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  1. Haha, its 4:20 somewhere

  2. I just had to add you, randomly stumbled up on your weed smokers group. ;)

  3. That's because of my escapade in the SB today. Thank ya.

  4. Didn't know you were new here, welcome

  5. ARENA 01: Tachibana Kanade [Eucliwood Hellscythe] ARENA 02: [Gokō Ruri (Kuroneko)] Aisaka Taiga ARENA 03: Akiyama Mio [Misaka Mikoto] ARENA 04: Nagato Yuki [Abstained] Nakano Azusa ARENA 05: Yui [shana] ARENA 06: Nakamura Yuri [saber] ARENA 07: Shirakiin Ririchiyo [Abstained] Araragi Tsukihi ARENA 08: Chitanda Eru [Abstained] Kuroyukihime ARENA 09: Solty Revant [Abstained] Inamori Mika ARENA 10: Tsukishima Aoba [Abstained] Rakka
  6. http://puu.sh/1j75u This is how the game text looks, I was wondering if anybody could help fix this?
  7. A drug that makes you dream? Only read OP not sure if this has been suggested .
  8. Thanks for the add ^_^

  9. Ah that? I got it from this place. Eucliwood Hellscythe - The Avatar Library But this one is for my avatar though. I can't remember where I got the pic for my Profile Picture.

  10. your dp picture is so cute. whats it from ?

  11. Voted childhood friend, Rival , Sports girl. Childhood friend always seems so pushed onto you, its usually the easiest path. Rival is js fucking annoying, sports girl are usually more involved in their fucking sport than you.
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