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  1. ok so i recently decided to re download spoiler al and for some odd reason there are no ssgs in the menu when i have downloaded some more ssgs. if it matters i have it saying that the directory is in a different spot than it is i have it in my c drive when the bottom line says it is in the old location which is no longer accessible.
  2. i was wondering if anyone could provide a download for this game MangaGamer.com - Divine Slice of Life - Adult Version (download) (preferably 1.5 but doesnt have to be) thank you for the help
  3. so figured i would ask as i saw bunny black 2 is being worked on (loved the first one) i wanted to ask if the 2nd one is good/better than the first and does having a save of the first one do anything for 2? also still bitter about Koichoco not having a Hazuki route.
  4. so i am guessing LB perfect edition will not have h scenes like ecstasy. darn i am not a huge fan of all ages novels. though thats not because of no h scenes. i just thnk in a choice of the same game with or without h scenes i would rather have them in. other thatt that glad to see progress on these projects.
  5. ive been looking for this one as well. maybe its not out because its 3 episodes and only 2 are out so far?
  6. so are any of these manami or mai routes? i have gotten at least oe ending for everyone else (besides inori but i am on a route with her f i dont mess up) and would like to see a route with them if possible.
  7. yea i dont know of any but maybe one started? i hope so ive been wanting one for a long tie after playing the first set
  8. your forgetting the weirdest thing. JAST is releasing more than one game in a year!!! in all honestly though that does seem to be a lot of releases pretty quick. i will have to choose what to read first and what to wait on
  9. one can only hope. but yea theyve done an amazing job doing this much so fast. i am thankful they took their time to do this considering how much people want this.
  10. thanks for the heads up. ow i just gotta ask. is it even possible to beat any of the fights in the game i just lost to kengo like 10 times n a row. though i did tie him once somehow but i just cant seem to win. edit: never mind i looked into it and decided i coouldnt win yet but had to up my stats but what are some good accessories to get for myself to have good boosts?
  11. wait majikoi A-1 had an update? sweet is it skyspear or did someone else take over?
  12. so i am a bit late in playing Little Busters i guess since i just downloaded it but figured id play it while waiting for EX to be finished and i wanted to ask, what do people here consider to be the best routes in the game and what do you think makes it so good? i mean i like it so far but just thought id see other peoples opinions
  13. honestly thats what i thought it was too. i figured it was before he left or maybe even when he first met all the girls from the game itself
  14. wait what game is Harmonia? i ont know if i know it i tried looking on vndb and got nothing though i mighta just messed up ive doe it before lol and i hope whoever that is can do flyable heart i am rooting for him i wanna play it but the MT was just so ugh i couldnt even get passed the fist few minutes
  15. i just wanted to ask where are you getting the to heart 2 updates? the site i knew of no longer has updates for it. granted i might be dumb and not seeing the site. also excited to hear sakusaku might be done soon and that they aregoing to do another project. (yes i know this is news from last week but i wasn't around for a while)
  16. tokko1

    Bunny Black

    man this game is impossibly hard i cant beat a single enemy in a fight
  17. sweet i think the did a good job on the original so i am glad they continued to S. if we are lucky they ill do A as well
  18. wait so bunny blacks getting translated? i remember seeing rumors of some sort that it might be but to see its true is great now i just need to find the site since i dont remember who people said was behind the translation. not to mention pretty much all the ones getting more progress seem good as well like koiken and last resort. i'm getting excited which probably isnt good since i know they're all still a ways away because of editing and the like
  19. tokko1

    Hara Miko

    sorry about that i didnt realize there was another game with the same name. i apologize fr the inconvenience.
  20. im looking for a game called Hara Miko (im sure that obvious but still) its a swan game that was released a few years back thanks for any help.
  21. his monologues are great they make me laugh quite a bit even some of his really serious ones he has
  22. ok thanks lol now i remember it and remember i wanted to give it a try when it was done (if ever) which seems reasonable if its i beta testing
  23. thanks for the link sad o see theres no work at the moment but glad to see some news and that its not dropped.
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