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  1. Himechan! How's the progress with you VN?

  2. Hime san, heard you're an artist, and working on a VN, can we have a chat? What engine do you use?

  3. Hime Takamura is tsun tsun! n...no I'm not! >////> baka! Dear Hime Takamura, I've always adored your strong face. I like you!! Please go out with me! -Love, Mom ♥ ._.
  4. The colors are very nice, but I don't really like how huge her hair is. 8/10
  5. I don't know you, but your Denpa Onna siggy is goddamn adorable and I wanna hug it.
  6. Okay, I changed the picture of the girls showing how they will appear in game.
  7. it's a max 10 option vote. but it's multiple choice, so you can select all of them I suppose.
  8. I actually plan on having semi long stories for all of them. I don't have any time limit on this, so I can take as long as I want to flesh out everything.
  9. Tomoko is also tsundere, for the people who like tsundere, but don't like incest.
  10. So, I'm working on a visual novel called Golden Roses. It's still not near finished, but I'm working on getting a demo out by summer of 2013. Keep in mind I haven't completely fleshed out the story or characters and I'm totally open to suggestion. It's your standard "player character moves to his hometown and finds a girlfriend" story. You play as a 3rd year student named Tarou Ikeda who has moved back to his unnamed hometown with his widowed father after he gets married to his divorced high school sweetheart (who happens to have a daughter the same age as Tarou). He's enrolled at
  11. JUST TO REITERATE, THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR YUELA'S ROUTE. okay, so I'm on Yuela's route, and (I think it happens in all the routes, but I have no idea yet) Disnafrody is attacking Yuidora after Wil becomes Lord. So, everyone in Yuidora is freaking out because the Zof and Tokiya armies combined are much bigger than Yuidora's group of alchemists and they don't have any other countries to ask for help. But wait, aren't they forgetting something? Wil's built up a connection with pretty much every race in the country. they have two angels (complete with their own armies; especially Elizas
  12. I read the most recent parts of your manga senpai and its great! But did notice one type on this page Kids With Guns REDUX by Hime-Takamura on deviantART just thought id let you know, it says Now instead of Not on the top right

  13. that's what I did in my first play through. I chose to get close to Yuela, rejected Serawi, and didn't do anything with Emelita, yet still got Emelita's route. I still got all the measuring events, but that was just to make the armour, so it couldn't be helped.
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