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  1. I just recently learned of the "Last Episode" end. I've been trying to figure out if it's part of the original FSN or if it was added in Realta Nua, which is it? Also, does Eroge Games dl have the capability to get "Last Episode"? I only completed out through Unlimited Blade Works with only a few of the Tiger Dojos and it's been one of my greatest regrets not having completed the game. "Last Episode" may very well push me to that goal if I can get at it. What are the specific requirements for unlocking it? All endings(through Heavens Feel)?
  2. My Japanese teacher had us watch an anime in class, and I want to know what its name is (she borrowed it from a student so she doesn't know what it is called). This is what I remember about it. 1. Childish everything. 2. All characters had cats ears and tail. 3. All characters ended their sentences with "nya." 4. Main character was a kid princess. 5. First or second episode, the main character and her friend go to a , apperantly, famous cake shop. I'll add any other things I remember about it. Please if you know what it is called please tell me!!!!
  3. If you enjoy Vampire Knight, Fruits Basket, or The Gentlemens Alliance Cross this is one for you Gotta say this ain't a bad manga. Just got the third english vol. today and I sped read through the entire seires Up to the current chapter (46: A Twisted Love). It is unfortunently a Monthly manga so the ending is quite far off. I would classify it under Shoujou, reverse Harem, Slice of Life, and really freaking annoying (probably the first manga were I'm pissed off at the heroine instead of the hero) Who else is looking forward to the Next chapter?
  4. It's a really dumb question but i'm very confused about what is going on..... There are Spoilers to follow so don't read this post if you care. Once they get to Yuuta's apartment, when the girls start complaining about the bathroom... What are they worried about? Why are they making him wait an hour to use his own Toilet? Are they worried he is horny or somthing? If anyone knows or has a logical explanation please share it....
  5. all this kurumu love. At least nobody has claimed they like the older witch.... shudders*. Personally though i like Ice Girl the best. So sue me i havn't read the manga for ove r a year since my friend borrowed it (he still has it and i can get it back from him whenever I want.)
  6. P.S. Not wrong Section. I'm asking for information about the publication status of the series in general. Because of that, it does not belong in either Anime or Manga. Also I am not giving any spoilers nor asking for any. Therefore, General Discussion is the only area in the forums where this fits. Soz, been haveing a hell of a time trying to get a refund on an order I accidentally placed. And I haven't had a good place to let off steam. Also, Thanks Haika and netannoi for that info. I had a feeling that the manga was monthly, but I never was interested in it (unlike my buddy).
  7. I and a friend of mine have been waiting for the season 3 Sekirei anime to come out. Also been waiting for an update to the Manga. Anyone know why this series is taking so long? Or was it just dropped?
  8. Honestly Sp4life, i don't know what to recomend unless to tell us what you like in an anime. I would recomend though, Kanon Elfen Leid Shakugan no Shana Kokoro Connect Dog Days (probably gonna rewatch that myself) To Love-RU Thats a good smatering across the genres
  9. Killerinside-san Arigato Gozaimasu!!!!!
  10. hmmm, Mecha ain't high on my list but it's higher than Extreme Ecchi Comedy (Rosario + Vampire) ughh bad bad anime (great Manga though last time I updated it) or like (Yamada's First Time) funny anime but just so bad my brain cells die off.. Don't like Yaoi at all either (exception MIGHT be The Gentlemen's Allliance Cross manga). And I have yet to watch an anime thats all about a sports player........ Huh have seveal WITH sports player as major characters but none about sports. I guess that should tell me somthing.
  11. [spoiler=If you haven't watched TWGOK anime I'm giving away a few things] Figured Kanon and Shiori would be 2 of the girls, I've never read the manga. In the S1 anime it basically tells us that Shiori remembers him. Also in the S1 anime Kanon comes out with an epic new song right after the conquest that seems to be directed at Keima, Therefore she was one of the girls as well. There is also the Evidence in the S2 OVA ("Four Students and an Idol"?), but I've only watched that once so I don't remember it well and it's not in the S2 DVDs published by sentai Filmworks. However I really liked K
  12. It just hit me again....... SEASON 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been watching season 1 and 2 again so I'm so happy a 3rd will be added to the ranks, not sure I'll be able to wait for this one.
  13. I know that several have made me emotionally upset (anger mostly) Lets see if I can remember the ones that made me sad. Elfen Leid Negima! (before I read the manga and one of the first animes I ever watched) ..... Hmm, those are the only ones I remembered, it takes the literal and pointless death of a character I love to make me sad. For VNs however, Fate/stay night (Fate route) and Clannad (Fuuko's route) both made me outright cry.
  14. I don;t see much im interested in this season, Hiyokio and Tamako Market are the only 2 anime. I'll also watch the Accel World OVA
  15. Winter 2012/2013 Season New Anime Preview List The site appers to not be fake as it has a lot of info about shows I know will appear. Oh and if you want a picture version, find your own.....
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