• Nurse Love Addiction

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    "The bitter-sweet love story of the white robe angels."

    Oosachi Asuka was a high school girl who lived life in a carefree, easygoing way while holding the nickname "Jellyfish Club Leader." But as graduation approaches, her classmates started to seriously think about college and their futures, which made Asuka feel uneasy.

    The self you want to become...
    Dreams of the future...

    Unable to answer those two thoughts, Asuka wandered in her closet for a change of pace and discovered an old picture book. The writing was faded, but enough to make out the meanings behind the words.

    "I will become a nurse."

    Without a doubt, those were her letters she herself wrote down inside that favorite picture book of hers growing up. That wasn't the only source for her resolve as she has her younger sister "Oosachi Nao": Younger by one year, same grade level, adores her older sis, and is the self-proclaimed "Responsible Imouto" and "Onee-chan's Special Medicine." Thanks to Nao who's looked after her and encouraged her to work hard, Asuka didn't have a lot of obstacles in her way. After taking the first steps to becoming a splendid nurse, they both succeeded in entering "The Imperial Capital Nursing Technical School" based in the holy site of Yurigahama.


    Upon entering, Asuka encounters two classmates: "Amatou Itsuki" and "Takeda Sakuya."

    Both are attractive, in-shape, excel in school, and possess many other things... none of which she has. Asuka, who tries to get along with them, gets treated coldly by Sakuya for really no apparent reason...

    Along with the guidance of their instructor "Oohara Kaede", the white robe angel (as Asuka puts it), Asuka and Nao spend their busy days as nursing students.

    From classroom lectures and nurse basics to on-the-site training.

    In hospitals where the death of people exist close by, Asuka and friends grow together as people, and then as nurses. They also experience many things not often encountered:

    Words of gratitude and words of abuse...
    Lives that are saved and lives that are not saved...
    The meanings behind life and death...
    The meanings behind the entirety of a person—— the truth of a person.

    What fate awaits Asuka and everyone else within these three years?

    The answer can only be...

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    1. Black_Lotus's Avatar
      Black_Lotus -
      Great another game. Still playing koiken otome.
      Wait a minute, bad endings with story ? What's that ?
    1. Devspar_Zero's Avatar
      Devspar_Zero -
      It's a game with hospital and pretty nurses and yet it's All-Ages? Has the sun finally rises from the west?
    1. Maoh's Avatar
      Maoh -
      Quote Originally Posted by Black_Lotus View Post
      Wait a minute, bad endings with story ? What's that ?

      There are things not meant for the human mind to know.
    1. Xishalet's Avatar
      Xishalet -
      Thanks for this! Been waiting a while for this one.
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