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    Three years... how will she smile...? What I couldn't say... what I couldn't hand over... pieces of happiness.... At the end of summer holiday, our school was closed. The day of separation... students put their memorials in the time capsule and promised to meet again three years later. The summer of the promise... they start looking for their memories....

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    1. Nobu's Avatar
      Nobu -
      i do like the summary, i like these -3 years later open time capsule situation, but damn its just so hard to get back into vn's once u've stopped to do other things =/
    1. Dan.'s Avatar
      Dan. -
      I watched the ova of this a while ago. It made me want to play the vn. But it's not english
    1. phantasm's Avatar
      phantasm -
      look like a good VN. I will check it out later.
    1. DragonBall89's Avatar
      DragonBall89 -
      it's a pity that is japanese
    1. Schwert1120's Avatar
      Schwert1120 -
      The makers of this VN is probably the same as shuffle the artwork is about the same too bad its still in Japanese
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