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  • Language: English
    This is a short ero x horror game.
    There are elements of exhibition, but no sex scenes.
    The focus is on a horror-like atmosphere, so there are no jump scares.
    The game has multiple endings.

  • Language: English
    One day, you meet with a trainee foxgirl, who's in charge of the school club you're assigned to. The girl, Konko, has no human friends. By hanging out, playing, drinking tea together, and sharing in her hobbies, the nervous Konko will gradually open up, allowing you to grow close through your ongoing communication. Over the days you spend together, you'll develop feelings of friendship and, eventually, love.

    The limitless days go on for forever, so you can enjoy your lovey-dovey life with Konko to your heart's content. Go on dates, eat at the school cafeteria, give presents, and choose from over 200 clothing options. Plus, as boyfriend and girlfriend, you can hug, kiss, and enjoy bathing together.

  • Language: English
    Join Yaya and Aiyana in the second part of the Sakura Forst Girls series, as they continue to search for their missing friend, Koko. Locating her should be an easy task now they’ve enlisted the help of the witch Maia, but they soon find themselves in a sticky situation…

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    "The Wolf's Girl" is an intimate story that unfolds between two friends Sheen and Chloe. Chloe, a sweet girl, who, however, sometimes shows a capricious character with various instructions and orders, persuaded Sheen to go with her to the lake. They say that this lake looks especially charming at night, taking every visitor into heady captivity with its carelessness and tranquility. Since childhood, Shin, an ordinary guy, has been friends with Chloe and tolerates her instructions and, as you might have guessed since childhood loves her like a sister. Coming to the lake, Shin feels bad, he feels some changes inside himself ... Soon he will never be able to love her again ... as a sister ...

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    "Infinite jump" is a leisure game. In the game, players need to let the ball jump through the obstacles, and the difficulty of the game level will increase with each new level.
    Players need to control the small ball jumping obstacles on the screen, and the difficulty of the level will rise step by step. When an aircraft appears, it can be destroyed by firing bullets.
    Finally, giant monsters will appear in the game, and players need to know how to attack and defeat them.

  • Language: English, Chinese
    Shades of Sakura is a casual puzzle game about ancient Japan.
    It features stories of our 3 main Heroines and a gameplay with physic-based mechanics.
    To go experience the whole journey with our Samurai girls you have to win a variety
    of levels by drawing lines and connecting the balls together.
    Game Features:
    Experience the ancient Japanese culture and reveal the truth alongside our main Heroines! All our characters move with Live2D animations! You will be able to interact with them all. Dive deep into 10 Samurai girls' personalities & go through the story together with them. Changes the graphic settings to enjoy the game on the best possible quality

  • Language: English
    Honey Select 2 Libido is an 3d eroge created by the Japanese H-game company Illusion. Though it’s a successor to Honey Select gameplay-wise, on the technical side it shares many similarities and is cross compatible with AI Shoujo.
    Honey Select 2: Libido. The sequel to Illusion’s 2016 release of Honey Select will include a similar premise of its predecessor in which you are greeted by a new lady named Für who introduces you to a love hotel where you can find the person of your dreams. Feel free to spend sweet and hot moments with your partners or feel free to fuck like animals and put them in situations which your partner may or may not agree to.

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    You're reborn into a fantasy world that's already been cleared?!
    Get ready to be reborn into a fantasy world just seconds before
    the last boss' demise!
    You have no memory of your adventure or heroic strength,
    and yet the people celebrate you as the Hero who saved the realm.

    "Our Battle Has Just Begun!" is Visual novel game filled with heroes and heroines...
    except it starts where "games" usually end.

    You become the Hero who defeated the Demon Lord and saved
    the realm while enjoying the romance that unfolds between you
    and the heroines you meet on your triumphant return journey.

    Avoid challenges and happy endings with heroines
    to continue on your journey back to your homeland.

  • Language: English
    A fleeting yet beautiful love blossoms in an age of upheaval.
    In order to protect your true love, you must take up your sword and fight by his side.
    Even if that love perishes, you will have no regrets.

    The classic otome game Bakumatsu Renka SHINSENGUMI is now more beautiful and easier to play than ever!

