• Chichi Miko!! Plus 1 ~Grandmother and Daughter Milking Harem~

    No "plot summary" needed for this one. Take a look at cover pic and assorted tags. Sequel of Chichi Miko!!

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      nicetomeet -
      oh man, look at dat title...
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      Outpost Omega J -
      First noted on 6/27/14
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      Just playing -
      this heaven is so good

      time to fap
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      switch - lost ...for words.......granny..... >__>

      lol at ivan's "summary" lmao
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      maq4647 -
      GrannyyyyyyyyyyyyyYY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. what's this? Just what should I say here? *nosebleed*
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      Aimi_Heihara -
      That title tells no bullshit...
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      cpt valor -
      well i enjoyed the first chichi miko so lets hope this one is just as good! im downloading now but noticed the title screen only has the two women on it. is that going to be all the heroines we get? the first one had 4 heroines and if Rinka isnt in this one im gonna be disappointed.
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      napoleon -
      ive never been one for giant boobs but who knows, you gotta try what you dont know you like to make sure you dont like it and i like boobs and milk from boobs is still milk so who knows this could be good
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      ShadowEnzer -
      its giving syntax error can anyone help?
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      Quote Originally Posted by ShadowEnzer View Post
      its giving syntax error can anyone help?
      Try changing your administrative locale to Japanese language.
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