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  1. Man... MoeNovel really know how to ruin their games
  2. I play all MGS except MGS4, I love MGS 3 Snake Eater the story really sad lol i'm snack eater
  3. lol Naru Narusegawa punch really hurt a lot
  4. hehehe most 90% my anime collection i buy it the other i DL or torrent in sukebei nyaa. lol the dvd i buy in illegal way
  5. same, i personally don't like it. i wonder why people love loli sister reality and anime 2 thing that really difference. i have three little sister, every time they come trouble approach and they know how to make me angry.
  6. sigh... naruto and bleach is remove from mangatraders due C&D read Aiki, cool protagonist with bad guy face
  7. Battle Royale i think more scary than gantz, the first i read the first i put it down
  8. if the applocale could not working use NTLEA, but better change the jap local on your computer. app local and ntlea only temporary solution for problem
  9. nope, my avg not detect any virus or malware from otoboku.
  10. i want eroge popular in west but must stay hidden. when lots people know eroges, they will blame eroge as source of problem like they blame murder case because the criminal once have play shooting game.
  11. well idk if this sweet or not, try this "Yuukuri Panic Escalation", there 2 Vn in one title i finished play long time ago the game part is interesting, but yuri is still yuri~~
  12. without having to change to japanese locale? first why do you not like change japanese local, is easy in window7. all you need to do only click, change and not need restart the pc. if you want to change it back do it the same way, in xp will be pain because you need the os disc and restart to apply the change.
  13. what kind insect? brother with younger sister or brother with older sister or aunt/ mother insect this the great insect vn that i recommend to play: Yosuga no Sora and Real Imouto ga Iru Ooizumi-kun no Baai
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