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This group is for those who find themselves inexplicably attracted to the older, more mature, or bustier heroines in eroge. For those of us that just can't resist the call of a mature woman in real life or in 2D.
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  2. These are my favos Neechans with big tits The *office lady" type who loves to get fucked hard The female teacher - ofcourse - classic Shrine maidens - duh Naughty aunts - win
  3. i like calm, mature woman who is calm on the outside but actually hot on the inside teachers, older co-workers and housewives are delicious and my number one targets.....
  4. hmmm would it be too perverted to say all the types(well maybe not dominatrices i don't like that kind of abuse) are my type ?
  5. hohoho older woman..*drools* the kind sexy type of older woman are the best. Nurses Sisters Aunts Teachers and a whole lot more. Oh yeah, and femdom is nice with someone intellectual with experience. And vampires....SO MUCH WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. A couple of interest might be - Teachers Nurses Doctors Neechans Captains Office Ladies Shrine Maidens Waitresses Housewives Dominatrices Assassins Kitsune Mothers Aunts and...Train conductors
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