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  • Language: English
    During the rise of the Demon Lord, humanity put aside its differences and came together to save the world.
    After the war, humans began persecuting all demons, even those who didn’t align themselves with the Demon Lord.
    They were effectively forced to go into hiding.
    18 years later, a young man named Rein trained alongside his childhood friend, Ciel.
    They aimed to become imperial knights for their homeland, the aggressively expansionist Cedis Empire.
    After venturing into a cave, a mysterious figure spirits Rein away and tells him,
    “We have been looking for you, Demon Lord Diabolos.”

  • Language: English, Chinese
    The Seventh Republic—the city despised by the sun.

    Sunlight hasn't reached here since the last great war, and the shadows teem with vicious criminals.
    With evil threatening on every side, the National Police Agency is a stronghold of justice.

    Detective Ruka Hiryu belongs to the 13th Division—nicknamed the Sideliners, and treated like shit by the rest of the force.
    Absent any major incidents to keep him distracted, Ruka has been investigating the sealed Cult Massacre case in secret.
    Things change when the 13th picks up two new members.

    The agency is shaken with unreliable rumors about the semi-mythical Shining Union, and as suspicions and conjecture fly like bullets, will Ruka, the 13th, and the NPA go unscathed?

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    This story is a part of the Witch Chronicles series launched on Halloween.
    After Chelsea’s disappearance, her sister Melissa decides to go on a searching mission.
    The search leads her to the mysterious Jester’s Museum: theater that has opened in the town.
    The invitation seems intriguing and Melissa decides to seize the chance to find out what happened to Chelsea.
    To get the adult ending, players should free all creatures from the time loop by bringing them to our world.
    As usual, you will be faced with a choice, to free them and let the Jester win or to seal the exhibits forever in the prisons of their own.
    The adult part of the game is just an element of it, but not an option that you must choose.
    It all depends on the main character’s choice.
    Upon finding herself in the museum, Melissa will have to decide whether to continue, searching for her sister or to seal the cursed place.

  • Language: English
    The protagonist is put into an unfamiliar world where no men seem to exist. He is stuck there until he can find a rare item only found in dungeons. Just like the title says, you will be violated by every girl you encounter on your adventure. Some of the encounters will be in the dungeon, but even the girls in town want a piece of him. Will you try your best to escape this world? Maybe it would be better to try and unlock all the sex scenes

  • Language: English
    Do your best to get away from the mega horny kunoichi!
    It's an action-packed, cute-and-sexy game of tag!
    It's the newest in our series about running away, and it's even better than before!

    This time, your opponent is a ninja~
    Can our runaway hero escape from the adorably horny ninja girl?

    She's not just chasing you...
    There's tons of all-new, heart-pounding action!
    She's going to use all her ninja arts to nab you~

    Check out the new and improved Gallery Mode to enjoy CGs and steamy pixel animations to your heart's content~

  • Language: English (MTL)
    Erika is an elite operative for a government agency that works tirelessly to protect female office workers from perverse and immoral companies, by exposing their foul deeds and bringing perpetrators to justice.
    This time, Erika enlists the cooperation of "Sasaki", the boss of Kamui Corp., in order to root out any illegal behavior at the company
    What will Erika find out?

  • Language: English
    In a faraway village in a country, there lived a sister who was rumored to be a beauty.
    She served God all her life and lived faithfully.
    She had even been thanked by the townspeople for "purifying" demonized wild animals which occasionally appeared.

    But one day, the pontiff came to visit the remote village to rest.
    That night, the pontiff came alone to where the sister lived and approaches her to have a physical relationship.
    While the pontiff fondled her, she resisted and tried to run away, which made the pontiff angry and recognize the sister as a witch.

    The sister who was now seen as a witch left the village in order to not be caught by the soldiers and wandered around with no goal in mind.
    Then, she arrived at a town where a priest who she was friends with, lived.

    What will be waiting for the sister after that--

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    This is a story about a traveler and a girl born in the iron age.Machinery and steam technology have changed people's lives,
    but also, this was an era of hope, that "magic" is recognized as "Curse".
    The story of the "Iron Age" has begun——

  • Language: English
    There was a frog. She was cheerfully croaking on her lake. However, she was not a simple frog, but magic. And so she got a lonely boy. She used her magic and started her adventures. In the game, your goal is to collect the puzzle in order to restore the pictures.

  • Language: English
    Arc Earth, a world where only demons live.
    There, humans with high civilization and supernatural abilities,
    they came to attack.

    The prince Eve of the Demon Kingdom,
    who had his kingdom and planet destroyed,
    got mad and raped the super-powered girls (witches).

    He trains them and makes them into battle field.
    The objective of the game is to defeat the invaders.

    Capture witches and humans invading the land of demons.
    Use them in the battle field.

  • Neko Night


    Language: English
    It was business as usual in your life as a freelance writer, until you were tasked with writing about your first sexual experience. You try your best, but how can you write about something that never happened?

    There is a knock at your door. Who could it be?

    Standing at your doorstep, drenched from the rain, is a young, beautiful... catgirl?! She seems to know you, yet you have no recollection of her. She claims to be on a devine mission - to make a baby with you! But she's not the only unexpected guest. A second catgirl shows up soon after with the same higher calling...

    This must be a dream, right? Well, you might as well have some fun while you find out.

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