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  1. Most of them dont show for me either, dont really care though.
  2. [sLG] [sawatex] おさわりガール / Touch The Girl! - Hard version :: Sukebei
  3. are you the same jbeckman thats on nfohump?
  4. I am not sure how to feel about that, but I think happiness is correct feeling.

  5. the game was released almost a week ago and its still nowhere to be found online, at least at the places i know. so getting a crack will take at least until someone uploads it.
  6. Hi, if i remember correctly the angels at the Cliffside Church wont interfere with humans beside the ones they are "judging" wich is Wil alone. Gapthal is the only dragon that has dealings with Yuidora, for the others its more of a cease fire. As for the elves, they just keep to themselves and dont exactly like humans. However Wil has also connections to the Undine, Gnomes and other creatures that could become a massive army, so its not exactly a strong point in the story that everyone is so on edge about the incoming forces
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