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About Me

  1. Hi all! I can't seem to find any info, screenshots or really anything regarding an old game that I played many years ago. It was already old back then, so probably released around 1995-2000 I guess? The gameplay was basically a simplified Magic The Gathering collectable cards game. It had a female protagonist who could move around set points on a map, buy or acquire cards to build a deck, and "fight" opponents -- resulting in very tame and forgettable CG, but the main point for me was the great gameplay. It was in Japanese only, and I think the protagonist's name translated as "Whipp
  2. Anyone have a download to Choukyou M Ecstasy? looked everywhere and cant find one. VNDB: Choukyou M Ecstasy | vndb
  3. Does anyone have a download link or can direct me to a reliable site to download the game? The translation got released some time ago but i can't find the game itself. Would be perfect of course if admin posted it here but anything will do. Edit: Forgot to add vndb link Harlem Blade ~The Greatest of All Time.~ | vndb
  4. Kimi no Chinchin, Shamerasete Kon'yoku Onsen Hen | vndb I am hoping someone can post or link me to a download of the game "Let me take a picture of your cock!" (Kimi no Chinchin, Shamerasete Kon'yoku Onsen Hen). It would be awesome if someone could find a English translation, but I would like to try to use a machine translator on the untranslated version it if that isn't possible.
  5. Its one of the new vns on nutaku and has traps. I love traps. Alas i cant find anywhere to download it that hasnt been deleted. Thanks.
  6. Does anyone know where I can find VN CG? I searching for Chusinggura CG but I don't have enough space to install the game.
  7. Game description : You usually play as the hero… but not this time! You're a lowly squire who's on an epic quest to get laid. Here's the catch: you've only got a few months left to find the girl of your dreams before you're shipped off to war. So git gud, get laid, and find man's greatest pleasure in Love Esquire! Links: Steam - Save 10% on Love Esquire - RPG/Dating Sim/Visual Novel on Steam VNDB - Love Esquire | vndb
  8. is there a website where i can download VN box art covers. i used to find them in HIGH QUALITY and also the back cover as well. but i cannot find anymore. what i mean. for example G-collections and some other ENGLISH licensed box art. thank you
  9. I'd like to request this eroge that is kinda old and is really hard to find. And now you might be thinking "if this shit is hard to find how are we suppossed to find it". Well, I've recently add it to my collection after 3 years of exhaustive search on the internet. The only issue is that it is in Japanese and shamefuly I don't know Japanese. By this point you should already know that my request here is an english translation of this game. I've been wanting to play for so long that reading this VN is now one of life goals (yes, pretty lame). Right now I'm uploading it to my account i
  10. I've been looking for a game I used to play, but haven't had any luck finding it. Here's what I remember: I think I played it in the aughts (00-09) It involved a guy, maybe a prince, who had a bunch of princesses come to his castle and stay. I think it was one of those "Find a bride" sorta situations. One of the girls was dark skinned with red hair. I think she was shown as being egyptian/middle east descent. At least that's the association I remember. Any ideas?
  11. A simulation game released back in 2017 that looks fun. Haven't been able to find it though
  12. Been looking for this one, first request so I apologize if I did it wrong somehow. I would be grateful if you could find the English one with No Mosaic dlc as well to go along with it.
  13. Anyone knows where can i find this game? Queen of Darkness
  14. Heres a few i cant find on here from nutaku i would love to get if possible. Im horrid at sifting through the search here though so i might have missed some. The first one was the one i couldnt find anywhere. These are the last ones i really wanted from the few ive requested to find out wernt possible so hopefully these are. I love futa and trap ones but it seems like there arnt any in english that arnt one here besides these sadly. Thanks. Critical Hit Critical Hit - Kinetic Novel Sex Game | Nutaku Tears of Yggdrasil Tears Of Yggdrasil - Visual Novel Sex Game | Nutaku
  15. hi! i’d like to request a game. i can’t find it on vndb, but http://https://hxovax.itch.io/orc-dating-sim theres the link. sorry if its messy, i’m on mobile right now
  16. I heard there was an english version translated online. Does anyone know where I can find it?
  17. Norilsk Norilsk Instinct Instinct
  18. Just thought I'd drop a request for this Otome that released on April 6th. Rare to find English-translated Otome's that are 18+. The Bell Chimes for Gold – Denpasoft
  19. -IF I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO BE TALKING ABOUT THIS ON THIS FORUM, PLEASE JUST DELETE THIS TOPIC- Yeah, how embarrassing is this...? So, I am trying to get the cg from a visual novel, that uses the kirikiri engine. I'm completely new to this, so I am very confused. I heard that crass is the best option, but hilariously, I cannot even find a place to download crass with the links still working... After I find that link, I imagine I will need the gui, right? I am not talented at the command line... I am failing before I can even make it past step one. This must be the bad route, huh....
  20. I can't find the English version!
  21. Hello, I'm Soot Face. I can't find the introduction section so I posted here instead. ^-^
  22. I know this is a partial translation but I want to try it anyway, found the patch but don't know anywhere to find the game, any help would be great thanks
  23. I would like for the game Girl Knight Milk, Treasure Hunter Mai, The Land Where One Can Make Monmusu Pets - Elf Girl Mimia, and the Delta Series to be posted here the links to their translations are here but I cannot find the games themselves: [Complete - Full] RJ171384 - [shoku]少公女騎士みるく - The Unofficial LineMarvel Forums [Complete - Full] [RJ159285] Treasure Hunter Mai - The Unofficial LineMarvel Forums [Complete - Full] The Land Where One Can Make Monmusu Pets - Elf Girl Mimia - The Unofficial LineMarvel Forums [Complete - Full] [不志陀羅亭]The Delta Series - The Unofficial LineMarvel Foru
  24. i loved that game, i loved so much that the first i did was search all the internet for a sequel only to find pixel factory was working on one but then dissapeared of the map. so i looked for other platformer run or rape games as great as parasite in city. While i found a few i likes such as xenotake and dark star, i didnt find one i enjoyed as much as parasite in city. this has motivated me to pursue creating a great eroge like that. This journey could be a long one since i am not even a programmer, i am a civil engineer. the closest i have done to programming has been programming excel s
  25. Anyone know where can i find Cross+Channel and Critical Point registry? (regedit) i need to delete it cuz I'm having a problem i can't reinstall it~ (
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