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  1. What do you mean by that? Not select any of the heroines school events(?) some of which are needed to get the chapter boss scene? Once i do all the chapter boss scenes i just go in and out of the store, i dont select anymore than needed. Furthermore there are 2 instances where the school is locked off and you have to select one of the 3 girls first in chapter 2 and another time in chapter 3. Thought there would be one in chapter 4 but there wasnt so i couldnt balance it out with one selection for each heroine.
  2. I cant seem to get the "Harem" end. I've looked around here and elsewhere and essentially the advice boils down to H all the chapter bosses and not enter any main heroines routes. Which I've done but it leads to the "Graduation" ending. I read somewhere that i should simply re-do the whole process AFTER the graduation ending to get the harem end but no avail. Has anyone here gotten the harem ending?
  3. Voted for stay the way it is, too fearful of backlash (its tough having marginalized hobbies). Unable to change societal views easily, have to just accept the status quo.
  4. Gotta be hardcore with gaming.
  5. Never told anyone i played eroge and never will, social ostracising is bad : ( I dont really see the point in actively making people appreciating the value of VN's, as long as i recognize its greatness its good enough. If people cant overcome societal prejudices and find out for themselves what VN's are really are its their loss.
  6. Isn't it? Short game, decent scenes liked the camera feature.
  7. For like the first two episodes, now its all about Yuuya bridges and his japanese complex.
  8. Hmm, if just want a SRPG without no H then you could try: - Super Robot War series - Tactics Ogre series - Final Fantasy tactics series - Disgaea series
  9. Well your in for a treat when you see the scene with taisuke and kotonoha during the festival.
  10. Ah, i asked the exact same question. The ending is dubbed by sir henry as "Super Happy Fun train", and the walkthrough he provides to reach it is accurate.
  11. Sir henry's walkthrough details the process. If you find the walkthrough doesnt work just open up your route map and backtrack a couple of choices.
  12. Lol sorry i missed that. Thanks for the walkthrough, it works wonderfully.
  13. According to my route map i've reached all endings except one (72% completion). However according to the standard walkthrough i've seen all the endings but it seems theres an extra bad end Has anyone reached this end and has a general idea of how to get it?
  14. That festival scene with Kotonoha has at least 2 other variations(normal sex and paizuri) , so if its just a problem of loading that particular scene you'll be able to see almost all the animations in other routes.
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