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  1. Happy Birthday.

  2. Maybe he used up all his ideas in LB. >_ You will know his shit in Rewrite: Harvest Festa LOL~~ Maybe I became Godlike with my "Go with the flow to enjoy VN" ability.
  3. Well, this may seem like boasting(since I have already read Rewrite:HF). But just to add more fuel to your guys anticipation, Kotori got a closure in fan-disc and it was a very well-done route(in fact, the best route for Harvest Festa)
  4. That is Tonokawa's writing after all. He is only good at writing happy, comedy, non-sense route. Really ?? Everyone I know(including me) said Akane has the best route in rewrite(not counting kagari that is) . Well, it is your taste after all. No offense here. For me, 1. Akane 2. Shizuru 3. kotori 4. Chihaya( ) 5. Lucia ( ) In fact, I really liked the Romance in Rewrite.
  5. Happy Birthday \ ^o^ /

  6. Happy Birthday Phantasm ^-^

  7. LOL!! You should know this isn't SAO just by seeing the pic because
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