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  1. Happy Birthday to you Evenlaist. May this day be especially happy and each day forever after!

  2. never mind, i re-extract the game, now it works.. weird
  3. Can anyone access the H-scene from this game? I completed Mibu routes' but the h-scene is censored. I dont think the game was censored as i still be able to see Well, it's not a big deal, but it still disturb me
  4. Well i finished one of the route.. looks like we dont have to worry about missing a part of the story because of untranslated stuff.
  5. Yeah, i agree with it. I automatically assumed it to be some kind of error during installation. and while i am it, i notice that at the beginning, the game does not give subs about student council broadcast. Is it normal? WIll there be any important scene that does not gives subs like this one?
  6. Dang, i found the answer while reading post in VN update status..
  7. First of all, i tried using the search button, but this topic has not made yet. I'm sorry if it turned out someone already make post about this. The problem with Hatsukoi backlog is that it has white-ish background, while the text is also in white. It is really hard to read the backlog that way. Does this happen to you guys as well?
  8. hey, lately i cant see movie clips on some VN like gankthun or majikoi a2.. i wonder why? is it codec-related problem? i tried installing the latest cccp codec, and K-lite codec.. but nothings work.. any suggestion?
  9. evenlaist

    Tokyo Babel

    Am i the only one who feels that the battle scene is dull? i only finished raziel route, but i found the fighting scene to be dull, and cheap.. i feel like the author just throwing out random 'cool' english word for make up skills.
  10. I used to be like Maoh, but now i am more like chocomilkgod. my reason is sometimes there is a 'proper' order on reading VN by proper order i mean something like - Route B contains spoiler for Route C = So its better to read route C first IMO - You will understand Route C better after you read route A = So read A first so the proper 'order' would be A,C and then B a good example is Little Buster.. [spoiler=read this if you are interested, no story spoiler] Main girl route will end prematurely unless you finish others.. I dont know this so i was really disappointed back then, and
  11. i meant, after you finish the game once, the other ending is unlocked right? and to get that ending, you have to choose the right delusion. so i was planning to use "skip read text" from the beginning, but it would also skip delusion branches... is there a way to stop "skip" when delusion appear?
  12. Hey guys, i am currently reading chaos;head right now. I heard that this VN has several endings, and one of the ending was determined by your choice of delusion. The problem is, i found that the 'skip' button doesnt stop on delusion branches.. Is there a setting to make it happen? or is there any tips so that i wouldnt accidentally skip one of the delusions?
  13. i would normally play all the routes except there is a heroine that i couldnt stand for. and i wont replay the game just to get some missed CGs
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