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  1. Should probably add a rule that you have to acknowledge Flan is a whore before being allowed to join the website
  2. i deleted some dms

  3. Wish you a year full of Mio



  4. daaaaan, thank you for finally coming back. when you get back again, clear your DMs and let me send you an invite to our discord server and join us <3

  5. At the moment we are just discussing the visual novel in this thread
  6. The visual novel reading club is back and 4 whole people decided to say they are interested in joining! While the voting was clearly rigged (we all know Neko >>> Flan), we will look past that. Even if you didn't vote, feel free to join in and discuss the game. Here is the announcement thread to give you a quick rundown: https://erogegames.com/eroge-visual-novels/eroge-general-talk/54945-announcing-continuation-vn-reading-club/ ATRI -My Dear Moments- | vndb Basically, we decided to choose a visual novel that is relatively new and seemed fun to read as a group. Since the
  7. Neko is the best. We live for the neko, we die for the neko. i will be reading
  8. Rejoin all of our old members and come praise the neko with us
  9. Happy Birthday Anzu-nyan!!

  10. I think this one came out back in 2008... Chaos;Head
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