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  1. Toushin Toshi was pretty good. The simple rpg elements worked out well enough and the plot was actually pretty decent. Loved the twists at the end. Fairly short game though.
  2. Apparently I'm dere dere. Dear Digitalbookworm, I've always wanted your boyish assets. I like you!! Please go out with me! -Love, Digitalbookworm's No.1 Stalker
  3. Considering you wanted a peek into our lairs I thought it'd be fitting to add my console games setup that's located about 2 feet to the right of my computer. Not shown are the couple posters of fairies and the 5 foot long dragon poster. Just imagine it as I don't want to take a million pics. Also thanks to this topic I wasted a lot of time figuring out a convenient way to get pictures off of my 3ds that didn't involve hooking up my old pc that actually has a build in sd card reader.
  4. There is one thing I'll warn you about though. Capcom decided to be idiots about the charm tables. There is a cursed 5 tables out of iirc 17 that only get 200ish-800ish charms and no good charms really. Some of them can't even get 3 slot no skill charms. 2 can't get rust shards. The other tables have like 21000+ charms you can get. What charm table you end up locked in is decided at character creation. There is a very simple guide setup to get the exact table you want. Other than that I had a blast playing it yesterday. Got it a few days early due to preordering directly from Capcom. Seems a lot of people(mostly those who preordered with next day shipping) got emails saying Capcom had ran out of the game. They underestimated the fan demand a lot it seems. Either that or they were hoping for more digital sales.

  5. myb i'll...give 3u a try...

    as long my friends want to join in

  6. I'll give that wiki a look sometime. I can confirm that save data doesn't transfer between 3 and 3U though. I don't really mind since even in low ranks there's so much more to do now.

  7. its all available here


    hmmm...i wonder if our save files is compatible...

  8. MH3U is quite a bit more than MH3. The monsters you can fight pretty much doubled if not more so and there is a third monster tier. There is also the addition of quite a few weapons that you couldn't access before. Also there is a little bit added to the main story including a second shakalaka helper, which apparently has humorous interactions with Cha Cha. If it was just a port I wouldn't of bothered.


    As for MGQ side stories. I'm kinda feeling lazy about actually finding and adding them in.

  9. lolz..

    i knew something were wrong when you didnt appear quite a while

    hmm..i thought you'll get all those side stories..


    well..i wont get that MH3 since i already have it..

    but im dl-ing SAO XD

  10. I haven't been on here in a long while. Been quite busy lately. Games here, games there. Working out for about an hour and twenty minutes every day. It became quite difficult keeping up with 3 groups and doing everything else so this place kind of fell to the side. x.x Also I haven't played any of the MGQ mods yet and the only side stories I have are the ones posted on RogueTranslations. And with Monster Hunter 3u coming out next week my soul is about to be stolen. >.<

  11. hey wormie..you still around??

    i wonder if you have all of MGQ mods and sidestories?

  12. I'll be maining Ragna again. I'll probably pick up either Hazama or one of the new guys as well though. Been slacking on my blazblue training what with working on my game backlog and guild wars 2.
  13. Bummer to hear about the cross region servers not working together. But it does make sense I guess. I'm enjoying my solo time in the N/A region though. Lots of nice things to do.
  14. "There is no such thing as bad heroine. There are only bad games! The heroines inside the game are always waiting for someone to save them." Keima Katsuragi That says it best. Don't abandon her due to the poor plot. Think of the kittens!
  15. I feel pretty good. Just got done exercising, which was mostly running back and forth over a 30 foot stretch of basement while listening to an hour long touhou song list.
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