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  1. For those who already have full-raw version of majikoi (using old partial translated files from Yandere@Maji translation files) Here is COMPLETE TRANSLATION FILE ONLY. Majikoi Translation Project - Project Archive - Fuwanovel Forums *Remember to have fresh installation Majikoi, before applying complete translation installation. Credits by FuwaNovel group for their awesome release! don’t forget to say thanks!
  2. I seen this problem before, might be related with voice patch you installed. Try to use this method -Create a backup files for SoundPack -Moves SoundPackSEVo SoundPackSEVo.lst and files in the folder you created. -Try to run WITHOUT the SoundPack -If nothing happen, try to move it back into your Koihime folder. -If the problem persist, Download this patch - http://www.h-suki.com/downloadext/KoihimepatchV2.rar -Make sure you have backup for you KM -Rewrite everything, and restart the game This problem happen whenever the voice and font doesn't go well inside the game, making it unr
  3. We need to add this on support-tech board. It's pretty hard to solve their problem without providing any details of their problem and any screenshot would be nice too.
  4. This problem might be related to "false-alarm" your AVG -OR- Someone implanted Trojan Horse@Keylogger onto your installer -OR- AVG just fuck up your installer. Either way, -Change your antivirus - AVG suck ass. -Disable AV before installing any cracks to prevent false alarm And the most important, to any new member reading this. Next time, please provide us with screenshot, details of installer (download link, release by who - Anime-sharing, etc) and either it related error of the game installer error or translation installer error.
  5. So i guess, this site only active whenever new translated eroge released. yay
  6. Well, Majikoi A pretty much doesn't really have +20hours gameplay. Probably. Since it is a fan disk.
  7. You actually fap on those FD? WOW. Anyways. There is always better fandisk out day that haven't been translated. Depend of each person opinion. For me. I'm waiting this. Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! A Since i'm such a Majikoi fans.
  8. Oh, You were right. Somehow i read it wrong. Rapeplay - You son of politician, your father bail out, and bla bla bla.
  9. Rapeplay - Simply you're a salaryman, accused for molesting a young girl on train, you get jail, once you bail out, you thinking to get revenge, and suddenly, poof. You stalk her, find out she have sister and mother, plan with your friends to trap them out, kidnap, rape, disgrace them, gangbang, bla bla, with 3D stuff, and mindbreak, aaand happy ever after. This game is simulation about how to become a rapist. Artificial Academy - You a student, in an academy. You can modded yourself become a girl or boy, futa or gay, what ever it is. Simply you can mod every character, AI and even cloth o
  10. Cancel the installation. Copy whole SDHQ files inside ISO, and try to run it on your desktop. Update your k-lite codec. http://www.free-codecs.com/download/k_lite_codec_pack.htm
  11. V Person below me is fapping for mah siggy.
  12. Probably related to your 64-bit OS or ATi tray tools. Check if ATi tray tools running. Sometime, the game wont run on 64-bit OS. -Try to rename to installation files. Don't unmount it, try to extract the ISOs, (if you have it.) -Extract it inside C (Example : C:/My Girlfriend is president) Make sure you set it in Jap locale.
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