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    You are Kayto Shields, an ordinary man thrown into an extraordinary adventure. It was only his first day as the vice president of the Sunrider Academy student council when the unreasonable class president appointed him to be the school club manager. "These clubs cause nothing but trouble," she said. "I'm appointing you to take charge and fix them up by the end of the year!" Add to that another completely unreasonable bet with his little sister that he'll get a girlfriend by the end of the year, and Kayto's school life already seems hectic! But that's not even the worst of it! Kayto soon learns that the captains of each of the clubs he's supposed to manage have serious issues of their own. Surrounded by girls lacking any common sense, his whacky days at Sunrider Academy begin! You will take control of Kayto as he carefully manages both his student life, and his responsibilities as club manager. Study hard, bring glory to Sunrider Academy, and get a girlfriend! Piece of cake, right?

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    1. Just playing's Avatar
      Just playing -
      , dating simulation

      the reason to play any game
    1. Henta20's Avatar
      Henta20 -
      yes and you can thank me for that since it was me so gave Ivan link for this game and upload it:-)
    1. TheRetroGoat's Avatar
      TheRetroGoat -
      Dating sim, decent art...I may have a new title to play.
    1. PandaeMang's Avatar
      PandaeMang -
      Quote Originally Posted by Henta20 View Post
      yes and you can thank me for that since it was me so gave Ivan link for this game and upload it:-)
    1. Aran's Avatar
      Aran -
      tried it, uninstalled it. losing stats everynight on the default dif was a turn off for me. it doesnt seem to be a game i would enjoy but others may like it.
    1. duncan26's Avatar
      duncan26 -
      Don't bother.

      Tried to play 3 times. Bad ends. even on easiest difficulty.

      Lose stats when you sleep. Everything causes you stress, which you can't get rid of, game over when it gets high enough.
    1. tubehunter's Avatar
      tubehunter -
      It has one major flaw though, IMO.
      The year in this game has 10 months, yet we can pick a character route as early as month 3,
      and we are locked in her route until the end of the game after that.
      Why not make it as free as possible?
      Why can't we f**k all four and get School Day's bad ending?
    1. eta's Avatar
      eta -
      Its certainly incredibly difficult. The only way I can see right now to get around the high stress is to get lots of fitness and spend money on the arcade. Stroll through the park also helps if successful. Making money is really tough though. Definitely a difficult game.
    1. Arakz's Avatar
      Arakz -
      i was a supporter for this game so i have played it since the first route came out. its really not that difficult a game when you first learn the stress/work rotation and get the pillow and blanket i could go over what you should do to get 500+ credits and almost no stress but that wouldnt be any fun :P
    1. Outpost Omega J's Avatar
      Outpost Omega J -
      Based on Just playing's post, this game first appeared as of 4/20/15.
    1. Flaze's Avatar
      Flaze -
      Definitely not an easy game imo, but pretty fun. Characters seem alright, though somewhat generic and plain (only gotten 1/3-ish through so i dont really know if that changes). imo this is a game you really have to think through. it's taking me a second try because i got stuck, and now im trying to be more intelligent with the way i manage my time & money ingame.

      fun game, but a lot of people probably won't like it

      edit: second playthrough....stuck at the exact same place. I just...I don't know what? Fuck this game. ill go for a third round of hell tomorrow, but today, im fucking sick of it
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