    "What? ......?"

    The boy, Creta, is reluctant to enter this unprecedented realm, but after years of being bullied and having his anus developed when he was young, he has become a dominant type.

  • Succubus Senki


    Language: English
    A tactical top down RPG game focused around fighting various types of succubus!
    Resist the monster girls' lewd attacks, or face harrowing defeat and utter violation at their hands!

    This is a highly focused femdom / seduction based game,
    and includes absolutely no reversal (no ahegao or humiliation).
    Our circle prides itself on seduction based work,
    packing this game with an endless amount of seductive content!

  • My Cute Succubus


    Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    ✟My Cute Succubus✟ - a visual religiously-satirical novel with casual “Match3” gameplay in the setting of Christian Hell.
    ♥GO TO HELL for your sins!♥
    Meet ✟Your Cute Succubus ✟! She really needs your help! Hell is in a deep decline, all management is in complete disarray and the local fiends are not enough to torture the newcoming sinners.

    Only YOU can help Succubus to complete the monthly soul purchasing quota! Your task is simple – convince a young religious nun to sell her immortal soul to the Devil!
    And in the meantime you can get to know the cutest and the deadliest denizens of Hell: usurpers, dictators and even the chairwoman of the Central Committee of the CPSU. Hitler and Stalin are lonely at the 8-th circle of Hell waiting for the Last Judgment. Get to know them better and reveal the motives of their actions during their lives on Earth.

  • Language: English
    You play as a straight-laced investigator who has always been bound to the rules and whose greatest concerns in life have been superficial, embarrassing moments. You're very efficient at solving crimes from behind a desk, but your world is turned upside down after being put in charge of an effort to throw a mercurial and sexy assassin behind bars. The assassin's services go to the highest bidder and she thrives in her chaotic, lavish lifestyle. She's unhinged, unfiltered and becomes obsessed with pushing you to your limits, trying to tap into your darkest secrets.

  • FURRY SEX: Cabaret


    Language: English
    FURRY SEX: Cabaret  gameplay is a mix of an adult visual novel and some logical puzzles.
    The story of FURRY SEX: Cabaret  centers around six adorable furry girls , working in a secret Cabaret club. Friendships, love, secrets, sex and alcohol… follow their story  and unlock all the animated sex scenes our beauties have to offer!
    Move the numbers around and get rid of all of the locked pieces to solve the puzzles along the way and progress throughout the story!
    Join our furry girls FURRY SEX: Cabaret  on their adventures and be the first one to discover all their secrets.

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    Naruru, abandoned as a child, was raised by a Shotenken master.
    One day, she enters a fighting tournament at Ramsden to find her master who went missing.
    But as she moves up in the tournament, she realizes Ramsden's secret.
    After finding out the truth, Naruru steps back into the battlefield for revenge...
    Explore the city with Naruru, the Kung-Fu master.
    The main story will move forward whether you win or lose the Colosseum battles.
    See what happens when you lose, check out the various shops around town, and talk to the townspeople.

  • Goddess of Hentai


    Language: English
    Goddess of Hentai is a mature puzzle game with variety of features:
    • 10 characters in 4K resolution, each with 4 variations
    • two difficulty modes:
    easy: move the puzzles freely
    hard: switch only adjacent pieces
    • girls have their own personalized music, overall 10 tracks
    • 5 main menu melodies to choose from
    • gallery mode
    • selection page for picking specific levels

  • NurseryDimension


    Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    This work is an exploratory action game that combines basic movement, crouching, jumping, attacking (slashing), backstepping, sliding, and MP-consuming skills such as throwing knives, bombs, and magic.
    Attacks (slashes) can be canceled by backstepping, backsteps can be canceled by crouching, etc. Each action has a fixed action that can cancel the motion, and by combining them, we will search for a dungeon crowded with irregularities. increase.
    As the game progresses, in addition to various attack methods, you can also acquire actions that expand the range of actions such as double jumps, and you will be able to go to places you could not do before.

  • Language: English
    Deep inside a dark forest lies a nation of monsters, Daemoland.
    Filled as it is with ancient ruins, labyrinths, and remnants of wars with other worlds, the only humans who visit are adventurers searching for treasure.

    And the one who will restore this country to its former glory... is a young boy!

    It's the job of young Demon Lord Claude and his cohorts to menace all the invading heroes.

    Can Claude use the magical artifact "Klow SIze" to keep his kingdom safe? And what do the adventurers really want? Pack dungeons with traps to stop the invaders and find out!

    It's the fourth game in the trap dungeon action series!
    - It's finally here, the all-new, even-more-trap-laden follow-up to "Sacrifice Maze"! The rules are familiar; set traps freely and have heroines fight against monsters, but there are tons of new features, too! And the tower defense elements have gotten a huge boost, as well!

    - Loads and loads of characters! That includes the Demon Lord's five associates who really liven things up! Their job is to support the young Lord in any way that they can, repelling the invaders and teaching him the secrets of his predecessor. Each has their own unique personality, making conversations a lot of fun! The heroines all have their own interesting traits, too...

    - Damaged armor gets destroyed! Think of it as a reward for keeping those pesky heroes away. Wear them down with your devious traps and their armor will finally be destroyed! There's also plenty of "remodeling" fun to be had! If the heroines' HP reaches zero, they'll get punished by a mysterious entity...

    - Even more fetishy content from artist Chushin Kranosuke! Get ready for futanarification, anal penetration, breast enlargement, lactation, interspecies impregnation and birth, tentacles, and bodymods galore!

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