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Top 10 of 2014

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1. Cross Ange

2. Cross Ange

3. Cross Ange

4. Cross Ange

5. Cross Ange

6. Cross Ange

7. Cross Ange

8. Cross Ange

9. Cross Ange

10. Cross Ange


cross ange is the pinnacle of anime direction and writing, hands down


all hail out lord and savior tusk, aka not-kira-yamato


praise be




(I'll post a serious list after I'm done shitting on everyone else's)

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I only watched 3 series, soooooo...


1. Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works

2. Parasyte (continues this season)

3. Grisaia no Kajitsu


F/sn was awesome, Parasyte was entertaining in general, Grisaia got disappointing as soon as the character routes began (biggest problem being that there's not enough episodes, but there are other... insults as well).

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I only watched 3 series, soooooo...


1. Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works

2. Parasyte (continues this season)

3. Grisaia no Kajitsu


F/sn was awesome, Parasyte was entertaining in general, Grisaia got disappointing as soon as the character routes began (biggest problem being that there's not enough episodes, but there are other... insults as well).


Forgetting Zankyou : )


My list would be


1. UBW - not much to say about this.. they did a great job here adapting the source material. Fights are amazing, nothing to complain about except very minor things. 9/10


2. Alnoah Zero S1 - I don't watch much mecha and don't go out of my watch to really watch it, but I did watch the first season of this and thought it was pretty good. I know some people were kind of disappointed on how it ended and the wait for season 2, but I thought it was pretty intriguing. 8/10


3. Zankyou no Terror - Started off really great. I thought it would go down as a 10 or a 9 at the very least, but it kind of lost its mojo after episode 7 or 8... after the introduction of a certain character. Disappointed the way it ended, but still worth a watch. 8/10


4. Grisaia no Kajitsu - They did some things right.. voiced Yuuji was great, the comedy was adapted pretty well... just not enough episodes to adapt the routes well. 6/10

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Forgetting Zankyou : )



Oh wait, I was just thinking of the previous season and not the whole year for some reason... Well then!



1. Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works

2. Parasyte

(?) Zankyou no Terror, No Game No Life, Tokyo Ghoul, Isshukan Friends. Four shows here because I'm not 100% sure where I'd place them, but it's probably the order I wrote them in. So Zankyou first... then again, there were some things I just didn't like much about it. Same with NGNL. Tokyo Ghoul was... well, fun, but not all that special in the end (Parasyte is better). Isshukan Friends was a pleasant watch, but I would've enjoyed it more if it was focused on romance lovey dovey stuff, juuust sayin' - felt like the potential for it was there.

7. Grisaia no Kajitsu

8. Black Bullet

9. Gokukoku no Brynhildr



There's also Chuunibyou S2 that I haven't bothered to finish yet. It'd place somewhere in the bottom.

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Now, honestly I only watched a couple of them.


1- Unlimited Blade Works

2- Parasyte (I got tired of waiting and read the whole manga)

3- Tokyo Ghoul


There's also other stuff like Brynhildr and No Game No Life but I didn't like them too much.

I've been too busy discovering the amazing world of manga to bother with anime.

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1- UBW

2- Parasyte

3- Chaika (both seasons) - rushed ending :(

4- Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

5- Akame ga kill

6- Aldnoah zero

7- Zankyou no Terror

8- Prisma Illya 2 (lol)


don't think I've watched anything else worth mentioning

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if shit like black bullet and brynhildr are in your top 10 I'm guessing you didn't watch a lot of stuff


If you mean this year in particular, then yea, I haven't even finished ten series that aired in 2014.


If you mean how much I've watched in total... well, I just put those series in there to make the "top 10" as complete as possible since I haven't watched much. I don't really think they're good either, that's why they're at the bottom of it. Maybe I shouldn't have included them, buuut whatever, not a big deal anyway.

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1. World Trigger: Have to say wow to their animation, guys. You just can't deny that.

2. Cross Ange: Like Chex said, this show is pure awesomeness. Code Geass is your favorite anime? Wait until you watch THIS.

