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O_O...we're haters, so!?
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  2. GTFO I THOUGHT U PEOPLE LIKED LOLIS, HOARS! (Btw, Kuu is a exempted from this loli hatred)
  3. I don't feel any excited when see little girl being xxxyyyabc, exactly like Penguin said, they are pure & innocent, too young to understand what it is. In lots of Eroge,they have little girls with big tits.. and even sometime pregnant, just what the hell is that all >_<, i feel sick somehow. Accept the fact that's eroge is NOT REAL, but it must have some standard, isn't it? aw...i just don't like this type...
  4. I despise lolicons and shotacons. All you hear them talk about is how moe some underage girl is and onii-chan~ this and that. And why the fuck is there loli eroge? Who gets off over annoying eight year old children being raped. Even if they give consent they are still too young to understand what it is they are getting into.
  5. I'll join, although i don't necessarily hate loli's, i find the "stereotypical" loli to be annoying as fuck. Give me someone like fuuko though, and i will cancel my membership to this group haha
  6. Hai!!! Mina-san!!! Yoroshiku ne... I joined not because I hate Lolis, It's just that, for me, Lolis dont look good on Eroge especialy on H-scenes... They look pitiful on H-scenes...
  7. I shall leave this group. Because i am now neutral against lolis. http://sadpanda.us/images/902533-HAJVYT7.jpg Sayonara.
  8. I just joined because I AM RANDOM!!! BTW its funny bcuz, it seems that Nobu and I are still part of Lolicon Groupz.
  9. It seems that Daeverius is wanting to declare war with us Sr. Nobu! What are your orders? This is actually pretty fun.
  10. I can "tolerate" some of them, at least when they are not annoying or extremely childish, but I do not think I really like any of them, unless some characters like Phorni (Symphonic Rain) or Coco (Katahane) count as loli, but I still cannot see them like that. ... And... And... I prefer big breasts...
  11. A loli i dont mind is wanko (majikoi) but shes not really that short i guess
  12. Not just the 2 of us anymore xD And i know what u mean, i just cant live with the annoyance
  13. Just joined as well~. I do not know, I just cannot like lolis. Specially since most of them are extremely annoying. They can look cute and all sometimes, but still... I cannot support them.
  14. Well... I dislike lolis because of an emotional scarring i got from reading a doujin. Ever since that tragedy, i have been hating lolis.
  15. It's just the two of us rebels. Sr. Nobu. or someone might join in the future. Any reason why you're against lolicons?
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