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      Wait lol I didn't realize it's a game you linked. That is wild.



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      Classic cross channel parody game lol

  1. Just logged in after like 6 years, and I'll probably forgot to say in in a few days, so happy birthday.

  2. "Grisaia no Meikyuu - Dead for at least 6 months, possibly even longer." I cried. Oh well, at least the anime seems to be coming around. I'm still hopeful of the Meikyuu translation too.
  3. Hmm... All the heroines have a little tsundere in them. Even the protagonist might have some too at one point. I actually like the characters... even Ryou after playing her route... but she's still my least favorite. As for the story, I feel a lot of the time it kept me thinking something big might happen, but instead it just didn't. So the story is kind of lacking, but I still enjoyed it. I also started liking the protagonist more after seeing some of his backstory.
  4. Family Project wasn't my first, but I'm pretty sure it was where I first realized how great and emotional an eroge's story could be. I've played even better visual novels since then, but Family Project is still really touching.
  5. I've been playing Ikikoi since the full patch released. I'm currently on Eika's route. I'm not sure if I'll like any of the routes in this game more than I did Tsumugu's, but Tane has potential... Eika's not so bad either.
  6. Hero

    Thanks for the happy birthday from a year ago! This reply isn't late, I promise.

  7. Hero

    This is a late thank you for the Happy Birthday. Spank you.

  8. Thank you x2 for the happy birthdays lol

  9. I almost forgot this was coming out! The anime was pretty awesome... Iori's my favorite!
  10. I'm currently playing Cross channel and I love it and it's comedy! It's certainly something different..
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