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  1. I'm looking for recommendations for... anything, really. I don't care if it's an anime, manga, visual novel, whatever (as long as it's been translated to English, at least). I want a yuri series with an actual relationship. Endless episodes of girls half-flirting and blushing at each-other doesn't count. An actual relationship, where both parties acknowledge that they're into the other, go on dates, have dumb arguments, whatever. There are series that focus on straight couples instead of teasing confessions, even if they're vanishingly rare, but I don't know of any lesbian works like this.
  2. Don't start with Aselia. It's VERY slow. It takes like five hours of pure visual novel to get to the first bit of gameplay. Play Kamidori first if you're into SRPGs, one of the Raidy games (2 is mechanically better) if you're into dungeoncrawlers and don't mind yuri/lots of rape. Really just play Kamidori. It's one of the best gameplay-VNs outside of stuff like Phoenix Wright or 999 and has pretty minimal adult content.
  3. This series owns, can't wait for people bitching about competent female characters who aren't sexualized. Plus crazy 3D gear scenes, an OP by Revo, and animated giant fights. Maybe an Urobuchi-esque filler ending. Easily the best 2013 anime announced so far.
  4. Alien


    I find the lack of Shirou Emiya in this thread disturbing. If you go outside of visual novels Shiki Ryougi could possibly work for both questions, but tsundere is a pretty dumb thing to categorize her as. She's certainly badass, though. Aoko Aozaki is pretty awesome and the main character of a visual novel, but it hasn't been translated yet.
  5. Ha. Probably next Christmas or something. Toady started on the Army arc a few months ago with armies that would move and attack places in adventure mode, which spun off into tracking, which somehow spun off into fixing goblin fortresses, which spun off into work on all other nondwarf civ settlements. He's now working on multi-tile trees and flowers/fruits. Toady has the most WTF work flow.
  6. Yo. Been involved on and off for about 4 years.
  7. Alien

    Quiz A Week!

    7 movies, an adaptation of the lame Epilogue from the novels, and a recently announced adaptation of the good epilogue (Mirai fukuin/recalled out summer). Yuki Kajiura composed or arranged all of the music in the series. The credit themes were all performed by Kalafina, a group formed by Kajiura for the series. It consists of Keiko Kubota, Wakana Ootaki, and Hikaru Masai. They had a fourth member, Maya, but she was dropped from the lineup after the second or third song recorded (I believe she's only in Sprinter and ARIA). Kalafina went on to continue doing anime theme songs, notably Magia from
  8. It's going to be 25 episodes and cover at least one more story arc from the novels.
  9. lol It's going to be the Realta Nua version, which has extra music, artwork, added voices, and, yes, cuts the abominably written porn scenes. It's an all-around superior version to the original and essentially the definitive version. Like six bad porn scenes do not outweigh the stuff added by RN. Between RN, Mahoyo, and the Tsukihime remake supposedly cutting the porn, TYPE-MOON is clearly moving to a more all-ages niche and I hope that they can start to drag the rest of the gameplayless visual novel medium along with them.
  10. Isn't Princess Waltz the one with the girl who is basically Saber with breast implants?
  11. Monster Girl Quest, maybe? It's pretty gross, though, heavy on vore and the main character is a kid. Submissive male is not really a thing that sells in Japan.
  12. The unix command line allows one to finger a coworker casually. Command lines are fun in general if you know what you're doing. You can do some crazy and, well, esoteric stuff.
  13. No. They all look like they do in the real world. That happened in episode 1. Plus his sister isn't a gamer. Episode 4 had not-awful pacing for once, but ugggggh dammit why are there so many tentacles harassing a 12-year-old-girl this is not something anime needs more of goddammit
  14. Episode 3 was... kinda bad honestly. The deaths are incredibly telegraphed, and frankly I didn't care about any of them. It might have been better as a two-episode thing with less blatant death flags, but this is pretty clearly a side story and I'm not sure if that would give it too much weight. I dunno if this could have been salvaged. Also the girl saying she'd sing and then humming was incredibly silly. Hopefully it goes back to episode 1/2 quality.
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