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Yeah, I have to vote Rider here. Nothing really against the other, just don't know her specifically. And rider is awesome.


And time for another image dump for support!

Y879-bi-Fate-Stay-Night-Rider.jpgFate_Stay_Night_ahu.jpg163027_fate2fstay-night_matou-sakura_rider_1024x768_www-gdefon-ru.jpgrider1685kp1dd.jpg5917f8ace76c2586580f2c296c160a3f.jpgRiderFateStayNight.pngRider-and-Sakura-fate-stay-night-4744779-458-640.jpgfatestay night meganekko sukumizu rider fatestay night 1280x960 wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_14.jpgRider___Fate_Stay_Night_by_p997tt.jpgsample_3e64b81b07819c820548b4f4fcb13ddf.jpg


Told myself I was going to stop at 10... but there's too much sexyness around, so here's a couple more. Be thankful for the attach system here. Some are a bit large.


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vun..its obviously..that one..

the one with ..... and ....


LOLz ultime... Usutsuki!!!

there is only ONE...

the other one is just from the WALLPAPER section... not from the CG section of F/HA...

and the other one, is just an ecchi fan art based from one of the CGs...

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True but people tend to NOT know her.


Long time nothing heard from you granny~ btw. your story is really nice can't wait to read the whole thing~



Vote for Rin Tohsaka no reason... Yuuko is a great character she was one of the first characters i've really liked but... Tsundere... can i re-vote?


btw. i really love church related characters, there should be more of them....

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Long time nothing heard from you granny~

Well I'm unfortunately damn busy these days, driving school and job search eats all of my freetime. So yeah that's my excuse for not being online. But don't worry, I may return to be a fuckin spamer pretty soon.


your story is really nice can't wait to read the whole thing~

Thanks but don't expect anything the next 2 years. I'm lazy after all.

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