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  1. This walkthrough was made after I searched for it, I gave up and did not finish any route back then, though. And it does not say how to get Rumi's bad end, that was one of my biggest problems when I played it recently.
  2. Just press ctrl, it will skip everything. Or just unmark the "Stop on unread text" settings. And, no, I do not like to use walkthroughs. The only game I really needed one (ONE ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~) I could not find any...
  3. Not really. The anime completely lost the point of the game. Play Shiori's route, her ending explains a little more about what is happening. If you still do not understand: Possible spoilers: All of those incomprehensive facts are "miracles". Ayu still had a last wish because of that Angel Doll, she said she would like someone in need of a miracle to have it. So, yeah, everything was a miracle the protagonist asked for. There is always a white screen near the ending when he says something like "And my last wish is...", I think it explains everything. In the anime, all of those miracles
  4. 1. Satsuki Yumizuka - Tsukihime 2. Yukino Ouhama - Osananajimi wa Daitoryou 3. Nayuki Minase - Kanon 4. Airi Kashii - Rou-Kyu-Bu! 5. Natsume Takashiro - Kara no Shoujo 6. Nodoka Haramura - Saki 7. Ema Ichijou - Goshujin-sama Daisuki
  5. Well, even though I am female I would prefer a younger sister as well. They are cuter, that is all. I would still prefer an older brother than a younger sister, though...
  6. Websites: - vndb - Eroge Downloads/Eroge Games - Danbooru Programs: - Firefox - Paint Tool SAI/PhotoShop ... And that is all.
  7. I finally found a good wallpaper yesterday. Yay, Satsuki.
  8. ...continue


    In my opinion the couple from the 3rd game is the cutest ever. I found 1 couple to be kinda boring, others were pretty good. The H-scenes are the usual cute yuri stuff. All of the games are nukige pretty much, but you won't find anything extreme.


    I would say that this series is a good if you've read some depressing VN and are looking for something cheerful + cute without any depressing elements.

    I like the character design, it's not the best art ever, but it's fitting. http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t245/akayuki7/hanabira/hanabira3ova_3.jpg <-- picture of the 3rd game couple.


    Just to note that you don't need to play them in any order, you can start from like the 3rd then go 5th (same couple) then 2nd and 4th, etc. Each game has like a 10 second character cameo from other games, but it's nothing special. They don't force you to play older games so you can play newer ones.

  9. About Sono Hanabira games - The only one I haven't played is the 1st one, because in waiting for the 6th one , which is not translated yet. There are usually 2 games with 1 couple. Example - 3rd and 5th are the same couple, 1st and 6th, etc. I the first game of 1 couple it's about how they meet and how their relationship progresses, in the 2nd games it just expands on that with some complications that they might have. It's a good idea to read both games if available, it doesn't take alot of time since they are all short.


    The whole series kinda follows a similar formula. It's very light hearted romance with a bit of comedy, not that much though. They are also a slice of life, i.e. there is not that much of a deep plot, only the usual stuff that is related to slice of life like them going to school, visiting each other homes, etc. This series is pretty much a cuteness overload.

  10. Yay, thank you. I did not read that thread before because I was a little afraid I could see some spoilers or something. I am downloading the game now and I am going to follow your instructions, thank you.


    Yeah, I want to play some of those Sono Hanabira games. I will probably give the first one a try since it is a short game.

    I am just a little curious... It is just a normal slice-of-life or does it have any deeper plot or something like this? Or maybe a good comedy? Or it is good because of H-Scenes, and/or cute character design/couples?

  11. MGQ has a shota element I guess..You're not the only one. I wanted to have a cooler and more adult looking protagonist as well.. This one looks as if he's just begging to be raped..lol.

    My to playlist is quite the same as well:D though I'm trying to avoid NTR and Death of Hero/Heroine(like School Days) elements and such.. I read somewhere that Cresendo has such an ending.. Is that true?


    I found the tableflip icon cute as well.. though I don't fully understand the meaning of it.. Do you know?


    I'm having trouble recalling the eroges I've played... So it'll take a bit more time..


    Until next time Hiromin-chan!

  12. Waiting for Eroge until you die is romantic, in some sort of twisted way.. But that's the way I want to live! Still, I gotta do my part as a 'normal citizen'.. But that's such a pain! That mean less time for me to play!


    I'm planning to play Deardrops after MGQ2.. So I'll let you know how it is. Also, have you played the fandisk? It's kind of a one way route, but It's nice to see Shikanosuke and the team again..

    I have half the parts for Binetsu Kyoushi Cherry, kinda stopped downloading the rest because Kamidori Alchemy Meister came out.. So maybe I'll finish downloading it some time soon.. You never know when the links will be down or deleted again..

  13. Yes... About I've experienced the pain of corrupted rar.s as well.. I want to buy Eroge as well, the official releases like the ones sold from MangaGamer. Owning and collecting the actual disk has It own charm, no? I guess it's similar to those who collect figurines.. But also because downloading 12+ parts of 200mb rar.s is a majestic pain in the ass:p

    But I'm mostly worried about how the people(the Government and the Riajuus) here will react if I buy foreign adult content product.. From what I can gather, It won't be good.. They are trying to be those kind of people who won't tolerate these kinds of things(Otaku stuff) and stay away from them. Not that I'm trying to hide it, but 90% of my family and friends are Riajuus, so I have to put sort of a facade to sorta keep the them from shame.. I mean they at least know that I like Anime and Games, but the don't know how 'bad' is it..

  14. Monster Girl Quest seems interesting, but I still do not know... Some of the girls look weird, some of them really attract me, the reverse rape seems interesting too, but it would be much better if the protagonist had an older look. Maybe I am just being too picky, though. Well, I can leave it in my "VNs-I-want-to-play-list", even though it includes almost every translated VN.


    Oh god, this tableflip emoticon is soo cute, lol. I never understood why everyone makes so many jokes about tableflipping, but this one in particular is... cute, I never saw anyone flipping a table so happily, aw.


    Yay, finally I can see your list! But it still is not complete, right? I did not find KiraKira...

  15. I have never played Edelweiss, for now I am more interested in Deardrops but I will probably play it someday, specially since it is an Overdrive game.

    Ah, yeah, I have read Kirari's True End as well, but there is still some heavy parts... I am satisfied with this ending, though. KiraKira is almost perfect for me. Sadly, I just did not like the characters enough.


    As for nukiges, yeah, almost all of them have the "harem ending" tag in vndb.

    I will probably give Binetsu Kyoushi Cherry a try this weekend. I just need to be alone at home, damn...

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