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  1. Nobu


    Only times i've marathon'd a game and finished in 2 days was Rance, Kamidori and DearDrops ^^, there was no better way of spending my christmas break.
  2. It's here....OH LORD IT'S HERE. I must come outta hermitism for this.
  4. i am fucking pissed at that p.
  5. better not be yours, it's fitted, italian pressed.

  6. hmm i was told that it is not curable.......guess whose getting a new anus tomorrow? :D

  7. Got that rectal cancer cured through masterful stitching done there.

  8. ... Nobu ....welcome back, i assume your trip to asgard went according to our plan.

  9. YOUR BACK! <3 <3


    And hey, much appreciated

  10. Loli, extreme. Wanted to see that art you mentioned and ended up getting sucked into the description.... Never heard of this til now.
  11. Nobu

    Huehuehue, bet you didn't expect a TY note in June. :p

  12. Nobu

    Late gracias. O_O spanish because I can, and that's the fruit of my 3 years of classes.

  13. Late but whocares; thanks and welp, it was a good day :)

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