3. Captain Earth: Most, if not all, shows have flaws, but not this. Plus, it's done by Studio Bones, so what else to lose?

4. Glasslip: A fan of Nagi no Asakura? Gotta tell you, this show is just as epic.

5. Rail War!: The hype train of the season, so why would one not watch it?

6. Inou-Battle: Just look at the cover. Look at it. How can someone miss such a good action show?

7. Sword Art Online II: There's guns. No arguments.

8. Terra Formars: Dived into the future where humans fought for their survival on Mars. Sounded familiar? Because this show is exactly like Shingeki, except better.

9. Seikoku no Dragonar: The act of bravery. The hidden identity. The struggle. This anime will show you what exactly is true friendship and romance.

10. Wizard Barristers: Epic art and awesome sound. A beautiful ending that rivals one of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. A godly show watched only by those with heavenly eyes.










(waifu material here)





Well some of the above series aren't that bad actually. I do found some, even a little, enjoyment when watching Cross Ange, and SAO II only sucked at the beginning (preparing for people saying "NO, THE WHOLE SERIES SUCK!!"). Anyway, here's my true list:



1. No Game No Life: I know there are flaws in this anime and I will receive flame for putting this on top of the list, but I really like the way how it surprised me a lot in many unexpected moments. The colors too; I haven't watch an anime where pink and other bright colors are used a lot. Overall, this show is something different from the many I watched in the way they blend serious moment and comedy.


2. Fate/Stay night UBW (2014): This is seriously a godly show. Ufotable really show their outstanding animation again after Fate/Zero, and I really enjoyed the smooth fighting scenes. Why I placed this second and not first over NGNL is because I don't expected a lot from F/SN since I already watched Fate/Zero. F/SN has the best animation and sounds out there, but I'm already familiar with the similar plot flow of it from its prequel. Still, it's very close behind NGNL on my own top 10 list.


3. Parasyte: Madhouse did a good job for the animation, and the adaptation (haven't read the manga) is really good. The plot fits well and always brought you the feeling of wanting to get the next episode right away. Character developments are also good enough that each character is unique to their own situation.


4. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso: At first I thought it's just one of those typical romcom with some feels at the end; Visual-Key-style. But I was wrong as I watched episode two, I realized there's much more to it in this anime. The struggles of the main male lead and the hidden condition of the female lead make one wonder what will happen at the very end of the story. Will the male lead finally get past his trauma? Are these death flags for the female lead meant something?


5. Noragami: An anime where gods in Japanese tales existed with humans, granting wishes and keeping the evil spirits at bay. This show is humorous and I also enjoyed the occasional fighting scenes. We can also see the situation of the male lead here and his dark past of being a god, but actually nothing more than a tool of killing.


6. Psycho-Pass 2: Started off with interesting plot and twists, but ended in total disappointment. When I watched episode 11 I wondered why the end make me feel like this show is actually ending. Isn't there one more episode? Something is still missing, so they probably will release it next... nope, it ended at 11 episodes. The characters remained the same with slight changes in art, and it is still a good show (not as good as its prequel though). Still, that ending is like those manga where the magazine tell the author they need to wrap things up quickly or else...


7. Tokyo Ghoul: Another horror show with a good storyline and good characters. It brought out the idea of ghouls living in the human world and how they are a threats to us humans. We then see that there are no good or bad side; both are just doing what they need to survive. The male lead, with part-ghoul and part-human, is the key that will bring both side together as one.


8. Aldnoah.Zero: Ok, this show has some problems. The Terran male lead's characteristics are too... dull. He rarely responded to any surprising events like a teenager should, instead are so calm one would thought he has no human heart to feel. Aside from that annoying flaw, everything else is fine, especially the mecha-fighting scenes. I also appreciated the fact that these are not special robots for special humans (ahem... Sunrise... ahem) and there are not much of mecha-transforming scenes (are there even any?).


