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  1. Well fuck his "attracting teams". As we say in Spain, fuck it in the arse, that hurts more.
  2. Did they write that later? I don't remember seeing it o.o
  3. I read somewhere that the patch release did contain the other routes. Anyone checked it out in the end? o:
  4. You can still see if text makes sense or not. It feels like there's some blind hate here.
  5. I'll attack with "I haven't seen anything bad with Dracu-Riot's translation so far. More like it's better than most."
  6. Nah, that patch was just a bit of her route. This patch is the whole route. Unless it also contains the other routes except Miu's... but they didn't say so. Looks like it does contain the other routes, plus the bonus too. Only Miu missing.
  7. Maybe, just maybe, by playing its translated content. But again, I forgive thee. I'm sure you'll rise to my level sooner or later, tsun Dracu-Riot's patch is out, but they only released Elina's route from what I'm reading o.o
  8. Your tongue will fall off for spouting such lies. I have read what was initially translated and it's really cool. That said, Majikoi is light years ahead in greatness. Dradu-Riot is trying to be like Majikoi and stopped translation at the last route.
  9. Or maybe because there are kissing scenes in the middle of the game? h-scenes appart? It's an obvious plot hole if, in the middle of a romantic scene, they suddenly take our a few dialogues and the CG of the kiss. Who told me all that? It's the words and opinion that MoeNovel themselves stated. Also, "can be bought by everybody" means nothing. A VN with everything censored can be played by anyone, absolutely. Now, will more people than usually buy it? No, the opposite. Quite mysterious indeed! Maybe it has smth to do with the fact that the public is pretty angry at their decision and you
  10. Your last sentence is kiddy, though. Who talked about h-scenes or 18+ content? Most of us here with for economical failure for their sake as a company and ours as clients. They made a really important decision for no reason, and what they are doing to Konosora is a monstruosity and an insult, hence why we are angry. The opposite of 18+ VN is All-Ages VN, not All-Ages + censorment + blanks in the plot VN. Also, they are not aiming for "people who want All-ages VNs", they clearly stated they are trying to go for the widest public avaiable, which is, in fact, the one who likes 18+ VNs. You c
  11. I must say I'm on the team that wishes for their economic failure. It would be nice if that shocked them enough to actually check what the VNs fanbase consists of, and what do they want. I don't even know where did they pick the idea up from! There are no forum, blogs, whatever with people begging for All-ages games with censorement of anything that grazes vulgarity in the least, and they made no polls no nothing, so where does their market objectives come from...? This makes me remember of Harry Potter. Any of you heard how it was publised? The first book I mean. Rowling was poor, absolu
  12. Decided to use my real name, got so many wtf results. Aleix is kawaii! Aleix is 169% perverted... Aleix is the kawaiiest thing ever desu. Dear Aleix, I've always adored your amazing hair. I like you... I think... -Love, Aleix
  13. So they don't realize that translated all ages games actually narrows the audience, instead of making it bigger =X Do these companies make any market research at all?
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