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Newbie with some questions~

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Hello everyone,


First off, I want to say that this is a wonderful website and I am glad to have found it! I am pretty new to this whole thing, and I have a couple of questions. I hope you guys can help me out with what I am looking for.


1. I've played a few otome games. My favorite so far is Storm Lover Kai - the guys are all pretty cute and there are alot of ways to take part in the game, rather than just reading 90% of the time with very few choices that influence the outcome (I suppose that's the difference between VN and a game? For instance, Hakuoki doesn't feel much like a game, more like a story where you get to participate rarily). Sleepover is also nice, art-wise it is exactly what I like, but it was very short.. :( do you guys have any recommendations on which other (translated) games I should download with these kind of art styles?


2. Are there any otome games out there at all that feature famous game characters? (for instance, those from the Final Fantasy series). That would be the best thing ever, yet I have a feeling there is nothing available at all, not even fan-made stuff. It's a shame, I would pay good money to be able to play such a game. Some FF characters have a huge fanbase, so I am pretty sure I am not the only one out there who finds this idea interesting.


3. I am into rape scenes and other nonconsensual, kinky stuff (maledom - not femdom). ^^" I read a few articles where the writers complain that nearly every otome contains rape.. However, most of these games are non-translated, right? I am not going to take Japanese lessons in order to (slightly) understand these VN's, plus I just don't have the time for it at the moment. However, I would absolutely be willing to pay for translated ones. I have downloaded "Conquering the queen" and it was alright, especially the first half of the game, but the second half was extremely dull and I found myself skipping nearly everything. I was also surprised (and annoyed) that only the girls had a voice and not the villain (well.. they were only moaning, but still). Is this often the case? :/ Anyway.. same question: got any suggestions?


I'm sorry this got a bit long. Thank you for reading and I apologize if my questions are a little weird. :3

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1- I'm not too much into otome games/VNs but the first place I would search would be the visual novel database, you can find almost all kind of things searching with tags (Also, here every otome game is labeled with (otome) on their title if you go to the english games list)

https://vndb.org/ - Main page

https://vndb.org/v4597 Storm Lover page (Search the tags and you'll probably find something)


2- Not as far as I know, I haven't heard of any


3- Maybe https://erogegames.com/hypno-training-my-mother-sister-595/ (A little short)

Or : https://erogegames.com/miss-leet-prison-love-potion-sex-training-revenge-216/


Not sure of what you are searching in maledom, and again, the tags are your friends

(Also, you made me want to read Conquering the Queen again, the parts that I remember were pretty good)

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@Jaeger: I was aware of the archive and have browsed it a bit before, but the list is huge...! I decided I should ask for your opinions first, after all there's always a chance there's something out there that really fits my description that deserves to be looked into first, and you guys could point it out to me. I will definitely keep that website in my favorites, though. I'm sure it'll come in handy some day. ^^


Thanks for your suggestions too, by the way. I will check them out. (I do hope that the villain/rapist is also shown in the pictures besides just his erection and/or naked women..? I tend to doubt whether that is the case when I see the cover-art of some VN's..)


@Pasa: Thank you for pointing out Rance to me, I noted it on my to-get-list as well!


By the way, I just played Amnesia: Memories and went through the Shin and Toma routes. I like them both alot - I love Shin's harshness and Toma is just downright crazy. I LOVED the bad ending where the heroine is shackled up and completely at his mercy. She did not get raped or anything, but it's still extremely hot. I cannot believe how alot of people are put off by his behaviour.. oh well. Different people, different tastes, I guess. Oo


Oh, one more question.. will Storm Lover 2nd ever be translated? It's been a while since that has been released. How long does it usually take for popular titles to be translated (assuming SL is actually popular?) There is a yandere in there, you know... ♥

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The thing is, most of the maledom vns are made to inmerse the male reader in the body of the protagonist. And because of that, most of the protagonists don't have a defined face or defined physical characteristics. (Conquering the queen being an exception)


Also, welcome to the hell known as waiting until your favorite vn is translated. Wich can last from a few months to forever.

(In some cases, it gets translated, but some assholes *cough* Mangagamer *cough* get the rights to the series and the project has to be cancelled. Yeah, I'm still salty about the Rance translations)

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