    This is a romance game for women where you become the first female soldier in the Shinsengumi, fight alongside the other soldiers, and fall in love. Experience historical battles alongside the likes of Kondo, Hijikata, and Okita.

    -Join the Shinsengumi as a woman soldier!
    -Enjoy an original story based on historical events!
    -Your story will change depending on which soldier you date!

    ■The Story
    A young woman raised as the heir to a small dojo in Aizu...
    ...saw her father abandon that dojo, along with his family, in order to pursue dreams of sword-swinging heroism.
    The young woman had no choice but to close the dojo with its dwindling patronage...
    ...and move to the Aizu Clan Quarters in Edo where her mother served, arranging for her to work for the Aizu daimyo Katamori Matsudaira's sister-in-law, Teruhime.
    Taking over her newly re-married mother's station in service to the Aizu Clan...
    ...the young woman began to dream of the stories of heroism her father had passed on since her youth, inheriting the dream of living by the sword for her own.
    Having gleaned the young woman's dilemma, Teruhime recognized the potential of a group of swordsmen described to her by Katamori, who held the post of Kyoto Protector.
    It was the Mibu Roshigumi which came to mind as a solution.
    As they were under the purview of the Aizu Clan, Teruhime requested of her brother-in-law, Katamori, that the young woman be inducted into the Mibu Roshigumi.
    Thus it was that this young woman set off for the capital, Kyoto, exceeding the bounds of gender to wield her sword among the Mibu Roshigumi.
    The Mibu Roshigumi...
    Comprised of a number of valiant swordsmen, this group later became known...as the Shinsengumi.

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    Supernatural creatures are stalking the pop culture mecca of Akihabara—and you know that because they've turned you into one of them. Their only weakness, and yours, is sunlight, which means there's only one way to stop them: call them out on the streets, knock their clothes off, and expose their skin before they can do it to you.

    Arm yourself with a rolled-up poster, a guitar, a laptop, a magical girl wand, or (if you insist) an actual weapon, then hit Akihabara's colorful streets. Browse recreations of real-life shops circa 2011, mingle with Akiba's residents and tourists, and discover the town's many secrets.

    Will you work with the secret paranormal-hunting agency, give the creatures a fair shake (hey, some of them seem all right), or just look out for your otaku friends? Choose your side, choose your missions, and enjoy a freewheeling adventure with AKIBA'S TRIP: Hellbound & Debriefed.
    Playful Reimagining of Japan’s Electronics Mecca
    Take a virtual tour of 2011’s Akihabara district recreated in painstaking detail, complete with accurate street layouts and shops based on real businesses operating at the time.

    Fight Like a Nerd
    Wield an arsenal of replicas, collectibles, and other amusing objects as you humiliate vampires into submission in this playful twist on the 3D beat 'em up genre, all while wearing a stylish array of customizable clothes and costumes.

    Your Choices Matter
    Choose which faction to support in the fight for Akihabara and watch as your decisions affect the course of the story, culminating in one of several different endings.

    Full Dual Audio
    Enjoy hours of voiced-over banter in your choice of English or the original Japanese.

  • Language: English
    This visual novel is a 2-in-1 combo featuring two stories where both heroines have black hair.
    The first story is an exploration of the philosophy of free will in an infinite loop.
    The second story is a mystery VN about memory loss and its relation to love.
    Brave New World i

    If I can start all over, I prefer not to be a princess inside a cage.

    Boy meets girl in the library.
    She looks just like the girl in his dreams.
    Together, they worked hard to create a virtual utopia.
    "That's how Brave New World i' was born.
    What's real and what's virtual?
    The cycle continues, where philosophy and delusions intertwine.
    A story about freedom and love.

    Reverse Memories
    Boy meets girl under the drizzle and fireworks
    A summer that only belongs to them. A past that begins to revolve again.
    A boy without a past, Sheng, returns to his hometown, to uncover what was once lost. Instead, it was love at first sight when he saw her.
    At the Summer festival, he shyly confesses, she nods. However, the next day, she already forgot about him.
    Are memories really playing tricks on him?

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