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  1. I never want to go to an hospital again (best way to get sick) Hope you'll heal fast haika before the symptoms of VN withdrawal shows
  2. thanks for invite ^^

  3. LES Legendary Energy Sucker
  4. ^a fine gentleman in the chat ^^ kamidori rulesss
  5. Soon MGQ2 full patch (not before the 30th but still) can feel the tension around here ^^ Does someone know how far advanced is the translation of Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai?
  6. I'm waiting for Daiteikoku's translation to be finished ( and hoping for a translation of Daiakuji for those who knows the game).
  7. i totally agree with you Haika regarding the pansyness of the main character but even so aeka's route was still my favorite ( well Nekoko's route was awesome too but i found myself more emotionnaly involved with aeka's). I won't say more since some readers may have yet to play YMK but seeing how the Main Character was built all over the game i kinda understand why he's reacting that slowly in the beginning of her route.
  8. i must admit i'm also confused ... but i'd say it depends on what i expect at the moment i find the game ( i can play a game even if the story is clearly bad for exemple if the theme or settings appeal to me or the CG for that matter and the reverse is true) so 4th option for me i guess ( wouldn't have that problem if all VN were masterpieces in their own fields )
  9. hmmm would it be too perverted to say all the types(well maybe not dominatrices i don't like that kind of abuse) are my type ?
  10. really hard question but my first yandere was Kaede from Shuffle ( though since she's rarely in the yan mode i don't know if it quelify her)
  11. Truth is ... i didn't make that shop ( found it while lurking on 4chan's /j/ i think) but since i'm an huge fan of MGQ i definitly took it ^^
  12. thks for the friend invitation though i don't know what brought that about ^^

  13. Hi i finally noticed that the forum was up at long last so i came ^^ 1.21,Valentin,Wrandral, haven't got a job yet since i'm still studying 2.I found erogedownload.com like most everyone on this forum i think : while searching for eroges 3.too much to tell but if i can narrow the list to a few i'd say Fate/Stay Night,Utawarerumono,Tears to Tiara(And Monster Girl Quest) for the games and my favorite manga of all time is Übel Blatt 4.Apart from the eroge/anime/manga and stuff i play a few normal games (l4d2 , Mass Effect, League of Legends ...) with my mates ^^ 5.That's classified inform
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