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  1. I'm currently playing G-Senjou no Maou and I'm enjoying greatly.
  2. What?!There goes my will to live...
  3. The wait til the spring anime season is torture.
  4. I started to read Let's Lagoon recently, I'm greatly enjoying it. It's great to read a more realistic survival manga while waiting for my fortnightly doses of TWGOK. I may start reading one of the new fall anime this year such as CODE:BREAKER, BTOOOM or Magi.
  5. Thanks buddy.

  6. Happy Birthday Desi!

  7. I'll probably watch Little Busters, Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai, K,Bakuman S3 and TWGOK OVA
  8. It's got to be the hot bath scenes for me, especially when the protagonist gets caught.
  9. I really enjoyed playing this for hours on end on my DS along with Ghost Trick Ace Attorney Series and Time Hollow all these games are by far my favourite games on DS.
  10. Watched the anime and read the manga (so far). I liked it so I started reading the light novels, it's pretty good.
  11. I hate childhood friends thy're always so arrogant or too cheerful
  12. Thank for the b-day message!

    Ps. Talk to u again in shoutbox

    Ps. FR send

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