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  1. I recently learned that there is a cleaner, updated version. The interface looks completely different, so it seems to be a big update. Does anyone have it or know where I can find it? Thanks (hopefully )
  2. This recently came out and looks very interesting. Did anyone perhaps buy it? And could you share the files with me or Ivan to be cracked? I'd really appreciate it, and I've seen several requests for it here and there so I'm sure they would appreciate it too!
  3. I really want to play this game and I'm willing to pay for it, but if I can save myself $20... Why not, right? So if anyone has by chance bought this game, I would really appreciate it if you could share it with me!
  4. I don't know if this is what you're looking for cause I haven't played it. Idek it just looks like something you'd like...? Save 50% on Oblivious Garden ~Carmina Burana on Steam Sorry, I couldn't find the download like for it, but I'm sure it's out there. You can request it here though: GAME REQUEST - IGGGAMES I've already requested it once for you so if you request it too, I'm sure they will notice. They're pretty good about it
  5. itsweaterweather

    Reunion of Angel

    Blog: Reunion of Angel Download You'll find the instructions to fix that here ^^
  6. Found a link with version 2 + extra gallery Blog: X-Note & Area-X Download ~Updated!~
  7. So I literally just found out that there is a version 2 and extra gallery on steam (just when I managed to find a area-x version 1 with an actual .exe) And I've heard there is a new route in the version 2 So I was wondering if anyone has purchased it on steam and could possibly share their folder with me? *puppy dog eyes*
  8. Yeah, I'm also interested in this game. I've googled a bit but can't find anything definitive. Any updates?
  9. Hi new guy, if you feel like talking you should come by the Shoutbox sometimes :)

  10. This is the link for Always remember me version 1.3.2, the current version. However, I've noticed that when I install it on my laptop some of the buttons are kinda buggy (see below) but on my PC they aren't. Maybe that's just my laptop being weird so give it a chance! Game: from itslionette.blogspot.com https://mega.nz/#!x8x1WKDK!UPu2gpcFNQc-ol4nvwekFyRY2cHumiJ5uN-U__CpmNg Password: 12-4-2015 About- Always Remember Me on Steam
  11. Just a request. No rush. Save 35% on Over The Hills And Far Away on Steam
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