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Found 15 results

  1. Hey guys, I know that for some of the games you have to change your region or something to Japan, im just wondering what i actually need to chabge and how to do it.
  2. Hey all having a drama where i can't unzip the newer loaded games coming up with error unable to archive just wondering if anyone else has this and has been able to get pass it?
  3. Just wondering since i dont think a tag exists.
  4. Tsurezurescans recently released the full english fan translation patch for this VN As such i was wondering whether it would be possible for the admins to uploaded to the site
  5. It caught my eye while browsing through nutaku, had no luck searching online just wondering if anyone has this and willing to share thanks
  6. Since this is fully translated (although its machine translated) afaik just wondering if anyone have access to this or the already patch game??
  7. Raffro


    Hey There ..I recently got Chronobox And i am pretty confused With the Choices Wondering if There is a walkthrough for it... Thanks..
  8. this game looked intersting so i was wondering if you could get it on the site. heres the vndb link https://vndb.org/v1896
  9. Just wondering where I can at least find the untranslated version. https://vndb.org/v12550
  10. Just came out on Steam, looks kinda like Recettear.... was wondering if anyone here has played it and what your thoughts are.
  11. Here is something I have been wondering. Recently mangagamer released a liar soft game (Gathkun if your wondering) however, in the past I haven't personally noticed them releasing their titles. Is mangagamer now branching out to new companies or is this a one time thing?
  12. Wondering if anyone has it? I know it just came out yesterday, but if someone has a link or can share, I'd be much obliged.
  13. You guys translated the first one and I loved it, wondering if you could do this one too Here is the vndb: https://vndb.org/v11920
  14. i was wondering if anyone could provide a download for this game MangaGamer.com - Divine Slice of Life - Adult Version (download) (preferably 1.5 but doesnt have to be) thank you for the help
  15. So I literally just found out that there is a version 2 and extra gallery on steam (just when I managed to find a area-x version 1 with an actual .exe) And I've heard there is a new route in the version 2 So I was wondering if anyone has purchased it on steam and could possibly share their folder with me? *puppy dog eyes*
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