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  1. If people ignore my posts you will never see the wisdom that i impart and that would be a tragedy Helvetica. i am not merely a fledgling troll. i am so much more than that. i am just exposing the truth that others would cover up and pretend is not there Noemi. If you want to declare me "sick" as you call it so be it. However that is neither here nor there.
  2. Have you really thought about what marriage is and what it means? Well, i will tell you the dark secret of marriage, it's dark meaning. This knowledge they do not want you to know. Once you read this there is no going back, you will forever know the truth. Marriage is an ancient perversion where you make someone your sibling so you can have socially acceptable sibling incest which is what the people who invented marriage really wanted. Otherwise terms of family would be different. Think about it. When you marry someone you legally become their brother or their sister. Why else
  3. you managed two months, i got to say congrats to that. However i got to say, i would never do the challenge unless there was something in it for me and it would have to be a pretty good prize to make me go 1 month without fapping.
  4. You are wrong. It damages the story whenever you alter it, no matter how small the alteration is. Sure you could replace the sex scenes with other lovey dovey romantic scenes or just say things like "they made love by the candlelight" or "they had hot passionate sex" or they could replace the dirty jokes with something milder but it alters the story, it changes it, maybe you found a way so it does not affect the plot but still it is damaged, it is not the same story anymore. Maybe you are a good storyteller or writer and you find a way to make the story hold the audience's attention a
  5. If you are talking about the mosaic Japan does then i would like the scenes to be uncensored, i mean, if i had a choice. However i do not much mind it anymore. i remember it being somewhat annoying when i first saw the censoring that Japan does in their VNs to deal with their laws. It is not that bad though compared to what our countries translation companies do to the VNs. i am grateful to get translated the ones that the companies will not touch without them being damaged. If you are talking about the kind of censoring Hirameki International and Moenovel have done then definitely
  6. A few stories deal with the innocent learning about love stuff, some deal with rape, slavery, some other fetishes are involved aside from that. there are games out there with loli and shota that are pretty good. It is like any other subject, you get good ones and bad ones. Also, what is weird about catgirls, doggirls, and other animalgirls as the topic of a visual novel? Do you realize how many people fantasize about that? i have a couple loli games i want to see translated. i for one am grateful for fantranslators who do loli and shota visual novels. Whether you enjoy loli and
  7. These sites would not be shut down but it would be more restricted if this site came out in the open. We would not be able to share the games openly. If that remained in the shadows then this site would be acceptable if eroge visual novels were accepted. The illegal part of what we are doing is that we are sharing the games with each other. The translation patches are not technically illegal because they need the game already working to make them work, just share those and it would be technically legal.
  8. those die hard so called morally superior groups really get on my nerves. way of life they do not approve of, fetishes or fantasies they do not approve of, they pretty much go out in arms campaigning against those things they do not approve of and stir up so much panic and fear and disgust that they pretty much have a good chance of people passing a law banning it. why does it matter that there is animated rape or dominance/submission fantasies, that there are people who like lolicon/shotacon comics and visual novels, that we like cat girls/boys or any other animal girls/boys, that gays/
  9. Companies translate what they think will get played and what Japanese companies will let them license ie what they can afford. Fan Translation individuals translate whatever their whims dictate, sometimes enlisting the aid of a hacker to figure out how to extract and insert the scripts. Fan translation groups usually form to translate a specific title, then they may decide to stick around if they have found another one they want to translate. Most often though it is the whims of the group or individual. If done wrong most ridicule. If done right and we do not like it we either app
  10. Everything within 10 miles in all directions of each person who sees this message is now annexed in the name of the Floral Restoration Initiative. You are all now my subjects. Go, do my will, spread my influence throughout the lands. You are so ordered by your new King. Long live King Floral the first.
  11. yes i did, it was a great story. Well told, drew me in. Was believeable. Animation was excellent. There was nothing there that i did not like.
  12. The Seven stages of Eroge Visual Novels and Hentai Games for so called moral people who have too much time on their hands and/or need to get laid. Stage 1: Disgust You are disgusted by these things and those that play them Stage 2: Campaigning against them You try to get people you know and possibly the community to stop doing these perverted things and condemn it Stage 3: Seeing them You try these things, playing through one to understand it's hold on people so you can better attack it. Stage 4: Corruption A part of you likes what you have participated in and so the seed of co
  13. i would love to see a few visual novels fantranslated. In order of importance Chijoku Sister Okami Misao Seikoujo Koukai ~Makan no Kokuin~ Ryoujoku Gakuenchou / Dorei Club ~Dokushin Choukyouroku~
  14. You might have fun with Pretty Soldier Wars 2048, it does have some visual novel stuff though, all our eroge does. i will see it begin if we do not alter the future now that we have seen what it will be. Take warning all of you: we are not to alter this future. i may also be able to keep myself eternally young if we get to that future.
  15. the biggest thing i hate is thinking that i may see the true story in quite a few visual novels because they were done by western companies and while i have tried to learn the japanese language my level is reduced to a few spoken words, a very basic conversation, and nowhere near the level needed to play a game in real-time. Written words are way beyond me if i do not want to spend alot of time on a paragraph.
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