9. Nisekoi: *If rah is reading this, please don't kill me* I really like romcom, and especially those that are hilarious. While the manga is ten times better, this adaptation served its purpose of... an adaptation. The style resembles the Monogatari franchise since it's by the same studio and all. There are not too much character background, but it's fine by me because the whole plot (initially) surrounded around the fact that "The male lead promised to a girl he met back then that they will marry each other when they met again and the lock and the key are their proof. Ten years later he instead met a number of girls with the same key, but too scared to prove who is really that girl." Seriously, the comedy is good, the concept somewhat interesting. S1 is exactly what Nisekoi is (not gonna discuss the manga since it's unrelated to 2014 shows).


10. Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru: Why is this show nobody knows on my top ten? Because despite of its low popularity, this is one of those magical girls show where it only stood behind Madoka Magica. Besides, I started this with very low expectation, didn't know that it will exceed by tenfold. At first, it is tagged "slice of life", and indeed it is. Prepare to feel all those pain as these girls who try to preserve the world from supernatural creatures with their powers given by a shrine god are instead punished with the concept "great power comes at a severe cost." Seeing the cover and thought this is yuri? You're never so wrong in your life.



Log Horizon, Akame ga Kill!, and Mahouka are also some that I like. I also like Zankyou no Terror, but when one thought about its ending and overall of the anime, it's just... all uncertainty. While it has a great start, the characters are never very well-developed (that girl Lisa, what exactly is her job in this plotline?). Even though there's so many mysteries build up and riddles to solve and dog-chasing-cat scenes, after all that it's simply revealed they just want the world to know of their past in this organization. No messages left behind. No morale to learn. Still, it's one of the best in Summer 2013. Those like Ushinawareta Mirai wo, A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd, and Grisaia no Kajitsu are surprising anime adaptation from games, since I never give those too much expectation. Especially Grisaia, I really like that Survival Arc and its ED.





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A lot of shit was released last year..


1: Akame Ga Kill

2: Zankyou no Terror ( Though I didn't finish it )

3: Terraformars

4: Tokyo Ghoul

5: Aldnoah Zero

6: No Game No Life

7: World Trigger

8: Parasyte

9: Re:Hamatora

10: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun


Gonna put an eleventh in there as Amagi Brilliant Park ( Eventhough the ending was meh )


Not in any order, just the order I remembered them in.

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I somehow missed this thread till now,well time for my list and to be dissed by the rest.

Btw I`m excluding anime on my list that haven`t finished yet(so no Parasyte/Shigatsu,also no Fate, all three would have been in the top 4 with Fate>NGNL>Parasyte>Shigatsu).But I`m including anime that therefore have finished in 2014, despite having started airing earlier then that.


1.No Game No Life

2. Barakamon

3. Kuroko no Basket 2nd Season

4. Log Horizon (Season 1)

5. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

6. Ping Pong the Animation

7. Zankyou no Terror

8. Gundam Build Fighters

9. Shingeki no Bahamut

10. Golden Time


And Since everbody seems to hate Ange,let`s be honest we all love that trainwreck of an anime,it really is so bad that it`s good again :)

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1. UBW

2. Zankyou no Terror

3. Aldnoah/Zero

4. Yuuki Yuuna (because who doesn't love Tougou?)

5. Parasyte

6. Chaika


8. Barakamon

9. D-frag


But these not surpass my hype for Love Live S2 so screw everything Love Live is love Love Live is life

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watch it already!!! XD


What, you think I didn't?


It was entertaining but it wasn't good good. The "logic" was pretty bullshit (though I can see how that appeals to Alfa since he likes utter shit like Mahouka lolol gg no re), Sora is a shithead and Shiro is boring.

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why is no game no life on so many lists


It's one of those fantasy anime where flaws are ignored (at least by me), and stuff keep happening unexpectedly (something that never failed to pull me in the show). What's more, it also has comedy and a little of ecchi (not a fan of this but will include it), so it's like a nice package of fun. That's my own view on it though...


Again, plenty of my friends dislikes it because it's not a masterpiece like Code Geass or Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Still, I don't feel the need to criticize such anime like this since it's just a joyful ride...

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