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  1. RISE FROM THE ASHES OLD POST.... Ahem... well Amazon gave me away a FFXIV code for spending whatever in games. Since I dont play it, I might as well post it here to whoever wants it Redeem here: https://www.ffxivredeem.com/amazon Code: 2D4P-4ZQR-JHLL-CUX3 Be well, people!
  2. Who plays Key for the H? Aren't those really terrible? Like the F/SN ones
  3. Way to go for Muv Luv! Good thing I didn't finish playing it, so I can buy the LE without remorse I seriously want my Lacrosse.
  4. Updated. Now I have a copy of Roommate (yeah, I know), available
  5. So, I bought the bundle basically for 2 games and "HOLY COW ALL THOSE GAMES FOR 12$".... But in all honesty, I, prolly, only will install the 2 games, so why keep the others? So I decided to give the others away It's first come first serve. Pick one and I'll give it to you. One per person Games: Star Wars™ Knights of the Old Republic™-> Claimed Star Wars™ Jedi Knight™: Jedi Academy™ -> Unsure, ask me for the game and I'll see what I can do Star Wars™: Dark Forces Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II -> Claimed Star Wars™ Knights of the Old Republic™ II: The Sith Lords™ -> Unsure, ask
  6. Is it me or there are less names on that list?
  7. 1. UBW 2. Zankyou no Terror 3. Aldnoah/Zero 4. Yuuki Yuuna (because who doesn't love Tougou?) 5. Parasyte 6. Chaika 7. SHIROBAKO 8. Barakamon 9. D-frag But these not surpass my hype for Love Live S2 so screw everything Love Live is love Love Live is life
  8. Happyyy birthday!

  9. Kudos to Wolf-san for providing this link. I skipped some serious shit. With gamergate still going on, I can only think of it as a trap, tho it might be me overthinking it
  10. FUCK Akame ga kill anime That is all.
  11. Hmm.. if that's the case, any save as long 1 ending is complete is fine, since I think there's no gallery on this game anyway
  12. Not sure if here's the correct place to ask but. I played 999 a while back, and just when I wanted to go back to play it, it just so happened that they stole my phone with the save file. Last thing I did was get "normal ending", so, does anyone have that kind of "save"?
  13. Well that wasn't the only thing that was "started". It feels to me that they will go the Amagami way to do the routes separately, 2-3 eps each girl. And you saw her doing that because it was probably just a "sneak peek" to what will happen.
  14. It was always there (note the 50% patch). You just don't know how to search. vndb.org/v7260 That one
  15. Finished getting the Plats for Graces f and Xillia Currently playing -Tales of Vesperia PS3 -Catherine On Hold: Tales of Xillia 2
  16. J-list's page says uncensored, so yaaayy maybe(?) Ivan just hasn't uploaded the full patch, prolly because it is a beta patch. If unpatient, download game from here: Download english hentai games - Fate Hollow Ataraxia and get lates patch from here: Fate/Hollow Ataraxia Translation & Patches
  17. The to be released Neptunia Re;birth1 should be a good one to expect. There are some others to be released like Tales of Hearts R or Freedom wars (already released in Japan) Aside from that, you can try some PsOne classics, the remaster of FFX, disgaea titles, Atelier Totori Plus I'm kinda new to vita so I can't give too much titles
  18. Of all the characters to dislike in Naruto, you choose Hinata Anyways, on topic. I hate way over the top oblivious characters (Ichika, I'm looking at you). Srsly, I know it's for "everyone to be happy" but it sucks for me. Ah, I mentioned ichika from IS... here's a vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRhOw1xK9YY
  19. Actually Realta Nua has the same art iirc. Other differences aside from the first pc ver from the realta pc version is that it has 3 openings (from vita version), all animated (ufotable ftw) for every route, new scenes added and some lines deleted and replaced. Also the patch comes with a feature to enable the H-scenes (some with voices, which the pc ver didn't have) and to remove the mosaic censorship. It says that the H-scene enable feature can make the more violent scenes from the game reappear in the game. From this info you can say this is a good fusion product of original pc versio
  20. Obv. you are right. Sex is the main point of any love relationship. Guys we need to support this man's idea on this! H-SCENES ARE THE BEST, NO H-SCENES = SHIT
  21. The following states stuff that may exclude the "romance/tears" aspect you are looking for Sankarea (anime) Corpse Party (VN) Saya no Uta (VN) Another (anime lol this one sucks)
  22. Some months ago, it was decided that some projects that haven't updated their status or shown signs of life would be removed from the status thread, as well as confirmed-dead projects, and any project that it is found to be MT If I remember correctly, I saw at the beginnings of LAST year (2013) that princess lover was on 10%, so you can consider that it is dead.
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