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Edelweiss Garden - An RPGM featuring 80+ EG members

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"Muramasa's release in August will be overshadowed by this GOTY." -Anon





Welcome to the world of Berneol, where pirates sail the high sea and loot for treasures (eroge)!

Play as KN1KA, a vampire-class member of the well known pirate ring, Edelweiss Garden.

Investigate the dreadful rumors surrounding her home island: The sighting of a Demon Lord!

Follow her adventure as she recruits fellow members, explore different towns, and fight various enemies.

What kind of tales and past will she uncover on this oasis?




- Original cover art and soundtracks from EG's own members, KAMI and Max

- Over 80 EG members with semi-realistic dialogues, masked with the ultimate "Japanese copyright" technology!



All names in the game will be slightly changed so that they cannot be searchable.

Have fun figuring out who is who~


A sidenote: Most characters featured are actually side-characters. Doing all 80+ as relevant to the story would be a hurdle even AAA devs don't usually tackle.

Most characters will have 1 introduction dialogue + 3 randomized dialogues (have to spam talk to see all 3, it's by luck) + 1 more dialogue when you recruited a member of that town. Exceptions included characters that already fulfil a role (in that case they only have 3 randomized dialogues).

- 0 H-scenes and 0 CGs. Sorry, fappers.

- No grinding! All enemies and EXP are planned out.

- Unique skill designs and enemies. Ever wonder if you can fight Fuwanovel? Now you can!

- 5 main locations, 20+ maps. All designed from scratch.

- Linear progression with 3 total endings and 1 minor defeat ending. Each has its own ED.

- Miscellaneous side quests, gacha roll system, BGM selection, and more! (optional)



  • The goal of this game was 1) to preserve the history of the site and the people that came and went, 2) to get me start with developing RPGM games. Don't expect anything more than your casual indie RPGM.
  • This game used a lot of stolen materials, which I will credit in the final document accessible upon clearing all three endings.
  • Edelweiss Garden is free of charge and ONLY posted on erogegames.com (hosted on MEGA).
  • This is a parody game. Events and dialogues are exaggerated and not implied to be realistic.
  • Anything said by anyone in the game is responsible by said fictional character, and no one else.




Release Date: 8/20/21

Creator: GVF Scarlet

Language: English

Size: ~900MB (include the necessary RPG Maker RTP too, so you don't have to download externally)

Playtime: ~3-5 hours

Download: MEGA


Main Party Characters




(*EX here refers to EX Skill in the game, a category of ultimate skills)



Game Screenshots





The project took me one year (a few months if grinding religiously) to complete. Had to compile dialogues for 80+ characters, edit another 80+ sprites for them, photoshop and make transparent of over 100+ images just so they don't show the background in the game, cut and loop tons of BGM, and edit those 3 EDs.

It was a lot of work, but it was also a helpful experience~

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Game is officially out! Thanks to Max and Pasa for the QC/beta testing effort!


Lots of typos and bugs fixed. However I'm sure there will still be many more left, so don't hesitate to leave a comment here pointing them out. I will round them up some time in the future and (try to) fix them all.


Estimate play time has been rounded up to 3-5 hours. While the word count is short (17k story + 15k NPC dialogues), remember it is an RPGM and not a kinetic visual novel.


Hope you guys enjoy the game and once again, feedback/reviews/bugs all go into this thread! (Remember to spoiler box anything deserving one)

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So I finished the game. What can I say? I'm impressed. Not bad for someone's first attempt at game development. Not bad at all. It was pretty decent overall. Yes, lots of assets were taken from elsewhere, obviously, but for putting it up all together like this, you deserve respect. I finished the whole thing in 6-7 hours of playtime, doing literally everything that can be done in the world of this game. It's a love letter to this site and its community. I expected a parody, but it was more than that.


I wish it was maybe even longer, and had more dialogues with everyone and some more history shared, etc. But even like this, it's fine too. Even making this much took quite a lot of work to do, 100%. Props to everyone who helped you, especially KAM and Max. Also, the EDs, holy shit, that had to be a lot of effort to do 😤


The gameplay part was decent too, surprisingly. I didn't come expecting much, but it was decent enough. I didn't like how tanky the bosses were, and it felt like a drag playing them, but for a veteran RPGMaker gamer like me, it was okay. I'd play some more of it.


Anyway, pretty fun experience, so thank you for sharing this with us. I enjoyed it. It may just inspire me to try my hand at making a game like this sometime in the future.


To end this short review, I'll just share one of the best lines of wisdom from the game:




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Thanks for the glowing review! I'm happy you enjoy the game and took note of the little things I tried to include! The EDs were one of my major point going into this project, so yes some effort were spent on it to : P


9 hours ago, TakiMinase said:

The gameplay part was decent too, surprisingly. I didn't come expecting much, but it was decent enough. I didn't like how tanky the bosses were, and it felt like a drag playing them, but for a veteran RPGMaker gamer like me, it was okay. I'd play some more of it.

I am curious though, how do you think the gameplay should be improved? It's my first game and while I do play plenty of RPGM I never realize how they make the enemies stronger as the game progresses. I only know to make them tankier with HP, defense, and damage lol. Any tips you have regarding this? 


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On 8/26/2021 at 12:39 AM, kn1000a said:

I am curious though, how do you think the gameplay should be improved?

Hmmm... I am not a pro at this subject either. But I do have a few ideas how I would've perhaps approached the issue. I'd make the bosses less tanky, but also lower down the damage some skills do. Then I'd aim to tweak it what skill is more effective on which boss. I did notice in this game that you already tried something with this "what's more effectice on which boss", but I felt like it could've used more of that.

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