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  1. Phanteon

    Summer Days OST

    OST is down I hope it goes back up again. Until then I'll frantically search for it myself.
  2. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Happy B-day whom-ever you are.

  4. So... I have this insane installation problem. I think I'm the only one with the error. When I open the setup. It gives me the option to only uninstall the game. It's not even installed in the game. I can't choose gamestart because I don't have the game installed. Proof that nothing is in here. Then I finally get the decision to install. Then I select a folder and install. Nothing installs, instead I get the uninstall screen. (as shown in the second screencap.) I tried to reinstall several times but then I gave up and cried. Can someone help me out?
  5. No one ever found the illustrator for this one. Not even me. Can any of us guys find it?
  6. Here is three for my comeback.
  7. There once was an anime so horrible. That i started crying. Rio Rainbow Gate.
  8. Kid actually becomes a Super Saiyan. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8szR7LnmlI
  9. Here you guys go. Mine for today. Yami-chan
  10. I awoke just to post this. and probably fap...
  11. They are also making both an OVA and an anime.
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