• My Girlfriend is the President Fandisc

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    Welcome back to the White House! All your favorite characters are waiting, like President Ohama, Irina Putina, and the adorable spaceship girl Ell!

    This is the official "fan disc" (short sequel) to My Girlfriend is the President, which is approximately half the size of the original game, with two complete routes and many sex scenes to explore.

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    1. Shirogane's Avatar
      Shirogane -
      Words cannot describe such beauty. ;-;
    1. XaNaToSzX's Avatar
      XaNaToSzX -
      Quote Originally Posted by Shirogane View Post
      Words cannot describe such beauty. ;-;
      Just say HNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG....... that pretty describes it
    1. Just playing's Avatar
      Just playing -
      i love this VN

      thank god this came fast

      i thought it will take until next year
    1. nisashi13's Avatar
      nisashi13 -
      Ell-chan~~i coming back for you now
    1. Black_Lotus's Avatar
      Black_Lotus -
      i think i have made a forum about this one while still untranslated. But now here it is. Words can't describe my happiness
    1. nisashi13's Avatar
      nisashi13 -
      It really a shame there no Kuon scene, she one of my fav in the game
    1. Helvetica Standard's Avatar
      Helvetica Standard -
      I Think I'm gonna shed tears of happiness.
    1. jakzeam's Avatar
      jakzeam -
      awesome glad this came so fast XD
    1. Outpost Omega J's Avatar
      Outpost Omega J -
      ACK! Don't log in for a few days and suddenly there is a glut of new games!

      A little late in coming but first noted by me on this site as of 7/13/2014.
    1. yuiazu's Avatar
      yuiazu -
      this is happiness...... :'3 ,,, my tear can cot stop... i'm playing this using machine trnanslation,, lets play again... :3... still waiting for Hoshimemo fandisk english...
    1. IceLancer's Avatar
      IceLancer -
      Quote Originally Posted by xanatoszx View Post
      just say hnggggggggggggggggg....... That pretty describes it

      ============== hnggggggggggggggg ============
    1. JackyMark's Avatar
      JackyMark -
      puchina, ima iku~
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